Invalid ${} variable substitution at letter 219 error message question

I’ve been getting the error invalid ${} variable substitution at letter 219 but this is in chapter three and I’ve used the same variable in chapters one and two and it’s worked fine .

Thanks for the help in advance

*label answer3
"Of course you are doing the right thing. They have not been your friends since high school and seeing what they have done I wouldn't ever forgive them." ${assistant} answered. "Ok, I'm glad. Well I'm going to bed now, good night." You say. "Good night." ${assistant} answered. ${assistant} goes to her room and you go to yours for a good night's sleep.
*goto paragraph2
*create assistant "?"

IIRC that is common for using the wrong encoding, make sure you’re saving with encoding UTF-8. (With Sublime, that is File > Save with Encoding > UTF-8.)

This is not the first game I’ve made so I know that I have to save it as UTF-8 and it is just like all the files are UTF-8 but I’m still getting this error message so any other suggestions?

Could you provide more of the code?

I fixed it, ended up I missed putting in one of the closing curly bracket, thanks for the help.

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