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Tbh I think you should let the player choose. A good mid-way would be the player chooses but with extreme stats it’s automatic. But after all it’s your decision to make


Here’s kind of a series idea I had floating around.

Book of Light and Darkness: An exile and their dog have adventures in a fallen kingdom practically next door and continue the research they were exiled for.

Book of Fire and Water: A hot headed warrior seeks to become a mighty pirate but an old shark won’t let them have a ship until they do some chores.

Book of Earth and Air: An office worker lands on some alien world in a land populated by androgynous bird people and tries to cope with their situation.

Book of Judgments: The chosen are gathered for what’s coming.

I was considering ROs but I don’t have anything solid for it.

Well I had some other idea floating around about living in a castle with a bunch of cursed guys.

Dog: Lived as a doormat despite his position. Now serves as butler of the cursed castle.

Cat: Was a total brat. Not really a job but they pester the butler.

Pig: Overworked his maids to fainting. Now he does the cleaning when he can.

Horse: Was always goofing off away from the castle. Now he’s the stable boy.


Not sure about the castle (Are these people kind of cursed like the servants in Beauty and the Beast?) or The Book of Earth and Air, but I like the sound of the first two in your series. Would definitely like more information about them. Plus, I’m sure you’ll have some great ideas that will change the following books as you write the first, so that’s the one I’d like the most information on. Am I allowed to know what I’m researching? What is the technology level at the time? Why did the kingdom I’m exiled into fall, and why didn’t a neighboring kingdom take control? Is there something that makes the research especially important to the MC? Those are the questions that first come to mind.


They are cursed like the beast but the curse also put them all in one castle.
Well not exactly like beast.

There were attempts to take control but they made the mistake of bringing weapons. The “monsters” reject weapons.

The fallen kingdom saw themselves as gods that could even program instincts to their whims. Can you say hubris?

The A goal of the Light and Dark MC is medical research. Their B goal is the excitement of discovery. They also have a bit of a childish desire to modify their dog.
The exile’s homeland long forgot the “heathen” kingdom was over there. It’s on the other side of some forest.

Most of the world is somewhere between colonial and steam ages. The bird people though have “magic” structures.


Hi everyone! Maybe you remember 5 of Swords? My game which I very hastily and without any notice abandoned? Yeah well… I’m terribly sorry about that. My health acted up and I felt incredibly pressured since I had very little spare time back then, feeling terrible about not being able to write anything for a long time. So I left… I needed a break and some time to overthink stuff. But now I’d love to return to writing! 5 of Swords change in a lot of ways, yet I’d love to work on it again, though it is far from being the same old game…

So, here are the new details: The game is set in one city, rather said in the palace. The MC is a member of the noble family and will be (un-)voluntarily involved in a row of court intrigues and mysteries. There is to be a political marriage and a mysterious magical disease which the MC and their allies have to deal with. Of course, there is also the possibility to make as many enemies as possible… There will also be three ROs, each with their gender choosable by the player.

I’d love to hear about what you think!
Also here is the poll.

  • Sounds good!
  • Nah, not interested.

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Always 100% pro-court intrigue. :dagger:


YES, oh God YES!! I was a follower of your Tumblr when it was still on and about!
I hope you will find joy in getting back to writing :^) Court intrigue games have always been a favourite of mine!!


As I was scrolling up and reading I saw that some people with like to make/play a dinosaur choice game.

I would honestly love to help make it

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Well I’m kind of interested in that magical disease.

I feel like I have seen quite enough court intrigue though.

Huh. Should I have brought up ROs for mine?


Just wondering being a teacher in a magic academy something like Sensai’s story. Would be cool if its made


I have an idea for something similar. You’re a newly installed professor at a school for magic, and have to deal with the fallout of the insanity the students seem to get into. So kind of like Keeper of the Sun and Moon, but from the teacher’s perspective, and with a larger focus on humor.


i need idea i will read eveyone idea and see witch one i think is best :sweat_smile: also i will help anybody who needs ideas as well here the story i need help with

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The link says I don’t have access to the story.

And perhaps for the best, why you don’t just tell us what kind of idea has been bubbling in your mind? And what are you struggling with specifically.


ooop forgot to make it publice give me a sec

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There it should be up

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Well, aside from some typos and grammar issues – which are a lot, actually :sweat_smile: – I can’t really say anything for the story.

Anything specific you want to get feedback?

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:sweat_smile: well it a demo and wip but i could use soem help to see if the story has to much of a impact at the begining

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i suck at relpying and here :laughing:

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It has a beginning. Is it impactful? I don’t know. We’re under attack by a man using an… axe as a weapon of choice against dogs? There’s that. I just know the story is going to have an adventure ahead, assuming we lost our mother.

And whenever I see conventional weapon such as axe being mentioned, my mind defaults to the medieval period (since I’m sucker for such setting).

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and sibling

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