Is there a case where *finish command doesn't show "Next Chapter" button?


I’m learning ChoiceScript and the documentation says that the *finish command shows a “Next Chapter” button but here I was, playing Stars Arisen, and the following code doesn’t show a “Next Chapter” button after clicking the “Continue to Chapter 3.” button. Why would that happen?

	#Continue to Chapter 3.
	*if (choice_randomtest = false) #Return to the start of this chapter. 
		*gosub_scene savegame load
		*goto_scene 2kelestri_v4

Unrelated to this question but is there a rule where putting an undeclared variable inside *if or *if not wouldn’t throw an error? For example, the following code doesn’t throw an error:

*if not(choice_achieved_emnatromance)
	*achieve emnatromance

And are there any tutorials that specifically mention these edge cases?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The case in your example does not produce a Next Chapter button, because the page is empty. If there was some text inside the choice option and before the *finish command, then the button would be there.

The variable choice_achieved_emnatromance is dynamically created by ChoiceScript when the command *check_achievements is called.

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Your help is much appreciated.

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