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Thank you! I wasn’t sure but I just checked and can confirm that you can in fact marry John at the end but there are more conditions than I’d remembered. Essentially, he won’t feel able to marry you if he isn’t the same rank as you (one of the endings mentions that this always bothered him far more than it did you) and the only way he can end as a knight is if you met Prince Geoffrey at the ford earlier in the game and if John subsequently went into service with him. If that happens, Geoffrey knights him at the end of the game and he can marry you. He also won’t marry you if you aren’t female - he’s not quite able to break the mores of his time so openly and will prefer to live unwed with you. So I’m sorry that you didn’t get the complete happy-ever-after with John, I hadn’t realised I made it so tricky! If it’s any consolation, I always imagined that the arrangement you’d have with him would be marriage in all but name.

Also, if you decide to travel at the end of the game then you can choose to return to England with John where he hints that a welcome awaits you both “in the greenwood.” This is a hint that he is, in fact the Little John of legend. :slight_smile:


Oh okay, I don’t know that I ever came across that Prince Geoffrey scene - the character doesn’t sound familiar at all. The scene does, but for me it played out differently. I only remember some guy whose life I saved at the start in Aleppo (I think he was trapped in a mech or under something, and as a doctor I did what I could) - but I don’t think his name was Geoffrey, and I know he wasn’t a Prince. Later when I met him near Jerusalem where he was challenging people to fight, he recognized my character as the one who saved him, and immediately said he didn’t want to fight me (which I was very happy about!), instead inviting me to dine with him and telling me his story. Did the scene I get override the Geoffrey scene you mentioned (as in, seeing as the trapped guy in Aleppo survived thanks to my actions, Geoffrey’s scene never appears because formerly-trapped-guy is there instead)? :thinking:
See, even if that’s not the case it’s still a bit of dilemma, because I was playing a doctor who essentially refused fights wherever she possibly could. She was a pacifist with the idea only to heal and never to harm, and when fights did involve her without her having a say in it, she’d always choose the non-lethal options. So I guess that means my peace-loving doctor never actually had a chance to marry John…? :slightly_frowning_face:
If what I said at the start is right and the scene with the dude you rescued happens instead, how would my doctor still get the chance to marry John in any case? Not sure if this is a bug, oversight, or if I’m just not remembering things right and there is still a scene with Geoffrey that happens as well as that? Sorry to nitpick or talk about it so much, but y’know, I’d love to marry my lovely John without having to fight someone and go against my moral conviction just to get the option. My character wouldn’t care if he was a knight or not, and probably has the freedom in her position to marry whomever she wants, really. :wink:

Speaking of my character, I really enjoyed being able to role-play a doctor character who took her responsibility to heal rather then harm very seriously - I avoided fighting wherever possible, and when it did happen I avoided killing every time. It felt relatively authentic and like a lot more thought and care had been put into the player being able to do things their way. I mean, it did still feel like it was trying to push combat and glorify using the mechs a little (which my character found interesting, but had no desire to do herself), but not to the point where I felt overly forced into doing those things. It wasn’t perfect in that regard, but it was really very good. I appreciated that I could have the experience, because I honestly didn’t think it would accommodate the pacifist play-through quite so well - few Choice stories in a world so centered around conflict would.

I also really love (seriously, I can’t stress enough - love) how, when my character was forced to kill the assassin at the end, there is this moment of shock from her and Tonzo, that this is the first person she’d ever killed. The way it played up the momentous nature of the event was great in its realism. I LOVED that attention to detail - the fact that it had kept track of the fact that I hadn’t killed anyone through he game.
I feel like so few writers of a choice game would include something that small yet so incredibly important to my character, considering her creed of ‘heal not harm’! Amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m afraid that you’re quite right, it turns out that through absolutely no fault of their own, a peace-loving doctor can never marry John… :frowning: One of the unfortunate side-effects of having so many variables and branches is that they do take on a life of their own sometimes. I’ll address it in any future patches, I think by allowing you to persuade John to overcome his qualms about marrying above his station, but in the meantime, here’s the wedding you should have had, pulled straight from the code of an ending where John is knighted:

John is knighted by Prince Geoffrey and visits you in Tebnine after a year, a wide grin on his newly-ennobled face.

“Now you need not be ashamed to consort with me!” he says happily, although you both know that he had more issues with the difference in rank than you ever did.

You marry that summer in the olive grove outside the castle. ${steward} arranges everything. @{(religion = “Christian”) The local priest leads the ceremony.|}@{(religion = “Muslim”) The local imam leads the ceremony.|}@{(religion = “Judaism”) The local rabbi leads the ceremony.|} @{(nadia) Nadia is a bridesmaid, pretty as spring in a new dress.|}@{(aide = “Tonzo”) Tonzo drinks three full quarts of mead and is sick down the back of your dress trying to dance with you.|} It’s a lovely occasion.

