Is it possible to Romance with your Original Bot?


Okay so I’ve played this about 2 times already (still can’t get above 24 grace… so close to creating a cult as well…) and my favorite character by far is my Original Bot that my MC creates back in college (I named her Ariel).

Over the course of the story it can be upgraded to an adult body (or even a giant one… though there’s no way I’d choose that option…) equivalent to the MC’s own age at the time but I haven’t been able to romance the Original Bot while the Companion Bot on the other hand tries… eerily hard to appeal itself to the MC as a romantic partner, I was just hoping that there were Romance options for both bots instead of just the one.

So, is it possible to form a romance with your original bot?


As,far as I know,No you can’t romance with your original bot even if you wanted to because the MC thinks of the original bot as his/her child and parents don’t really romance with their children.


My robot was a child in appearance, mentality, and the way she acted. So it would be even more nope to romance a robot designed to be a child. Even if I originally designed her to be more adult like it would be creepy as I doubt her mentality would have changed.


Also…well, it’s not certain that the robot will even be humanoid. And even if it is humanoid, it doesn’t have the right bits. Creating robots with functional genitalia is not possible until Chapter 5.

And while it would probably be possible to give your original robot a properly-equipped love-body, since the robot was inherently designed for machine-learning as a robot child…well, while objectively I wouldn’t necessarily say that it would be any more incestuous than building your own girlfriend, there’s a big subjective eww factor and I understand why we didn’t get that option.


Uhm, I believe it MAY be a possibility if you do not choose any other romances, and you choose the empathy bot route and choose to adopt your own companion bot. I believe it is either you romance interest or your original bot who is the “interloper” between your companion bot and you.

I did not follow this story arc all the way through, though.

It is quite strange, though, that one would consider the original bot a child, but not a ‘new’ companion bot. It’s either a blank state or a copied state, aka raising a child or copying your original. The story progression gets a bit muddled and explanations get less clear as the future progresses.

Er, how do I spoiler tag?


I don’t think it is…I went for past 25 in all stats even getting grace and empathy to like 40 and nothing really showed up. Wtv though, I made my wife later on. 8D


I hope there is an option in later chapter to let the the original bot to be the companion and merry regardless of the body.