Is it possible to play from just a particular point in your code

Is it possible to test just a portion of your book?
Because you might want to test for example, what happens in chapter 9 and the way I do it is to start from the beginning of the book and I find it a pain and a time waster.

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If you download and use CSIDE IDE, you can “step through” your project and test portions of it. The feature has multiple uses including testing variables and compare and contrast.

Look in this thread for your answers:


How do I do that?

CSIDE makes things easier try it out.
You can also easily skip forward to any point in your story by using the *goto_scene and *goto commands.

In the startup before the story starts type:
*goto_scene chapter9 (or whatever your text file is called if it isn’t in your startup.)

This will bring you to the start of that file and may be all you need to do.

If you need to skip to a particular section, at the top of the chapter9 text page type:

*goto test

Then above the section you want to test out type
*label test
and it will direct you to that point.

(Just remember to delete this code when you’re finished or it’ll mess up your game later. Probably easier just to use CSIDE really. This is just a second line if you find CSIDE doesn’t like the indentation on your game as you’ll be porting your files from a different type of wordprocessor.)

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