Is it bad to root for the bad guys?


I’m not sure if this is a stupid question, but I’m just wondering, is it bad to root for the bad guys in stories, movies, shows, etc.? I find myself rooting for the villans, not all the time, but a good amount, is that bad? :(( :-S


well it’s pretty obvious, but most likely the villain is very likable due to it’s humor. (like in far cry 3) so your probably just rooting for their humor not their deeds. And obviously death becomes sadder if you make the character likable, so whats the point of killing them if their not likable :stuck_out_tongue:


They were afraid that Dexter would be unloved by fans, but it turned out to not be a problem. Same with Tony Soprano, a fact which I’m counting on with Life of a Mobster. :slight_smile: I heard the same thing with Walter White on Breaking Bad.

Turns out that the public has no trouble loving the bad guy. :slight_smile:


It’s because most people are bad guys…good guys are rare.


@Samuel_H_Young what do you mean?


A lot of people enjoy the villains because they identify with them.


@Samuel_H_Young but I wouldn’t say I identify with them… :open_mouth:


i don’t think anyone can identify with dexter O_O or can they ???


@prototype I like Dexter & I definately wouldn’t say that I identify with him o_O I just think he’s a great character


I think villain popularity is something that has to do with the ability to live vicariously through a villainous character. So long as the writer makes that character at least marginally sympathetic, it’s easy enough to see some villainous actions as something the audience members themselves would do, were they not bound by their own codes of social conduct and morality.

That’s how I write “villainous” characters, anyhow. Generally, if I’m able to create a lively debate on a character’s status as a villain, how justified they are in their actions, or how they throw into question the moral standing of the hero, I’ve done my job right.


I always think of Magneto and Doctor Doom when I think of villains. These are characters that have done horrible things, but in the end, they don’t see themselves as a villain. In many cases they see themselves as a savior.

Doctor Doom runs his own country and it has no crime whatsoever, not only that, but while it’s a dictatorship (enforced monarchy as he calls it) he generally loves his people. And in return they also love him.

People like Doom and Magneto feel that their tactics are better. On face value it might be something like world domination, but Dr. Doom has actually conquered the world a handful of times and they actually turned out to be Utopias. Sadly he got kind of bored after fixing the issues, and was either defeated or just walked away from the whole lack of a challenge.

A villain makes hard choices. These choices are definitely deviations from societal norms. At this point in our existence it is generally considered immoral to kill someone unless say out of self defense. But a villain might rationalize, well…he might be a well loved person, but he’s also weak. If I kill him and take over…I can make these people stronger. It will be unpopular…for awhile…but eventually they will see things my way. And they will benefit from my superior leadership.

And so from your side of the fence you are the hero. You’re the good guy. It’s just to everyone else that doesn’t see things your way…you’re the villain. So I think it’s okay to root for the villain because in a story/game/comic/whatever you are given the opportunity most times to see the villain’s point of view, why they are the way they are. Most people have good things and bad things about them. I don’t agree we’re all villainous. I think most of us kind of follow the grain of society, and I kinda think we should. I don’t think mankind does very well with anarchy.


I also prefer to root for the villains generally due to the fact they often have more personality than the heroes.


Personality explains a fair amount. I’ve yet to hear anyone root for Sauron…


MARA LOVES VILIAINS. PRETTY VILIAINS. If there is an evil character, intelligence is enough. They usually have more charm, better stories and I just can’t deal with goody heroes. I hate Potter, batman, superman Blade… I love Voldemort and Draco, batman villains, Lex Luthor… and all blade evil vampires.
@Havenstone I love the sauron who seduces elves to create the 3 rings. TH
He talks description in Silmarilion is SEXY A with all this smooth skin glowing like a pale moon and dark hair… he has many candidates to lovers lol


@poison_mara Wait a minute… Batman’s a goody hero!!! Not in my books. For me he’s the embodiment of Good is not Nice and Dark is not Evil, with only a strict moral code against killing.

Grey vs. grey morality is one component that makes for a good story.


You don’t have to; I wasn’t saying everyone’s like that.


Batman is a emo rich guy with James bond complex. The most deep thing he read was a playboy. And … I hate him so badly. All ways crying like Emma . Your family is dead grownup, loll. Stop crying and make yourself a martyr


No its all good! I always mostly love the evil guys because they have a deep side to them.




Yeah!!! That damn playboy!