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Gosh I always had a soft spot for Sherlock Holmes :heart:

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Thanks! I suppose one option might be to let the player gender flip characters including their own so they can choose to romance any version of Adler, Watson, Lestrade or Moriarty they preferred to, though that would likely stretch elements of canon amidst historical believability, though that’s not impossible to ignore. :wink:

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As the title suggests, would anyone be interested in a game surrounding the idea of being a SWAT officer, being in active duty and struggling with what you’ve experienced during active duty with your time off?

I’ve always been interested with the topic of how police officers deal with trauma, as well as tactical action for a CYOA. With a release date being confirmed for Ready or Not (a game surrounding SWAT action), I’ve been getting more into the genre of tactical shooters in general, playing the old Rainbow 6’s and the SWAT series.
While I have no experience with ChoiceScript, and my writing is far from eloquent, I think I could write a short demo within a few months, if the idea sparks interest within the community.

I’d appreciate feedback on the premise, or ideas to improve it.


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I would be really interesting


If I might make a suggestion about the Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde option. Instead of a romance driven story why not a dual part relationship based one focused on how both the characters of Jekyll and Hyde interact with the other members of the cast in order to create a tight paced thriller and drama. Just a thought


I’d be very interested in a SWAT game since it’s a part of police procedure that doesn’t get enough media attention. I could see a rainbow six style COAG being very interesting especially if you could get some artwork done of the sites that must be breached. The PTSD is a very intriguing aspect as well as while it has been touched upon in other games I could see I would very much like to see the struggles of police officers given attention especially the SWAT team who deal with the worst case scenarios which would weigh on anyone who had to be in that level of high tension environment and life. Apologies for double posting


I would probably have elements of that anyway, but sure! I feel like how Fallen Hero handles the differences between the player character, their villain persona and their host body would probably suit a Jekyll and Hyde game, alongside determining how generally more positive choices as Jekyll counter predominantly evil choices as Hyde (and what sort of persona both characters can have).


Well, I’ve been having this idea stuck in my head for awhile

Well this idea has it like this, the MC (or player character) is in this post apocalyptic world after nuclear fallout. They are part of this organization base it off of the fallout franchise’s Brotherhood of Steel with the organization’s whole goal being to collect and protect technology and prepare it for when the world is ready. So one day the MC is either mattering on some choices are on a team to retrieve this unique technology not from this world and on it the team meets heavy resistance from individuals that hold technology that doesn’t even appear in your books. After a couple of scenes of fighting a in story time of a few hours the diminished team arrives at the tech but in capturing it one of the weird high tech foes appears and fires a shot at the device causing a explosion sending the Mc…while the other is the Mc is studying the device and in the experiment the base is attacked or the MC makes a serious mistake leading to…the Mc appearing in a different world…a world full of…things like super hero’s yes over done but :sob: I like it leading to the Mc having to navigate this new strange world in their own way.

Yes I know it is kinda stupid but this rough idea has been stuck in my head and I have always had this idea whenever I read a different story especially one with high tech worlds. For example I always can’t help but famtize about my idea when reading fallen Hero: Rebirth for some reason. The heavy armored knight meeting super powered foes is such a intense scene in a scene full of combat or a scene full of dialogue.

And while I don’t think this would ever get any real attention or want. I just wanted to get this idea off of my chest for my creativity is limited and my patience for a code more complicated then simple console commands for Fallout NV is about as long as a inch worm.

(To the person who split this message to this chat: sorry my bad and thank you for moving this)

Reason: wanted to say thank you, sorry and my bad and added the last bit of words


Hey, I think that’s a pretty good idea. Everyone loves a fish out of water story.

If love superhero storys so if you publish it count me in!

Would the Mc be one of those supers?

Well I have no plan to do this idea, for I don’t have the time nore the patience to do it, the idea how, and the ability of me to really ever understand how to work with the…script and the multiple choices would be such a annoyance on my part and a brain killer and about the question about him being a super? I would say in a quick set of answers would be yes! But no, for I am sure that extended radiation exposure would change most people even if not in a major way the body would have to evolve to survive in the intense environment.

