Iroas Legase - The Hero's Legacy [WIP] [July 22th, 2022]

Iroas Legase is a successor from my previous (hiatus) story that tells a tale of a hero who was given five days after his sacrifice for defeating the demon king. But since I am just in love with IF these days, I decided to turn the entire plot into a game. So here you are.

But first, I placed the note here. So you don’t waste your time complaining and live longer with more awesome WIP out there. (don’t worry, it’s not gender-locked)


  1. You play as The Hero, you’re not (entirely) The Hero. More role-playing than self-insert.

  2. I prefer female char, if you like the male then allow me to apologize. But there still be important male characters and some of them you can have a special bond with.

  3. If you’re looking for playing as the Big Bad, Villian, bad guys… then no.

  4. This one doesn’t have nonbinary option. At least it’s only the biological sex.

  5. No harem and poly.

  6. For those who are thinking “another medieval fantasy again”: Yes, this is not a medieval fantasy WIP

  7. English is my second language. (Hope you guys can report grammar and tense errors first so I can fix them ASAP)

TL;DR version

You were a hero, you sacrificed yourself to protect the world long ago.
One day The First Hero showed up and said your weapons were ‘stolen’ by Lechiofrax Empire.
You gonna take back what yours. It seems like you can’t retire, yet.

Longer version

“This is the second time I have come back to life.”

You were once a hero, you were so loved that after you died, you are given five days to stay on earth. You are like one of the basic characters that every child must know.

And of course, when a hero died, their weapons are getting some unwanted attention.

Your bow and sword fall into the hand of a young empire - Lechiofrax. However, there are still very few people who can use them, anyway, your items will only maximize in your hand. But even if it wasn’t fully utilized, it was still an “alien” weapon even you couldn’t control (remember you died because of it).

“No organization or individual is allowed to possess the relics of the Envoy. Unless they are recognized as an Envoy by us.” - quote The First Hero.

Feeling that something is wrong, The First forces you to be reincarnated and ends your after-life vacation. The mission is to recover the legacy, while also investigating the Lechiofrax empire and the Granchars clan who claimed to be your descendants.

You may already be a legend but just was. Now you are just a mere mortal with some fancy titles. Surviving, maintaining your reputation, and doing your mission in the court of the empire won’t be easy.

I wonder if you can write another legend?

I suppose I should call this "Features"

• Choose between the Fourth Prince or Princess of the empire. Remember that each gender will have different effects on the people around.
• Balance your “Relaxed” bar before your mental health is messed up or you become some inhuman being.
• Three ideal paths creating three routes for you. (also triple the number of bad ending)
• Eliminate Lechiofrax, or usher in a new era for this empire.
• World is complex and so do humans with their relationships. Being nice is not always “good”.
Crossdressing and fooling around

More about features

Ideal path

  • The Right
    Follow the First and protect the world from outer existence.
    A path for someone who likes pursuing the “ideal hero” and saving everyone. You have to deal with the foreign thing like aliens, outer gods, old gods, outer beast… things that the Left can’t do since they were too heartless to have the power to “save everyone”.
    Led by The First Hero, a super ultra saint with a hero title and facial issue. She had to learn how to express her thought.

  • The Left
    Follow the Second, prevent the world from destroying itself and eliminate the threat coming from the world.
    A path with less “ideal” than the upper path since you have to deal with the complex world and humanity itself, things that the Right faction doesn’t have enough cynic to do.
    Led by The Second Hero, a mysterious and not-very-pleasant person.

  • The Middle
    Cherish your first, then you can cherish everyone’s life.

The Trio

Three main characters whose fate will be intertwined with you depend on the ideal path you chose.

The Anathema
Cursed by swords, live by swords, and die by swords.

The little girl had seen the end of the world so many times that she could count it in infinity.
Swords devour her, her bones are blades, and they pierce her flesh from within. It really hurts, no?
She keeps thinking about the end of the world even as her mind turns into steel.

“Your shadow gets in the way of my light.”

The Singularity
She is said to bring the world salvation or damnation.

