Is gender of MC important?

Tl DR: In the English language everything is pretty much gender neutral, is it okay to abuse that so I wont have to create a gender variable for the MC?

This is the first time I’m writing a story in English and one of the particularities of the language is that everything is pretty much gender neutral (unlike Portuguese) so since in my story there won’t be any differences between genders I decided to not make a gender option on the game, instead the MC is treated neutrally and its up to the reader to imagine it’s gender, however it was brought to my attention that some people want to make that choice.
So what do you think?
It’s okay to not chose as long as there isn’t anything in the writing that breaks my idea of the MC
I need to have the writing treating me like a male or female every so often in order to be properly immersed


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Thank you! I’ll read those posts now

I role play and if there is no gender there is no role play … i cant be a genderless cloud in a game sorry. Variables in choice script are made in less than five seconds really, and you let people be whatever they want and not just a cloud without body. And what about romances? How could you romance a blank emptiness? I have many issues witb genderless entities that make me never ended them


I, a non-binary individual, am less concerned with playing nb characters and more concerned with there being positive nb and binary trans characters in media whose important roles in the plot do not revolve around them being trans.

Playing as my gender is secondary to this. Though, if we’re going to be honest, I always wanted a nb x nb exclusive genderlocked romance, since we tend to flock together for safety…

I, a confusion of gender, take offence to this. :stuck_out_tongue: Would you not romance me, Mara? Would you!?


You are not a emptiness!!! YOU ARE A PERSON AND MY FRIEND… No binary is a real gender same as other two so dont sell you too short Baggy .You are great!!


To be honest,I think most people would like it if they had the choice of picking their gender.

I mean,that’s the main thing of character creation.Your gender.I guess in some cases,like Sabers of Infinity,where you have to be a specific gender for a good reason is okay.


This is the sweetest, most purest thing I’ve read in like, months. No lie, no sarcasm, I’m actually really touched by this.

If I weren’t already lying down I think I’d have to. This brought tears to my eyes. You’re so pure, Mara, thank you.


But is true, I mean I dont understand why people has to put labbels on other people to insult and discriminate. We are people with a body and feelings about it. Ones like me are woman other are man and others are a non traditional and normal short of in between. And whats the problem with that? Everyone should be treated as they soul is body itself is just a vessel is the soul what matters . And soul is no genderless.


Hmm Those are some interesting answers, thanks for all the input, :grinning:

Here’s the thing: it all depends on the setting. If the story you’re about to tell is placed in real world - or a one that’s supposed to be as close to real one as possible - you gotta keep in mind, that people tend to and will treat others differently based on their looks and consequently - gender. We all have our likes and dislikes, we’re all raised in a more or less different way and if you want to tell a good story in a setting I mentioned above, if you want to immerse player in that world, you gotta remember that how your protagonists see themselfes won’t usually matter a thing to others - unless of course said others know your protagonists well enough to not judge by the cover - & that’s because whether we like it or not our minds like stereotypes, and most people go on with their lives without debating whether or not a person they see or just met identifies with their gender - they’re gonna treat that person based on gender and looks first, and personality later.

Secondly, and personally, I find it easier for myself to step into protaginist’s shoes if I know what exactly those shoes look like :wink:


Alright, but have you considered: I get attacked and assaulted enough just going outside in the real world, I really don’t want to pay my hard earned money for escapism that’s just as disgusting, thx


It’s one of the things I absolutely loved about the first choice games and got me hooked into playing them.

It’s tiring when the only stories available are those filled with discrimination, sexual assault and death, because that’s what people think is realistic. I’d much rather joyful escapist fantasy where everyone’s equal, or at least not discriminated against based on gender or sexuality.

I love that Choice of Games has some games where genders are flipped on their heads, and others where it doesn’t matter in the slightest, and some where you don’t even bother to set it.


Because in a story about superheroes or magical dragons, the fact that my male MC likes other guys shouldn’t need to be subject to “realism” from our world (and likewise for other minorities).

Regarding the actual question, I don’t generally mind having the gender unset, but I have found that I generally avoid gender-locked games (even if it’s gender-locked to male).


They should be discriminated against because of their power set/Whether they use magic or not


A gender unset is not the same as genderless. Author says genderless. And sorry genderless is not possible in a person any person has its self image and what they are so being a genderless cloud cant work.
Anyway, gender not set is terrible in romances WHY?, Because you cant describe properly any detail and all is so damn vague. Also the fact people knows my cahrater sexuality opinions is great for inmmersion and not end with My Mara lesbian being random harassed by all male npc romanceables.


Agender people exist, Mara!

How? I mean or you see yourself as a boy as a girl or as a no binary. Three are equally genders

Non-binary means outside the binary, eg, not male or female. Agender people feel that they have no gender.

Sorry, trying to understand here. They not considers a non binary they find themselves as simply humans with no sexuality or differences?