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You spot right! Childhood best friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes, enemies/rivals to lovers too at the same time, so I totally get where you’re coming from, wanting to romance Troy :joy:

Thanks for pointing that out! The bug has been fixed in a tiny update. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


@redfield Thank you! I hope this won’t disappoint :smiley:

@Selkie_Seal Thank you! Can’t wait to show you more too!

@Mei_Hiroshi I’m glad you like it! I’m not so sure about denial choices, but I’ll keep that mind and see if I’ll include them :slight_smile: Thank you for the well wishes!

@Niveous Aw, I can sympathise with that feeling. I hope to update soon, but it’s hard to guarantee a fixed schedule because I work full time :pensive: I’m glad you enjoy the demo so far, and thanks for pointing out the error. I’ve fixed it and updated the game files!

@Lowern Thank you! I’ve fixed that in a new update :smiley:

@Kxng Sorry to hear that, though I’m partially glad because that means I wrote it well hehe

@syzygy tbh, “what the hell” was supposed to be a placeholder, but I ended up deciding I love it :joy: And I’m glad you like Delacroix :heart:

@Jender Thank you very much!

@Jeeshadow1 Thank you! Yes, K Delacroix and M Shaw’s genders are locked to be the same. R Troy’s and Theo Reyes will also share the same gender.

@Lotta Thank you for your kind words! I honestly can’t wait to introduce you guys to Penhallow too. Hope you’ll like what I have in store :slight_smile:


@wayfxrer JHSKAJS thank you so much!!! :heart:

@Mistyleaf123 Thank you! I hope you’ll like what I have planned :slight_smile:

@MASSO Penhallow was actually inspired by a town I spent five months in in Southern Sweden, so it will be heavily influenced by my time there. I’ll make sure to describe it as best as I can in the game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And thank you for your kind words. :heart:


Just so you know, you can edit your comments to add or make corrections. An alternative to double and triple posting. :slight_smile: It’s the tiny pencil icon in the bottom right corner of your post.

Oh! Thank you for letting me know. Still trying to get my bearings on the forum as I never posted anything here prior to this :slight_smile:


It’s quite alright, everyone starts somewhere. :slight_smile:

On a completely different note… do we have an overall timeframe for the story? Does it happen in era that resembles the 20th century, for example? Earlier than that? I ask because I’m currently obsessed with all things Victorian and/or Steampunk, so I might imagine it something along those lines… unless there’s something stopping me.

Into the Shadows takes place in present times! It’s not Victorian/Steampunk, I’m afraid.


I was excited to see the premise and I finally got to play it ^^


It just…didn’t feel right. And I like Sage despite his elusive answers.

It seems I have high Sage relationship to have triggered this? MC definitely didn’t like Sage, but it must’ve been the bar choice that raised the “like” thing (I chose the first option). Sage might’ve liked MC for that, but that doesn’t mean he liked him back.
// I like Sage though, he has playfully annoying old man vibes

It can’t be. It [i[can’t.

Typo here

I’m excited to see more! The relationship between MC and Kylian/Kiara reminds me of my own best friends. I’ll have this happily squirreled away in my bookmarked list.

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No worries! Very quick on the fixes despite your busy schedule :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: And take your time with the updates, there’s no need to pack so much on a single plate. Your personal life and health takes full priority!

It’s just that sometimes when I get really into playing a demo, I treat it like it’s a full game lol! So the ending really came out of nowhere for me :joy:


Hi! Really loved what you have out so far! I really want to find out why that monster blamed us for how they are :eyes:


Also I would check your your startup file for the save plug-in, looks like dashingdon isn’t reading it at the moment :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for your kind words :two_hearts: Can’t wait to share more about the creature with you all too, it’s gonna be a ride :eyes:

And thanks for pointing that out! I fixed that in a little patch update. Could you explain where you saw the save error, though? I checked and it was working on my end ;-;


When I played earlier it said the plugin wasnt installed correctly but all is good now :sunglasses:

Thanks for making the fixes!


Before I start this WiP, I’m curious; what do you mean by “baby psychic”?

I feel like I should tweak the wording for this! Haha it just means MC is a very amateur psychic. That phrase has no bearing on their real age. Hope that clarifies and that it didn’t alarm you :joy:


My first play through i thought the creature was my MC’s psychic ability as she was reluctant to use it as it would feel like cheating as a journalist, so maybe it was blinded by lack of use, look forward to reading more.

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oh this is a very interesting theory, one I can neither confirm or deny :eyes:

thank you! I can’t wait to show you all more too :slight_smile:

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Oh! Thanks so much for pointing those errors out, and I’ll have a look and fix the relationship stats for Sage. Glad to hear you like him though, even if your MC doesn’t :slight_smile:

And I’m happy to hear K reminds you of your own best friends! I can’t wait to show more of them. Thank you for playing the demo!


Hey, first of all I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. Especially since there’s already 3 seemingly different problems on the table, wonder how they will connect.

Second, I think that the way the MC’s past dating experience handled could be improved.
Now I know some people look at dating casually as a game, a way to connect or means to an end, but there are also those that look at dating seriously as the prospect of seeking ideal life partner.
And then there are those like me that are indifferent about it as in not really seeking one (like life is already full of drama without the love life drama bull so unless I’m absolutely sure that we are actually really going to make this work , I don’t mind living a ‘colourless’ love life as in not having one at all, and more experience are just mark of failure to us).
Which is why I personally dislike the line of choice given on that point because it implies lifes with quantity dating is superior to life with quality dating or without date at all which is not the case.
The first choice are the MC bragging about numbers
The second shows desperation( hilarious, please keep this option)
The third option are sounding like an excuse(like seriously? That’s a lame and rude reason to not remember your last date)
The fourth are somewhat normal.
The fifth are literally MC bragging about their endless love drama narsically.
I wish there are options for more response like “Eh, sometimes I’ll date when I feel like it or found the right person” and the ‘no one interest me’ or ‘not really looking’ options that will actually cover wider perspective, principles and sense of values.

Third, as much as I like my parents ( or anyone really), some prefer to keep their love life private so when we told Amelia about that aspect like so I can’t help but squirm. So I think it’s best if we have a choice to omit that.

Finally, does the title ‘Instinct switch’ ring a bell to you dear author?

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Hi everyone! Demo 2.0 is now live.

There are about 20k words of new content in this play through. As I had to make changes to old chapters, please start a new playthrough as old save files might cause the game to crash.

30/01: New to this update

Current wordcount: 45k

Average wordcount per playthrough: 21k

New to this update:

  • Find out more about MC’s relationship with Amelia, their parents, and learn more about MC’s relationship with K.
  • Learn more about your powers–the hard way.
  • A first glimpse of Penhallow. Love it or hate it, it’s ready to welcome you back.
  • MC’s first night back, and what’s waiting for them in town…
  • Minor tweaks to the stats and variables.

Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy the update :two_hearts:


I loved the interactions with R very interesting. I need to learn more. Why hate the mc ? How do they know mc? So many questions. Also I really like K’s friendship it is so heartwarming! Even with the romance points k really is a great friend!

Also I don’t know how I can play the childhood home route now and miss out on the R interaction :thinking: nice job. Hm but ofcourse I look forward to it too :slight_smile:

Also I think this might be a mistake:

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