What is “right” and what is “wrong”? She doesn’t know, but people say she is “wrong” and her sacrifice is necessary for “greater things”.
The girl must die. But she had died so many times, how many more times does she have to die? Can people be satisfied?
That’s when they stop bestowing her death.

“If it’s not you, I can hurt anyone in the name of justice.”

The Amaranthine
Her death was stolen, and she has lived longer than the gods.

“What is the definition of ‘live’?” asked the little gray wolf innocently. But no one can answer.
Blood. Blood splashes on face and hair. Blood flows out of her body. Losing too much blood will die, but the little wolf doesn’t care.
She wasn’t created to die.

“Such a destiny was not desired.”

Who are you?

For someone who had known too much about you, you’re either Child of Seratheria, Wielder of shining joy, or Phalaenopsis’s wind of life.
For everyone, you’re the Hero Yulight who died to save the world.
For the gods, you’re Queen of Pride’s child.
You were the last of Vagifrosto, an ancient tribe that lived on the cold South continent. Now you’re supposed to be the ancestor of the Granchars clan.

DEMO: Iroas Legase (Ver 1.0)

Current word count (excluding code): ~15.000 and bonus ~5.000 from stat screen

Synopsis for each chapter
  • Prologue
    • A talk with The First
    • Arguing with Ius - The First’s Sacred Gear (didn’t finish yet)
    • The Envoy’s reborn scene
    • Introducing other important characters
What to expect in the next chapter/update
  • A short monologue about The Envoy so you won’t ask “who am I, where is this place”
  • An intro about The Trio (change depends on which ideal you have chosen)
  • The Envoy’s early life
  • Debut of the siblings and The Second


Q: Why role-playing?
A: I don’t like self-insert too much, if I write amazing characters with interesting building and development but not the PC it feels like… not equal. I want to use sympathy to connect the player and the PC. And since we have the same PC, you can enjoy the fanwork and artwork of the PC together and don’t have to worry about the weird feeling of seeing your waifu husbando lovey-dovey with a stranger :v. Last, I don’t want to deal with the “my MC would bla bla” stuff, I can’t please everyone you know?

Q: And why no nonbinary option?
A: I don’t really sure I can write nonbinary stuff in a world where gender has a different impact on your life.
And nonbinary is still a new thing for me and I’m not gonna risk writing something I don’t fully know (or I will be roasted). The way girls treat boys and other girls is different and vice versa, adding non-binary make thing confusing for my brain.
If you ask The Envoy about gender identity, “I don’t care” - here it is. So just suit yourself.

Q: Is there a reason for no “playing as bad guy”?
A: I’m tired of the Silly Rabbit, Idealism is for kids. There are so many mangas and LNs described Hero as an idiot clown and praise the cynicism edgelord protagonist. That’s the reason.
Actually, when I’m looking for IF let me play as “an ally of justice” I just found some superheroes WIPs (always superheroes not just “some”, are Westerners really love superheroes like how Japanese love isekai?) but I want a typical fantasy hero so if no one do it, I’m gonna make it myself.

Q: About the “bias female” thing…
A: Not just maybe. There will be many more females than males, also those you can have a special bond with too. And I prefer bromance so you should not hope for romancing any male character, my dream is waifu maker, not husbando maker.
But if you want the “Naruto and Sasuke”, I can do that.

Q: Do we have any romance here?
A: Depend on your viewpoint? Actually by “romance” you mean flirt options, kissing, seg lovey-dovey stuff… then no.
There are some relationships that are… out of common sense, the world is full of conflicts and complex anyway and I rather not naming those relationships.
~~If I have to say it, the Trio will be your only LI option ~~

Q: Also a big no-no for poly and harem?
A: In short, if I have to write, it will end up as a crazy jealous mess. Do you want The Envoy to have a nice boat like that guy in School Days?

Q: Can The Envoy become the emperor/empress of Lechiofrax?
A: As if the Mentor will let you do that.

Q: What about the bad ending? We do the bad thing and get that?
A: Eh, I rather encourage you to get those “bad endings” since I will put effort into writing those rather than “you died” or “everything goes black”. So maybe you won’t consider it as a punishment?
For me, I like the first bad ending in Fate/EXTELLA, I even set that ending CG as my PC wallpaper.

