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I have actually never watched it" so i have no clue what it" is about


I know that it isn’T “IT”, just the idea sounded similiar, what isn’t a bad thing. In “It” a god from an another dimension landed on earth eons ago and comes back around every 20 years to bring fear and kill, because “it” feeds of fear. Esspecially from kids, because their fears are much simpler to imitate, like a ghost, or a creepy clown. That is the basic of the story. So you can see maybe why I was remembered by your summary, esspecially the last part.


Well like summary i put there the scare crow is a pagon god that resides in a tree but of course in my version it wont be a tree. But for a sacrifice from the town it will ensure the prosperity of their town and its crops. But im going to do a modern twist and you will learn what happens when someone sacrifices some one to it


A while back I posted a comment about my ideas with a poll. The winner of that poll was the supernatural college game(which I’ll still work on) but since then I have come up with a few other ideas and lost interest in my other ideas(I’m sorry I don’t know what happen) because of limited time(high school getting ready for college) I can only do three for now(luckily better than one). My writing, I feel also has gotten slightly better but nothing to brag home about lol.
(I know it’s up to me, but I like hearing which ones people are most interested in and because some of my ideas are pretty controversial.)
I’m going into details with these but you don’t have to read it. (but I’ll try to put most of these under details.)
(I don’t have an exact demo for some of these but since I have a lot of free time now I should able to have one sometime in March.)

The Mansion

Since the plot is long I decided to put it down below
Genre: Action, romance, Goth(?), supernatural

More info + warnings

(I finally found a way to start this story but I’m going to still keep it in the game idea thread just in case someone does it better)

Plot: {You are a special adult human or supernatural being who if anyone dates/marries you they become a stronger/better version of themselves, nobody knows this, until one day a mother comes and asks you to marry one of her supernatural adult children(who you eventually find out are hunters who hunt down monsters who come and hunt for special humans/supernaturals like yourself) in exchange for money, declining or accepting you’re eventually forced to go live in their mansion. To matters worst, most of them hate you (for now) and you possibly hate them as well.
But then something happens, the monsters have come to town, which means you now all have to work together in order to save yourself while also learning something about your special powers.}

In summary, this is a story about you being special human, literally. I also put romance but you technically don’t have to romance anyone since this story is a little more action than anything else.
You’re also kind of forced to do some stuff mainly because of how the story progress.

Ros/best friend options: (there might be more later but these are the ones for now.)
Blake(F/M): The oldest of the siblings, they tend to be the most mature one and are the only one who offers to help you leave.
Dakota(F/M): The youngest of the siblings, more friendly than their other siblings and way more understanding.
Aiden(F/M): The sexual and firey one of the siblings.
Sage: The quiet and reserved one of the siblings


In this game:

  • In one of the routes bad ending(Blake’s), you get extremely injured.
  • Attempted forced marriage
  • Implied sex scenes
  • Abusive Mother

Example of the story:
The woman softly grabs my hand with the two of hers, “If you marry my children I’ll pay you.” Money? “How much?” I ask. The woman smiles then mutter the words “Any amount you want.” I grip the woman’s hand tighter and looked away, I know Marriage shouldn’t just be based on money but…

(this is an example of being forced to do something)

This probably only be two books.


In this story, you live in a world that defines people by two gender class, their first gender and then their second gender. The first gender(Male,Female,Non binary) is what people commonly used to identify with and isn’t talked about as much outside of that circle, the second gender(Alpha, Beta, Omega and lone) is what people use to define themselves with, because of this they are many stereotypes that unfortunately attached to these labels making it difficult to do certain situations. This is where you come in, as an adult college student who just wants to live big or small, are you going to fall under or rise up or maybe none?

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fiction,

More Info(nsfw?)

**Warning this story will feature sexual and adult themes and discrimination. All the characters are 18 or older **
This also isn’t a furry game

Okay…that was difficult to write, but basically, in summary, you are a college student who falls into the four main secondary genders (Alpha, Beta, Omega and Lone) and there are many stereotypes about each class(which because of this the government has put restrictions on what each class can do). No matter which way you act(your choices) you’ll still be able to rebel against the government and get the job or lover you want or you can be all for the government(or none). aka this is technically a rebellion/discrimination game no matter if you decide to join or not.

Okay now to the class part(somewhat NSFW?):

Alpha: The Alpha is the head of the class, the leader. They make up the government, the work environment, the military and much more. Alpha’s tend to have a scent that can attract people(mostly Omegas) to them. They tend to be stereotyped as brave, smart, sexy and much stronger than the other classes. This makes it harder for them to get jobs that are classified as not strong, they also can’t date other Alpha’s.

Beta: The Beta is the middle ground, they tend to be stereotyped as regular people who are pretty boring. Beta’s don’t have a scent. They have the most rights out of all and typically are left alone.

Omega: The Omega is lower of the class. They are seen as smaller than the Alpha and Beta and more skittish. Usually because of scent and heat’s it makes it harder for them to hide the fact that they’re an Omega thus making it easier for them to lose jobs. Omega’s also can’t date other Omega’s.

