Interest Check Thread


It’s basically BnHA meets Deus Ex, superhero society in a cyberpunk setting.

More about the world

During the second part of the 20th century up to the beginning of the 21st century, leaps in science allow people to augment themselves in order to gain surhuman abilities. A drug-induced genetical mutation leads to the development of a superpower in an individual, while cybernetic and mechanical enhancements can allow human to get camera in their eyes, super-strength, speed, etc via prosthesis. It’s all very sci-fi in your face (there are haptic holograms for exemple).

Along with Augmented people can the apparition of real-life heroes and villains. Their clashes in the streets, leading to lots of collateral damages lead to tensions between Augs and Reg(ular person)s and eventually, the World had enough. Since they couldn’t exactly get rid of heroes altogether because the villains wouldn’t disappear, they pretty much made a job out of being a hero, with regulations and conditions before running into the streets.

In 2026, when the story begins, heroes are fully integrated in the society but tensions between Augmented persons and Regular persons have been steadily growing all these years and are ready to explode at a moment’s notice.

  • You play a person (their gender is yours to choose) who has to deal with the aftermath of an anti-Aug terrorist attack during which they were gravely injured and had to be augmented to survive.

  • You can become a hero, a vigilante or get back to your old job (it includes as much action as the first two). You might be able to become a villain.

  • You can get involved in Aug/Reg politics (you won’t be able to be an anti-Aug advocate though because it really goes pretty much against everything in the MC’s background).

  • There are 5 ROs. Amongst these, two are gender-locked (one is gay, the other is lesbian). One is straight (so either their gender is opposite to yours, or their gender matches your RO gender preference if you’re playing a non-binary MC). The two other RO’s gender match your character’s sexual orientation. So basically, you always have the choice between 3 RO per playthrough no matter your gender/sexual orientation.

  • You can choose not to romance anyone, you won’t miss anything. I mean, it’s not like the romance will be an afterthought but I don’t want anyone to miss content because they chose not to romance anyone. So, basically, you’ve got friendship/romance paths.


New random thought. I don’t know when I could get to it, but I will throw it out there.

I had a dream about baby kangaroos not too long ago. Which made me think of the potential for a fantasy game. The thought process is pretty obvious, so I won’t bother to explain it.

Now here’s the thing about this fantasy story. Yes, you have elves, orcs and like four types of tiny humans that are all similar but also not. Now here’s a question for you. If elves and orcs existed, what form do you think they would have taken in the prehistoric era?

Where do you think orcs would have evolved on the evolution scale? Would they have been bigger and more dangerous or did they develop to what they are over time? What if five million years ago, elves were the most dangerous things on the planet and they hunted the dinosaurs to extinction? What if gnomes were really vicious pack beasts that left nothing behind of their prey?

What if magic had to be evolved over time and was a really unstable force that caused as much problems as it solves? What if ancient primitive imp ancestors were some of the most fearsome things on the planet?

I’m just spouting theories. I don’t know what exact angle I would go with, but if the idea sounds worth pursuing to other people, I might look into later. Come to think of it, I think someone had a similar concept and told me about before, but I don’t remember who.