Q&A but with questions you may never ask

Q: So Penguin, what’s your inspiration to create this?
A: Initially, I planned to write a more massive, dark deep and adult project but writing 2 chapters already exhausted my brain cells. After reading The Sword of Rhivenia and other WIPs I decided to write a more simple (and lighter) project so my life can be a little lighter and my back will be better.

Q: Is the cast also inspired by something too?
A: A: YES, especially The Trio, since I can’t tell much about them but at least I can tell you what/whom they are based on.
The Anathema is from Shirou of Fate series, Future Princess of Guardian Tales (also a bit of Lucina from FE), and a real historical figure.
The Singularity is from Hikari of Arcaea (the white girl in my user card), Ninian of FE, and a certain white-hair-Saintess of A Mage Reborn.
The Amaranthine is a mix between Lappland of Arknights, Akane of Mille-Feuille, and Mimi of Kimishinu (the last two are yuri manga if you ask).


when it changed to the black background it hurts my eyes to try and read it, is there a way you can put in the stats page to change to it back to the original?? I’m sorry


I love the description but I’m probably going to wait till the next update before I actually play it.


Congrats on posting your first WIP! The premise seems very interesting but I’ll admit a lot was thrown at the reader in the first few pages without much context making it a bit confusing to keep up. Like who is “The First?” I got the vibe she was a priestess or something

I also found the pacing kinda rushed. First we’re reading an account of a different hero then we cut to a description of frozen village with a nameless queen then the conversation with the first. Everything happened a bit too quickly to get a general vibe for the story.

All in all this is a solid start, with some polishing I don’t doubt this will turn out to be an enjoyable read.


Oi there @Penguin_Dokutah it was an interesting idea and it’s nice but it’s all over the place.


I THINK it was supposed to be the first ever hero?.. Maybe. I don’t know. I got that idea.

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Just some grammar mistakes


Soooo confusing. I don’t follow the dialogue at all. What is happening and who am I? You got me all f’d up


Like I said @Penguin_Dokutah it’s all over the place, not that confusing but it’s making the immersion waaaay too hard. It takes too much to actually enjoy the work.


Lol I think you might be thinking of another wip with that response. :smiley:

@AntPat in this one your the archer hero being reborn to recover your weapons from being misused and save the world from what I can gather or not save it.

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Oh Devils… Thanks for reminding me. Mind is barely functioning cause of lack of sleep :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I really need to get some sleep at least so I don’t mix reality and fantasy next :joy_cat::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:. I can barely type properly anymore.


To bed with ye you stubborn scallywag :: Snickers ::


You have 25 characters listed under the cast. I would highly suggest trimming this down if you want a simple project. Maybe mention a faction in a lore sense but don’t give the player interaction with them? I would probably cut down on the royal family too because those seem like important characters to juggle and there are a fair bit of them. Consider taking your ideas for the 2 brothers and inputting them into one character instead?


All right, after taking a day off to get enough sleep. I can finally get in there.

No, I should say sorry. I just made an option to turn on or turn off the “visual effect” so your eyes should be ok now.

Yeah, after I read the other comments, you just made the right decision.

I will fix it right away :ok_hand:

Thank you for such helpful feedback! I knew something is off but couldn’t find it. I’ll add more info and take it slow in the next update :wink:
Also, you can read more about The First in the codex I put on the stat screen. Even though I advise you not to believe it 100% since it’s based on The Envoy aka PC’s knowledge and will change as the story progresses.

Thanks! I will take your advice (not the brothers though, I got specific roles for them and merging them maybe will get more trouble than it’s worth)
And about “simple” this project is much simpler compared to the first one I was planning to post :smiley:

After I post this one I got really anxious that I thought maybe I couldn’t read the feedback, but in reality, reading you guys’ feedback really give me the motivation to work on this WIP.
I can see that the WIP problem is the “immersion” and the fast tempo. I can anticipate the immersion since I chose “role-play” - which is harder than “self-insert” path, but this won’t be a justification for my failure. I’ll fix this problem in the next 1.2 update.
Thank all of you for giving this one your attention among a thousand other works :penguin: :ok_hand:


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