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I think you’re quite right - that’s very close to how I saw Viv too. She’s very strong to have survived on her own in an initially hostile environment, to have built a safe and happy community and to have held those close to her together through some appalling times, but beneath her confidence she feels she has failed them, especially Sana. And in some ways, perhaps she has. So she has pinned absolutely everything on her dream of achieving peace. To her mind, that’s the only thing that will justify the suffering and loss.

For me, the saddest endings to write were the ones in which she died with no end to the war in sight, particularly if the player had betrayed her.

Betray and to be betray are two hard things. That’s why I find more confortable to be neutral… But in the end, if you want to change things, it’s way more easier picking a side… And that’s when you have to choisir between your friends or between an ideologie and your friends.

It will always be hard and someone will be very hurt n’y your décision.

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Wow so basically both Malik a Viv gave up on their daughter that’s kinda sad , but why was Viv so sure peace would be the best solution? Didn’t she have so some sort of backup plan it case it fails? If you try to argue with her she just won’t listen even when you betray her.

did she just wanted to see a glimpse of it before she died or did she truly believe peace its the best way?

Honestly in my opinion peace wouldn’t have worked it would have been only matter of time before they started killing each other again,and also the world was practically doomed since those mechs showed up , since in the future those mechs would have probably destroyed everything, Maybe Viv knew that but she didn’t want to believe it.
you know like the expression “making small changes in the past can have a big impact on the future”
And the mechs was not small change.

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I don’t think they gave up on her so much as felt guilt that they weren’t able to “fix” her.

I intentionally left unanswered the question of how viable peace was. As you say, it would be impossible to exptrapolate even a few years into the future, especially with the advanced technology. I don’t know if you saw either of the two “future” endings but they are as close as I came to speculating - one is a generally positive future, the other more negative, dependant on your choices throughout the game.

More than anything, I hoped readers would find these sort of questions thought-provoking and come to their own conclusions. It’s thrilling for me when someone like yourself does take the time to consider and discuss them!

I wanted to know, when you meet Viv again she will tell you that she found your capsule before,
but she didn’t try to force it open , because she was scared to kill you and she didn’t know how the capsule worked , but Sana was able to open the capsule very easily without having to force it open, i knew she was clever but i don’t think she clever enough to figure out a cryogen works, maybe she was lucky? But Viv had the capsule for years not even once did she try to figure how to open it?

You don’t have to answer this question since is kinda pointless to ask considering everything that’s happened and i thought maybe these was one of the question that doesn’t really have an answer, but for a moment it made question Viv’s credibility on her reason for not opening the capsule sooner.
You probably didn’t intent to make look like this, but it was something But it made me curious to know.

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Ah, I didn’t really make it clear but Sana is never meant to have opened your capsule. She went to Aleppo to check on the capsule when the city was sacked but it was the looters who awakened you and they did so accidentally, by prising open the capsule to look for treasure. Viv would never have risked opening it by force like that.

And thinking they could have easely killed us in opening thé capsule…

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Ha, I should have put a random test in at that point.Three out of four times, the game ends right there!

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Hey i had ideas about for both a direct sequel and indirect sequel, i didn’t put all down here since they’re both kinda long ( even the short version) and don’t if you’re already making a sequel or if you willing to take any advice , but i’d be happy to tell you if you want because i really liked this game and i would have liked another game.
So just tell me if you’re interested( it will be a bit long though).

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Yeah I’d love to hear it. Although there’s no sequel on the cards for the foreseeable future, I’m always appreciative of feedback and ideas. Feel free to DM me if you’d like.

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