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ooof yeah the story is kind of serious added new rooms thous so :sweat_smile: one of the choices kill you instanly

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@Szaal But i working mostly on the male parts soo ooof

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You have to write each vintage manually for every branching? That’s ruff.

I don’t have any real feedback for now, aside from… maybe improve your writing skills and grammar. There’s a “death choice,” okay, that’s cool. I’d suggest to expand your story so there’s sufficient content to comment at.

And if I may ask, why not use Might as well write your story in ChoiceScript.


because i’m not good at coding

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I LOVED IT. It gave me some ideas and i would love to help anyway i can. In any case, amazing idea.

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What exactly do you want?

The interest check thread is more for pitching ideas, and you also already have a separate thread for this WIP

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To add context, the previous convo is moved from a #game-development:writing-and-content thread.


Hm, I thought it showed when stuff has been moved and merged

But I guess I was wrong then if it’s been moved here

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Okay, so I have this idea, I got a lot of inspiration from books and shows I’ve been watching/reading and I think it’s good… I think…

So the story or plot… is about the MC being a fallen god, once the most powerful and oldest of them all, considered an Elder God by mortals, was also in fact, the most evil god of them all, and in a joint effort from every other god, they banished the MC to the mortal realm… to let the mortals deal with the MC… no, they just didn’t want the MC around, so yea, also before anyone thinks why I didn’t make them banish the MC to like hell or somthing, they couldn’t as I said too powerful, Also lame and wouldn’t make a good story, in my opinion…

Not gonna be actually pursuing this intill later this year when I’ll get my hands on a very good PC, but I just wanted to put this out there so people would know about it and other things… also my other game… not working on it for the foreseeable future, and I see pretty far in my future so… yea… that’s all for now.

Post Update:

Okay, so after reading this like 573 times, I’ve decided to put some more “seasoning and spice” on my earlier description/plot/story.

The seasoning and spice...

Okay, so first of all, before anyone asks or thinks I won’t do it because of my very “unique” personality, I will give you, the player the chance/option to later in the story change the MC’s “evil” personality/ways, though be warned I’m not very good with writing about people being good… I’m better at writing about people massacring an entire population, because I find it absolutely hilarious, and it’s super easy to write… in my opinion.

Second of all, the MC could not be banished to “hell” or some other “underworld” like place because as I said the MC is just to damn powerful, and to put more context on why I don’t find it to be a good story direction, is mostly because in my view, 1. Not a lot of humans to massacre 2. What would the MC do? Become the lord of the underworld or something?? That’d Make the story done almost instantaneously because what are the demons gonna do? Put up a fight? Yea no, they’d be insta killed, it’s better to put the MC in a more open environment where the other gods have more influence, that would make the story far more interesting, as the gods could still mess around, and/or watch what the MC is up to, amongst other things.

Third of all… I forgot because of the huge rant I went on about why the MC got sent to the mortal realm… if I remember I’ll type it here… yep that’s what I’ll do…

(And yes I call that a rant… also realized I start a lot of sentences with “okay, so”… must be somthing about my very “unique” personality I didn’t know about… well haven’t wrote anything cause of me getting all inspired and stuff, so maybe that’s why… :grin:… I usually write shortstorys but I haven’t done that in a long time, their honestly very morbid… but that doesn’t matter… anyway, type to you later!)


Hey. Hi. I’m Leo! :slight_smile:
So, I need to check some interest. I’ve had a couple of ideas on the backburner as of late that I stray to when I’m stretching my fingers from writing my main WIP. The first one is already up on the forum with a demo, titled Residence of Reeker Hill.

My second idea is called Palace of Paradise. It’s a romance oriented story in which a fully sensationalized virtual reality has become the place where most individuals spend their time, for various reasons. Work, education, socialization and recreation have all been incorporated into the virtual reality, and the release of a new game has come out: Palace of Paradise. A dating simulation that matches other players within localized servers with the guarantee that you will find your one true love.

SO, here’s where I need some help. I’d like to know which of these ideas I should batter around for stress relief from my WIP. Both are equally enjoyable for me to write, otherwise it’d be really easy for me to rationalize. Thus, this.
Which would you like me to work on over the other?

  • Residence of Reeker Hill
  • Palace of Paradise

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Thank you in advance for the help! Eventually I wish for both of these ideas to develop into full games, but one at a time, in due time, haha.