Reason: just some words added to get my
Point out and be less confusing.

I’ve probably been announcing it on my first game’s thread, but I’ll follow through and put it out here also to check for interest.

I’m making a new game based on the very complex dice rolling system of my first game. It will be simplified a bit and will probably be around 200-500k words.

The theme is a D&D-esque game with high fantasy, and a simple goal of exploration and hopeful escape. Though I’ve grown bored of the generic D&D monsters and spells, so I decided to make my own world with it’s own monsters and magic powers and occupants that are just not right in the head.

From tigers sprinting at the speed of sound, to flying raptors that can imitate human speech, to colossal knight statues of gold that can shoot fire from it’s eyes, this place will have no shortage of creatures to find and kill, or be killed by.

From an army of tight leather wearing warriors to robed cultists collecting garbage and human carcasses from the streets, this place will have no shortage of kooky characters, allies, and villains.

You will be playing as an expedition to this mad world, and once you’re in, your goal is simple. Try and get out if you can, or stay and embrace the mad world

It’ll be weird, unusual, and deadly, but hopefully, it’ll be fun. :+1:

Thank you for your time and please be as critical as you’d like. Nitpicking is encouraged. Much love for everyone :heart:

EDIT: fixed a few words


So you picked that vampire cultist from near the cave ? and talking T-rex ?

I would love a traditional epic adventure D&D to be honest . I’m still butthurt over D&D movie of old…

Such a dissapointement . well save for the dragons, those were good…but the rest was crap .

it’s sound weird…and I’m guessing that was your aim .

that get me curious though . Let’s see how much fun is fun, aye .


If there isn’t a talked pterodactyl called Tyrone I swear to God I will boycott you.

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It’s supposed to sound weird, because I’m taking the essence of how D&D is actually played rather than how it was advertised. Pretty much, most of the games I’ve run are rarely serious and are filled with weird and wacky stories. So that’s what I’m taking as the theme of the game.

Pretty much anything can happen, and anything can be.

How about a talking flying velociraptor named Sweets?

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Okay, so it is a dinosaur.

Raptor is another name for a bird of prey, ya know.

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Through a series of unexpected (but exciting!) events and due to overhearing me blab on about CoG/HG at a work lunch, the CEO of the performance automotive engineering company I work for is interested in seeing me write a game combining elements of Frankenstein’s monster and racecar driving.

Hence, I’m shelving previous ideas into hiatus for now and would like to hear your thoughts and preferences on some of my initial ideas.


General Frankenstein/Car Race CoG Ideas –

  • Classic monsters (‘you’ play Frankenstein’s monster) have a car race. Would be funny and goofy with Scooby Doo-like elements.
  • A post-apocalyptic world where ‘you’ drive a monster-themed Mad Max-like car.
  • ‘You’ are an engineer, and within this version of the classic horror novel, you create a sentient racecar (can go very well or very wrong a la Frankenstein.)
  • A sports-themed romp with no fantastical or sci-fi elements, just ‘you’ trying to win a race against rivals (and you might have a cool mentor or two.)
  • Like Hunger Games but with deadly races on a morbid reality tv show, and ‘you’ may be competing for money or fame rather than forced into it.
  • It’s the far distant future, and after crash-landing your spaceship on a distant planet, ‘you’ have to use what you consider old, primitive technology (a racecar and high performance gear) to fight an array of deadly man-eating plants.
  • ‘You’ are the sentient, robotic racecar.
  • As an up-and-coming racer, ‘you’ are rather surprised to find a mentor in the ghostly form of a driver who crashed decades ago.
  • Sure, ‘you’ might be a talented mechanic with innovative ideas of your own. But you’re stuck under the reigns of a pit crew chief with antiquated and often Draconian ideas of how an auto race’s pit stop should be run… (strong humor and light sci-fi elements)

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Honestly, the fact that your boss is letting you do this is amazing! As a transformers fan I went with the sentenit (I can’t spell sorry) race car option! Good luck with your writing!