Iphone and choicescript


How come we cannot download choicescript onto our iPhones?

Noob here (Solved)

At a guess, it would be because the Apple Store is a lot more strict about what gets into it than the Android’s Play Store. I don’t know this is why for sure, though.


Actually I’m pretty sure it’s more like whether the cost of doing so is worth it. Only a handful of writers here use iPhone or similar mobile device for development. Most have access to a PC.


Because iphones suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve no idea about the specifics of an iphone since I don’t own one but I’d be surprised if you can’t download it.

I know that with my android tablet I need to toggle settings to download anything not in the play store. That I may need to then have something to unzip it. So what I did was I just downloaded a version into dropbox and I do everything from there, on my tablet, instead.


I do apologize, and do correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t help but think that if that remark had been written by anyone other than a mod, it would have resulted in a stern -play nice- admonishment. May be nitpicking, but what is humorous and what is hurtful can be very subjective after all. There is the matter of customer loyalty to be considered, incidentally it is the same thing that leads to fanboyism, where if you spent a lot of money on something, you would feel inclined to protect its relevance.

Again not to be a bother but a rule is a yoke, and if we’re not all wearing them then they chafe all the more for those who do. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes etc. Even though spontaneously -and despite lacking much knowledge thereof- I still tend to agree with the sentiment, probably because I am a PC and not a Mac. :wink:


It was a joke, hence the inclusion of the smiley afterwards. It was never intended to be taken as a serious criticism of a device that garners a lot of sales for Choice of Games and which I know a lot of people use and love. I like Apple just fine, I own an Apple device (not an iphone or ipad) myself. If I could afford an ipad I would own one of those too but I can’t so I don’t. (My own tablet’s a refurbished old model that I picked up for super-cheap on ebay.)

You will note it wasn’t the only thing I posted to the thread. Certainly if my only response had been “iphones suck” I would agree with you. That would be an inappropriate post to make. Or if I’d told StarWarsMaster he sucked because he couldn’t figure it out, now that would definitely deserve a reprimand. I don’t think that StarWarsMaster sucks, I just think these tablets and i-things can be difficult to figure out sometimes.

Now, I’d really rather not derail this topic too much. If you know of an answer to the question please answer it.

If you do have a problem with any members posts, including the moderators, please, flag the post, that’s what the button is there for.


@poison_mara is really good at knowing stuff about using choicescript on phones. There’s also a few other threads about it on the forum. There might be an answer in one of them



After being summoned by fairy . Yes, you can code on apple devices. I started there even if i am now in android. If you have any doubt pm me. In fact you could code in almost all things i even had coded in a 3ds.


Ok. (: I don’t think we’ve handed out stern admonishments for anything that petty. If you think we have, flag it, or let’s start a new thread to talk about custodieting us custodes.

And on topic: Mara, have you actually downloaded CS onto an iPhone, or just done your coding in a txt file?


I downloading it, is super easy. You only have to have an downloader for doing that and some sort of file manager app. Apple sometimes is more complicated due deal with decompress zip or other formats. But still without being a problem, there are rar or zip programs for Ios. Basically you need like five or more apps in ios, but when you have them works basically same a pc.