Is quicktest messing with me?

So I renamed a file and edited it in the scene list as well, I ran random test but quicktest keeps giving the “couldn’t open”

I renamed Capter_1 to Chapter_1 due to the typo.
Quicktest is still looking for Capter_1 but when I renamed the same file back to Capter_1
Quicktest is looking for the Chapter_1 file

I found a temporary solution. I had to create Chapter_1 and Capter_1 but this just irks me.

Any suggestions?

Have you changed the name in both the start up list, file name and goto_scenes?

Yes, I’ve done that.

Quicktest keeps demanding for the old file name, and when I rename the file back to its old name. Quicktest demands the new file name. Which is rather confusing

What’s the exact error say? It just kind of sounds like when I missed a misspelling in a goto scene once

ERROR: couldn't open web/mygame/scenes/capter_1.txt

Maybe you have a certain *goto_scene which has the typo in it? or *gosub_scene.

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Yep, there was a *goto_scene from a file that I wasn’t even using.

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