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I would like to read it very much, and I must say I would love to read it in german original^^


Also as promised a few months back the drawing of Ayleth.


How cool! If you want to, you could write us a mail (just put “Gimme updates!” as a subject line :P) and I will mail you the demo once it is ready. The demo will be chapters 1-3 and we are currently revising 2 on logical flaws hehe.) (


Not gonna lie, this is one of the most unique WIPs I’ve seen in a while!


Oh my, a non-isekai reality hopping adventure with themes and ideas I am actually interested about? Nice! You however really sold me on the freedom of establishing character relationships as I find that very interesting in any CoG


Thank you! I hope it is the positive kind of unique but I will just guess that is is due to context clues, so thank you! :smiley:


Yeah, it is the positive kind.
Like, I like me some Superhero and Fantasy W.I.Ps but I haven’t seen as much good mystery stories without having an edge of say, Urban Fantasy. Which isn’t to say those genres are bad, just overused. This does not fall in any of those categories and I thought it’s refreshing. Gonna keep an eye out especially since you have that Ultimate Enemy idea as like someone said, that is hella interesting, and I personally really like establishing character relationships :smiley:


I have an idea for a story that i wanted to see what you thought about it…

At the beging of the story you arive at a new town which will be you tenth home that year having moved around cause of your mom having to bounce around from job to job not being able to keep a job down. But as quick as you move into your new house you find out that it wasnt a safe move. That there is something killing people with a scythe some times its just people trying to pass through other times its trying to kill you. Then theres the times “It” is trying to kill your friends. Thats not all it is being controled and it looks like a scarecrow or is it a scarecrow?

My idea is to create a version of the scarecrow a pagan god that resides in an ancient tree brought to the U.S. by Scandinavian immigrants. Each year the people of Burkittsville, Indiana, present it with a young man and woman as a sacrifice to ensure the prosperity of their town and its crops. The god inhabits the form of a scarecrow made from the body of its previous victims and kills the couple with a hooked blade, or scythe. The god is vanquished when the sacred tree is destroyed with fire…


There is an interest check thread already available. Please refrain from posting any WIPs that do not contain a demo in anything but the interest check thread. :blush:


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Just found it ill take this down


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The first paragraph sounds interesting. The second paragraph, to be honest, sounds like an episode from the early seasons of Supernatural (one, in particular about a pagan god required a male and female sacrifice in order to keep the town going, and who went around looking like a scarecrow). I even think they had to destroy a tree, as well. While that might not be your intention, I think that might want to change it up a little because I don’t think I’m the only one that will make the connection, and might cry foul.


Oh i was just explaining what it was


Oh wait were you just doing a summary of the actual episode then (which, I just found out is called the scarecrow?) Because if so, whoops!


No thats what i mean that ill make it my version i like the pagon god part but i dont want the tree i cant explain what im planing for how you can kill it because i dont want people to know tell your character finds out


So a similiar story as with Stephen Kings “It”? Because the concept sounds similiar to it. Or is it going to be something entirly different?


Yeah i was just summary of it


No not it i was just being dramatic sorry if that confused you


Gotcha! I did a quick check and was like- they even have the town and state the same!

I’d think it’d be pretty neat to have a nice modern horror choice game.