Lone: The Lone’s is a person who fits none of the other classes by definition. They tend to be looked down upon because of this.

Other stuff:

Scents: Scents are what most Omega’s, Alpha’s and Lone’s smell and have. This is used to either attract or to repel others.

Heat’s: heats are what Omega’s go through every two months. This is where sexual urges are at their highest point and if ignored it leads to abdominal pain. There are many ways to prevent this like pills and other control method’s.

As you can tell this story does follow omegaverse stories. So it might be appealing to a small audience.

Ros:(not all of them)
Max(F/M)(Alpha): Your best friend of the story. Friendly and outspoken, at least when they want to be.
William/Willa(F/M)(Beta): Your next door neighbor. Their personality technically depends on your own.
…And many more

  • Explict Sex scences
  • Violence
  • Fictional discrimination

Example of the story:
You grip the piece of paper that laid on your lap. It was your eighteen birthday. That wasn’t the only reason you were nervous, you were also about to learn your second gender. Your second gender was extremely important, it’s what would define you later in life. But should it and why does it?

Only one book

Dinner’s on Monday

You’re a young adult who lives with your grandmother who owns a local restaurant but because of her recent declining illness, you have been assigned to help your Grandmother run the restaurant. Will the rise to it’s the highest peak with your help or maybe it’s time for the restaurant to close down.

Genre: cooking, humor, romance, Family

more info + subplot

Subplot: A local famous businessman has come to the restaurant in the interest of buying it. Your Grandmother has refused multiple times but since her illness, she has left the option up to you.

I’m not going to go into details about the romance options and major characters because these are one of those stories that really relies on characters. (but you can romance the businessman.)

An example:(one of the choice)
" How do you work a stove?" You mostly didn’t know, you never had an interest in cooking or anything related to it until now. The woman smiled, which seemed a little forced then showed you the instructions on the paper. The paper was a little blurred but readable.

This will have three books to it. You will also have the option of having a family yourself.

Implied sex scenes later on.

Broken thorns and roses

This will be a story about broken relationships, it will go into details of what happens during a broken/domestic abusive relationship. It will also go into details on how the victim feels during these situations and at times the abuser.

Genre: psychological, horror, Adult

More Info **Trigger warning**

Warning I neither promote or agree with domestic violence, Sexual assault, forced prostitution, rape/attempted rape, self-harm, forced marriage or drug or alcohol usage. Any money I make off this game will go to a domestic violence shelter.

With that said I’ll include the rest:

There are three ‘routes’ in this the abuser, the victim, and the relationship being toxic on both sides. The way I’ll make the routes set is in one choice in the game they’ll be vague choices which would set it.

The abuser
To make this less uncomfortable for people, the main character doesn’t start off abusive but will eventually be abusive later on. The main character also doesn’t have to be physically abusive and The main character can hate themselves for what they are doing. There are no good endings for this route. There are “romance” option in this but I wouldn’t call it that.

Toxic on both sides
There’s a default lover for this route.

The victim
Default lover as well but later on you can choose a romance option.

Chrissy/Chris(pan), Your ex in the story. It’s canonically up to you why you guys broke up, but personality wise they are nonchalant and straight to the point, because of this many people who have met them has a crush on them.

Lily(pan), your best friend. She tends to be happy-go-lucky and a little aloof at times but despite this shes pretty protective of the ones she loves.

James(pan): One of your colleagues, you don’t know much about him aside from that he’s quiet and tends to keep things to himself.

Scarlett/Admon: The younger brother/sister of James. You don’t know much about them aside from they are the complete opposite of James.

Other Important characters:

Mom and Dad(nameable): Your parents of the story, I don’t want to spoil too much but they play a crucial to the story and why you end up where you are.

An example of the story:

" I remember my mother use to pick flowers outside of the little cottage we used to live in. I always wondered why my mother picked them…and I think my mother wondered that as well, as one day she decided not to pick flowers. My father got angry because of it and that’s all I remember."

There are two books to this

We can be heroes

You teenager who lives in a superpowered world but you don’t have powers, at least you don’t think you do. To make matter worst, on your 16 birthday your parents decide to put you in minor hero school, a school for kids who’s powers is seen as “not great”, sidekick powers or too dangerous. Now it’s up to you to prove them wrong or not.
Genre: Superhero’s, action, comedy

more info

Aka. a superhero story. You can become friends, enemies or frenemies with pretty much everyone.

Powers(you get powers eventually):

Telekinesis: The power to manipulate objects and matter with their mind.
Weakness: It can only be used when you have a certain amount of one stat.

Reality Warping: The ability to manipulate reality.
Weakness: It’s not an offense type of power.

ShapeShifting: The power to transform and reshape the form of one’s body.
Weakness: You won’t shapeshift into a complete copy, just similar.

