Is it possible to create a persistent 'Hall of Fame' menu tab/screen


I was wondering if it is possible to create a screen which is accessible listing the names of a player’s character and their legendary achievement.

For context, in a game I’m working on there are some legendary endings. For a sense of achievement, I was thinking it would be worthwhile to have a place where players can look back on their past characters, a simple list and a description.
For example a clickable title ‘Hall of Fame’

Hall of Fame

Blubba the Gluttonous- Ate the world and transcended to a god of consumption.

Evil McEvil- Embraced the dark powers and enslaved the world.

and so on.

Is this doable?

It would be stored on the Achievements tab rather than labelled as Hall of Fame, but the easiest way to do this would be using *achievement. There are some instructions over here about how to use them!


Thanks, Hanna, for pointing me in the right direction, that sounds like exactly what I need.


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