John is a kind and loving husband and a great partner in running the fief. He spends much of his time settling local disputes between both Christians and Muslims, winning something of a name for himself as a champion of the poorer classes. The bond between the two of you only grows stronger as the years pass.

I’m so pleased that you got that reference to your peaceful approach! After I finished the game, I went back through trying to roleplay in very particular ways (pacifist, double-crossing, bloodthirsty, timid etc) and ensuring that the game at least recognised what players were doing if they took these approaches. I wasn’t sure if anyone was getting those endings - I think you’re the first person to mention it! :slight_smile:


Good morning I really love the game I just have a few questions I played the game 3 times and tried to find out the best end for the pilot. Is there a way I can have the princess, nadie adopted by me, the legend smith accept me and the best ending

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@Wiwyums got to say your game was one of the first that I bought long long time ago and have played and replayed numerous times lol I’m actually glad you posted what you just did with that wedding scene with John and the rest. I assume though you still half to be enobled as a christian knight even if Muslim for it to go through.

Also I would love any additional content that’s ever added for I have always wanted more for it it really is a great game but all those branches I can imagine how hard they could become and easy to miss something lol

@Silverwing23 if memory serves you can get all three but you half to do certain things… yet your third thing best ending… That’s kinda of a subjective thing lol so got to ask to be able to help more. What do you consider the best ending?


Thank you and sorry your right wrong choice of words for “best ending” because so many endings is the best, I’m trying to get a ending with the little girl we saved have the best life and where we are a legend in history with a very high renowned

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Sorry I almost forgot also do you know how to get that legendary smith to help you because I always get “ I can’t help you it don’t not speak to me” I did upgrades but it don’t help lol

Having played the game multiple times myself, here is what you can do:

  1. For the princess, in Chapter 9, while you are hanging out at court, you need to express an interest in the princess and then choose to court her. You also need to either not be in another relationship, or be willing to end it.
  2. You can’t actually adopt Nadia. In Chapter 6, you can choose to spend time with Nadia, and then decide to help her with her future. If you rescue Raymond and choose to spend time with him first, and then spend time with Nadia, you can decide to encourage her to spend time with him so that they can help each other. In the epilogue, he will formally adopt her.
  3. Do you mean getting the help of al-Jazari? If you have enough charisma or technical skill, you can convince him to help you.
  4. As @Valixon said, there are a wide variety of endings, depending on the side you choose and the choices you make, so that can be subjective.

@Silverwing23 @Jukka_Sarasti what they said actually is correct in a lot of ways one caveat though is it’s sorta implied at least in my opinion that Nadia is adopted by the MC it’s just never outright said in game. Only with raymond in the epilogue like jukka said is it outright done.

Same with the master smith as jukka said those are typically the way. Though as I recall I managed it with all primary stats vary few of my playthroughs have I done any focus on charisma.

Though I suspect not for certain if your a Muslim faith background in game it’s easier to convince him cause often unless a tech based I rarely do much tech wise to upgrade.
@Wiwyums might be able to better say lol

As for the princess doing things to earn high renown will help expressing interest, Being a Christian knight even if Muslim as a faith can spark such… Hmmm might be a few other ways but can’t think of them at the moment. Plus need to get to work lol but will try to edit when I get a chance anything else that comes to mind.


Thank you so much


Thank you so much I needed the help for real lol

@Silverwing23 no worries always glad to help when I can… speaking of the princess when your headed to the trial to keep your fief or not is the first time I think you can encounter her hmmm Ilop I think I will need to play again and focus on her to path to be able to help more cause I don’t quite recall all the instances concerning her. Though I do know in one play through I did long ago you could be romancing her then the queen recruits you to take over lol


Does anyone know how to beat the lronheat at the end of the game?

@Silverwing23 Lol talking about the tournament or the battle?

If tournament stay mobile if battle stay with the infantry until saving that game plays knight or emira


Thanks I was talking about the tournament lol

Your welcome :smiley:

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Felt bad for the mc that chose to be in a relationship with Viv. She’s living in a happily ever after while the mc struggles from moving on from everything. I just wish there’s an option to be with her like captain america. Because in my playthrough there was some dialogue from the mc that she’s thinking of her


@Silverwing23 Thanks! The advice the others gave you for those problems is spot on, by the way. :smiley:

@Valixon. I’ll have to double-check with the smith but I think you’re right, he’s likelier (though not guaranteed) to help if you’re Muslim.

@henpen Sorry! I did consider that but it was kind of central to my purpose that there be that sense of melancholy to that part of the story…


Hey, i found another resurection event :stuck_out_tongue:

I had tonzo jump to another archon at the end of the book and he died there, but in the ending piece he was still alive and serving as my aide.

Now i dont mind tonzo surviving lol but i dont think thats supposed to be possible xD

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@Mad_Olive lol that sounds funny as hell to me for some reason right now. Also makes me curious what led to that bug

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