Mind control: The power to control the minds of others.
Weakness: You also see what’s going on in their mind at that very moment…

Gravity manipulation: The ability to manipulate gravity.
Weakness: Sometimes it won’t work.

healing factor: The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury.
weakness: same as reality warping.

I haven’t got the ros down yet. lol

Example:(one of the choices)
" I don’t want to be here." You tell her She looks up from her paper and her face seems to show how unshocked she was. “Believe me, none of us want to be here” She then grabs the paper she was reading and hands it to you. “If you have something important to say, don’t ask me.” and with that, she leaves the room.

There are two books to this.

Implied sexual content(but nothing too much they’re teens)

The other one I have is nsfw so:

A story where you are a Man/Woman/Person whos in debt with your father, so in order to pay him you decide to go live with a woman/man whos willing to pay you for camming along with a few others. The story basically goes like that and there is choices. (I haven’t got much of it yet) There’s ro’s as well.
Warning: Sex scenes, Nudity
Genre: Adult, humor

  • The Mansion
  • Beta
  • Dinner’s on Monday
  • Broken thorns and roses
  • We can be heroes
  • Playcam

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Well, that all I have. Thank you guys for your time(By the way if you have any questions, suggestions(other ideas etc) and critque then I don’t mind. I’m tired so I probably missed some things up lol)


I’m super for The Mansion and Beta. I’m curious on how Broken Thorns and Roses will play out but as of now it’s not appealing to me at all. More morbid curiosity than anything.


I think it’s really easy to come up with ideas for projects and very difficult to finish them. Why don’t you focus on the one that everyone seemed to like the last time you posted a poll?


@Alexis I think your ideas are amazing and novelties. But it’s not easy to write several stories at the same time (although not impossible :grin:). Focus in one project, leave the rest at the tail of the convoy for a future writing and take one step at a time.


Thank you I’ll probably focus on one project and work on the others when I’m almost done with that or something like that.

I had asked if anyone was interested in Broken Thorns and Roses in another thread and not a lot of people were interested in it, so I’m not surprised that its pretty unpopular in the interest check thread as well.


Sooo…I know I’ve already posted on here before about another wip of mine, but i’m gonna do it again!

I really need your guys input on this. It only a little over 6,000 words but I’ve re-written this more times than I could count. This was supposed to help me with my writer’s block, but its only making it get stronger.

Heres a summary if you want to read it

A ski hiking trip with friends takes a turn for the worst when your group is caught in a sudden snowstorm. When one of your friends is gravely injured you all are desperate to save them while an unknown evil stalks you from the shadows. That evil will change your life forever.

This game is about the MC coming to terms with becoming a wendigo

Here is the link

What I want to know is if anyone is still interested in this becoming a full WIP?

  • Yes
  • No

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I haven’t played the demo, but going off the plot alone. I’m assuming you based it off until dawn?


I’d play it! The demo was good and I’m curious to see what happens next. :slightly_smiling_face:


The prologue is admittidly a lot like until dawn. The main part of the story will take place when the MC goes back home


Hi @moderators! Would any of you be able to pin this thread so it will always show at the top of the WIP category?

It’s not a difficult thread to find by any means, but I feel like it would be helpful! :grinning:

if that’s not one of the mod’s permissions then i aplogize for @ing all of you :laughing:


I’m not sure this thread requires that kind of prominence of place; it’s easy enough to bookmark for those interested.


Although this is an open thread, would posting NSFW intrest checks(or demos) on here be okay or would they need to have there own thread?


It depends on what is in the demo, though to be safe I would make a wip in the adult section.


Interest Checks that would fit the criteria for the adult category should not be here. I guess if there’s a bunch of them I would eventually mush them all into one Adult Interest Thread.

Although I can spare everyone a lot of time making adult interest checks and just straight up tell you–yes, people are interested. Make a WIP instead!


So, are you more waiting for people to post about possible ideas before making an adult interest check thread, or…?

I think I’d really like there to be one. Hopefully it might get a couple more people come out of the about and get a bit more confidence that people would enjoy what they’re writing, and post them. Personal opinion but there isn’t nearly enough games in the adult category.


To be perfectly honest what I want to see are WIPs, not interest checks. I would rather people put their time into writing than writing about what they are going to write. If it’s good people are going to be interested without the need to check if people are interested.

But to the issue at hand–I will make a thread for this purpose now in the adult section.



Hi! Let’s say, for some reason, you’re playing the ‘no-mercy’ (for lack of a better word) route in a game. Would you take a straight-to-action approach (namely, doing bad things yourself) or a more “manipulate people into doing your thing” one?

Keeping in mind that, yes, there are a lot of characters and ways the manipulate thing could work and it should be as hard as doing it yourself. I’m not sure about this, but the prospect sounds kind of good, doesn’t it? Any thoughts? (Keeping in mind that we’re talking about absolutely the worst evil path)

  • Straightforward approach
  • Cunning approach
  • Both, but with a tendency to do things yourself
  • Both, but with a tendency to use other people

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