Ironheart - Discussion Thread

Thanks for clearing that up! And while we have @Mary_Duffy on the thread, I should also take the opportunity to thank her for being unflaggingly supportive and almost unbelievably patient as I’ve ambled toward the finish line!

We’re not quite there yet, but I’d also love for the game to be released this year so will be working as hard as possible to make that happen…


@Wiwyums I have a question at some point in the game will I have the option to dominate the world?

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I like you because you think big. :smiley:

Yes, it is indeed possible to dominate the game world but it’s a route which requires hard choices, big sacrifices and a pretty loose moral compass…


Hmm 2 out of those 3 no problem…

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thanks for the answer :smiley:

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Hey ya’ll: the official beta is open here Ironheart - BETA TESTERS NEEDED if you would like to sign up.


Just a reminder that this game is ALMOST HERE. Add it to your wishlist on Steam to get notified on release day.


Are there any options for polyamorous romance with only female characters


It would’ve made sense though as polygamy was common among the upper class in the middle east

Anyway who are the potential female ros and also how to encounter and join the mongols? I did not encounter them in the demo.

Four main female ROs - a knight, an assassin, a princess and a steward, although two of them are locked to a particular faction. There are also a couple of others you can romance briefly but not enter into a long-term relationship with.

The Mongols don’t appear in the demo and are in fact quite hard to find throughout the game, unless you take a fairly specific course of action…


C’mon man give us a hint. Just a teensy tiny hint to the path cause I am fascinated by the mongols and I want to be part of the horde and take over the world. Muah hahaha.

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Okay, if you’re really prepared to sell your soul for world domination… :wink:

You’ll need to seek out the people who pull the strings behind the scenes, they’ll probably make themselves known early on. And you should also pay close attention to any stories you might hear along the way… Good luck!


And the male ro’s?

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Similar to the female ROs. Four main ones: an archer, a poet, a steward and a squire. A couple of other short encounters too.


Is it possible to sleep with ygraine and if so, what do we need?

Is okay to ask for more information? names, personality, looks, etc.


Yes, you need have her like you, visit her in her tent later, have some mechanic skill and fix her mech, then she’ll ask you to bathe together after you spar in the mechs. It can be done before the demo ends. Also none of this will matter cause it’s a demo, just wait until the games comes out tomorrow.

What does striking out on our own mean and no ERE route?

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