Hello there, I have been working on my first game . It will be a historical fiction game, about a young Greek officer, that graduates just in time for the first Balkan War(1912). You will also have the chance to take part in the “Ethnic Dichotomy”, siding with the king or the republicans led by Venizelos. I have plans for a series going up to and after ww2 and into the Greek civil war(if this goes well, and I don’t get lazy). Expect graphic depictions of violence, rape and genocide. I would appreciate any feedback.


That sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to play it


You will need to take care to handle race relations very carefully in your WiP as well as have a thick skin when writing and testing your game.

The author of: Divided We Fall, has had experience with writing historical fiction, specifically dealing with the Spanish Civil War and is also in the middle of writing a game about a fictionalized inter-war nation similar to that of pre-WW2 Greece (although set in the Austrian Alps) … I am sure, his experiences in writing these projects would serve you very well and I suggest contacting him and asking him for his experiences.

Also - “Balkan Wars” can mean any number of things up to and including current conflicts … so you might want to be more specific in your description of the setting.


I really appreciate the advice. I have thought about the racial tension and have come to the conclusion that presenting the Greek side of things at first, then humanising the Turks would make for a more powerful story. Also I am aware of the atrocities committed by the Greeks and I will make sure to present them in order to be fair. However, note that I am a descendant of refugees that fled their homes in Asia minor, so expect more powerful scenes concerning them. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
I will describe the setting in greater detail when I upload the demo, because I currently don’t have time :sweat:.


So I recently decided to turn my random daydreams into as choice game , as it feels prefect . my project is set during the Napoleonic Wars, I have 3 battles I’m going to use. Our options : romance a general or the soldier who saved your bum, become a physician (you dread the sight of blood), be an assistant, or become a soldier. I thought about spy, but we’re starting off as character who. Doesn’t know much about being multilingual. So I axe that option.

It was never intended as romance option, but about forming new bonds that painfully tear. However love became an option because our main character had just went through a break up from a long term relationship, fast forward they find themself across the globe and in a different time! Sounds somewhat cliche right there! Lol

For the female option she has an easier transition to any path she chooses.
But our boy, however will have a difficult time receiving sympathy and leniency.
Would you prefer the one option and play as a girl with the fear of being discovered(True there women who went to war in disguise in that time.)
The boy option has the constant fear of being shot . :frowning:
My problem is the boy option, he’ll have a great difficulty with survival and a transition into a new life. It will be difficult to weave him into a scene where sympathy and talent will save him. So I have decided to create a girl only option. some feedback would be greatly appreciated on a one gender option.


I’ve already started on a game, but before going on to chapter 2 I want to make sure that people are interested.


So basically you’re are a supernatural child born into a world of one-sided hatred. A council of supernaturals that hate unsuspecting humans. Your parents are either in hiding, or one of them ends up dead based on your choices.

Possible paths

Basically you have the choice of:

  1. Complying with the council’s demands,
  2. Rebelling
  3. Just overthrowing them and leading yourself

Is this even remotely appealing? Is there anything I can do to make it better? Any choices you see in a storyline like this?

Edit: @LeoXII brought somethings to my attention.

●Although I didn’t specify the difference between the rebelling path and the overthrowing path is this the rebelling path is more of a lets reveal our self to humans type thing/ the other is just taking control over the situation with a choice of not revealing your self.

●Going with the council command does rage war against humanity but there’s a chance you could betray them or become a leader and/or change their mind (a bit of charisma might be in play)

●The hatred of humanity sorta stems from fear and close minded individuals (sorta like the beginning of America)

●Ok in the story your mother is a supernatural and she is in love with a human depending on the species you choose there is a chance one or both your parents might survive
•Werewolf (Intelligence)- Dad and you survive
•Vampire (Stealth)- All of you survive
•Sucubus (Allure)- Mom and you survive
•And more later on (Speaking of this any races you might like to see?)


Are we an important figure in the supernatural community? Like someone really powerful or maybe a high ranked individual or are we just a common supernatural with little to no power?

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Common one with little to no power until later of course

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I think something like a ghoul from the show the supernatural would be an interesting race to play, or an arache. And of course I’ll ways say a witch. Sound like a good concept :blush::blush::+1:t5:


I’d like to see 3 races: Dragons, Sullilitons and shapeshiters the frist one shoud be ovious consitering my username and the sceond one, well I’ve being reading some (good qality) Undertale fanfiction lately hensce the option, and Shape shifters becauce I’m a big fan of Transformers.