Is Monsters of New Haven High Still In Progress?


Honestly i’ve really gotten interested in it, but i noticed the last update was months ago… Is it still in progress, or has the creator stopped work on it?


Updates for games take a lot of time, often taking months for one chapter. Things things will happen eventually, patience is just needed for the author. The holidays are rarely a time when authors have freedom to focus on their writing.


According to what I hear tell from another thread, Sashira has it on a hiatus. So the work hasn’t stopped entirely, but it’s not going on presently. Lotus is right, though- updates take a lot of time.


Per the FAQ, please don’t ask about updates to a Work in Progress – including whether it’s going to be updated at all. We’re all curious, no doubt, but @Sashira will update her thread when it’s time.

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