Ios vs browser: which one is better?


hey there… i’m just curious about what “platform” you guys buy and play your cog/hg games… i myself mainly buy and play it through my iphone, are there benefits for using my chrome for these games?.. it’s like console vs pc, i play on console most of the time and only play games on pc for modding the games like skyrim, fallout, etc… i can’t mod cog/hg games right?.. it’s like against rules or whatever?..


Chrome app store, steam or the CoG website. It helps that I have a 27" high-resolution screen too.

I play some of the Delight Games on my nexus 4 but its fiddly. I might actually see if the developer of those games can port them to be a chrome app…


thanks for replying man… i have a good pc set up myself but it never occurred to me that i’d buy these type of games on chrome/steam since my iphone was handy that i could play anywhere… it just dawned to me that somehow, someway i could change mod these games and change the names of the npcs/love interests to people i know so that it would be more immersive… hehe… i’m just contemplating on buying them since i have almost all the cog/hg games in my iphone and buying them again on chrome/steam would be somewhat expensive…


You don’t have to do it all in one go :smiley:


And even more expensive if you decide to support CoG, and get them on Steam as well :wink:


I play on computer, but I also don’t have a smartphone that could play them. (The two I have are broken, and they’re old enough that they lacked the memory for it, anyway. When they were working, I tried.)


My laptop is pretty much a computer, it’s hooked up to my hefty tablet and sometimes disconnecting the plugs results in a “no connection detected” issue for my tablet (read: I am terrified of disconnecting my laptop from my tablet)

I also like to play when commuting or in bed, so I buy games on my IOS.


I prefer to play it on browser, I can see better and I can read the words more clearly.


I prefer browser because i can have one tab open and listen to music from youtube while still playing a CoG game, although I suppose you can probably do something similar on a iphone like itunes, or pandora or something, but I just find it easier on computer for some reason