Interesting Finds


First of all, I apologize if there is a similar topic elsewhere in these forums but I could not find any in my brief research. So, without further ado, what is this thread about? Have you ever found something interesting, insightful or inspiring on the internet and wanted to share it with other people? Some cool research that few know about? An inspiring quote? Then share it! I also have one small request: I know it may be hard but please avoid turning this thread into a heated debate about X or Y. Always be respectful of one another and keep it clean.

The thing I want to share is actually a (very, very long) comic, amazingly written by The Oatmeal that explains… well… I’ll let you figure it out. I’ll leave but one hint - “Backfire Effect”.


I don’t recall seeing another thread like this, so you’re most likely good.

Cool stuff I found over the years.


I think it seemed longer than it was because we were travelling downwards with the comic? I just wanted to say that was a really great one and thank you for sharing it (finally there’s words to describe that thing for me).


Please enjoy everything this person has ever produced.