Interest Check Thread


My first time writing so, please bear with me. I have two ideas so far that I’m thinking about making into a series but wanted people opinions first.

  1. Redwood University is a prestigious college home to the rich, famous, and unknown to the public, the Supernatural. On your 18th birthday, a mystery scholarship arrives to attend Redwood University but after accepting it; your life upside down. It turns out somebody sent the award to lure you into the school for an evil mastermind plan.
    You are a doppelgänger of the founder of the school, and somebody wants to use your body to act as the founder so they can control the school and the supernatural students who attend. You must try to figure out who is after you with the help of your new friends and put a stop to them. Can you survive until your graduation?

  2. When a group of strangers needs a witch to help them fight off vampire after them, they arrive at the home of Skylar Cloven, a beginner witch. Skylar agreed to help them, which unwilling includes you, so she can finally prove her worth. You are Skylar Familiar, her trusty servant, and with her deciding to help them it’s your job to ensure she stays alive, which might be hard since your only abilities don’t help in a fight.
    With your abilities, would you and Skylar survive with your new friends or will it be the end for you all?


A “low-key” story, that focuses primarily on romance.

The story takes place in a modern, bustling city (I envision it much like New York, but it is a made-up place) where you will take up shop as one of the rarities of the world: A Magician! A magic user, the name of what you are may change to something else. Like… Enchanter! I will leave an option for you to decide, or maybe the inhabitants of the City will decide for you, depending on how you treat them. Like, being known as “The evil Witch,” “The good Magister,” ect, ect!

You will have your quaint little shop in the middle of the city, where you’ll decide how you want to run your shop and how you interact with the customers you get! Scam them out of their money, or be an honest merchant! Specialise in potions, curses, glimpses of the future, or maybe you prefer just selling herbs and ingredients. Keep a hidden stash of illegal wares, deadly potions and generally frowned-upon magic items, you can either get a license or try to not draw too much attention.

As I mentioned, this will be a romance-focused story, so you will get a chance to date some magical creatures! -and a human cop, but helloooo supernaturals?!

Edit: The Romance Options will have have their preferences when it comes to gender and sexuality, and will therefor NOT be player-sexual!

Romance Options (So Far)

Most don’t have names yet, since I haven’t fleshed all of them out — and there will be more choices once I can settle on some races! As always, you guys are more than welcome to request a supernatural race since I’m unsure if people prefer the regular Vampire/Werewolf/Succubus batch, or if you’d enjoy some other races? Like harpies… and… uhm…

  • A vampire who works as a novelist.
  • An orc lawyer. Big, bulky, but well dressed. Orc in a suit? Has a son.
  • The human cop who will be spending lots of time in your shop.
  • A pixie named… Pixie! She works as an Information Broker.
  • A vampire who will be the owner of a jazz club.
  • A Harpy.
  • A dryad. A fellow shop-keep, but sells natural remedies instead!
  • A demon.
  • Your old human classmate. Used to go by masculine pronouns. Is in trouble.

Edit: The story will primarily be focusing on your character’s personal life - how they work in their shop, and how they tackle romance. I’m not counting on having an ocean on stats, but those you do have will likely be personality based, as well as a “reputation” stat.
I’m not expecting to have your character move mountains, but I am hoping to create situations where you will have to engage with the city you’re living in! Showing up to social events, creating your own events, or ditch the concept all together to keep that mysterious potion-seller aesthetic!


To expand on this idea:

  • Firstly, you are basically the same person in both worlds. Same age, same gender.
  • On your first “landing” in either world, you meet the “anchor” character of that world, and choose your relationship to them.
  • To be clear: the NPC remains the same, what changes is your retroactively pre-existing relationship. Once you make the choice, Grog the orc will have been your brother/husband etc. for years.
  • Your closest living family will live in one world, and your best friend in the other.
  • ROs, should you choose to pursue them, will exist in either world. Awkward conversations may follow if your live interest demands to know whether you’re dream-cheating on them.
  • Each world will have its own over-arching, time-consuming “quest”.


Your wip sounds amazing, but I have one question.

Is this wip based off the subgenre isekai?


Is that a subgenre of manga? I’m not very familiar with the field. I’m more building on Western/Anglophone “portal fantasy”, e.g. the Narnia books, Alice in Wonderland, and more modern example like Seanen Macguire’s Wayward Children series. I would imagine the conventions and expectations are quite different.


Yeah it’s a sub genre where someone is transported to another world so, I was wondering if you was basing your wip off that


So, I’ve been thinking about a story for quite some time now, and I’m writing this post in the hope that someone actually gives a shit about what I could be able to write.

The story would be set in a world in which everyone has superpowers, and, as always, heroes rise. Of course, you want to be a hero, but there are a lot of people who want to become one too, and, to be honest, your power is not precisely the best of them. You have the incredible ability of (drums banging…)
Control every single brain cell in your body. It is an awesome power, but when you are among people that is able to control fire, you are being constantly looked down at. The thing is that, with your power, you are nearly invincible in hand to hand combat, you have perfect memory, and a whole lot of things that I would like to keep to myself. Of courae, you go to an academy, and, of course, you meet people with incredible powers. If I get this going, I’m thinking about putting romance, a lot of hardcore stuff, really messed up pasts and a lot of references to videogames, anime, and movies, so as to make it fun. Please let me know if you’re willing to give me a chance or if you think its too topical to actually stand out, I would very much like the advice. Sorry if I’ve misspelled something, English is not my first language and all that, although I hate bad grammar, so please let me know about any of that too.


That reminds me of My Hero Academia.

I actually do like this idea for a story so you got my support on that one.


I think that sounds awesome!
It’s refreshing to be a main character who’s actually strong - usually you’re belittled in most hero stories where you’re the freak kid who has the power of uncooked spaghetti, and only towards the end develop some sort of higher power. It could be interesting to be a strong character for once, and the mash of references to modern culture is a nice touch, too! Hoping to see your game! : -)


Welm thanks. I did get my ideaa from seeing Boku no hero, and the power is not that awesome, although you can do some pretty cool things.


Honestly if you asked me, the power you’re writing for the MC to have is pretty unique so I can’t wait to see what ideas you will have for it.


There’s a whole TV show about a guy who can do just that thanks to a dryg. It’s called limitless, you should check it out. What I’m thinking for it is stuff like this:
-Entering in emergency mode at will, and with that I can explain why you can take your time to decide in a fight
-Numbing pain and nerves in your body
-As I think I said earlier, perfect memory and super intelligence, which explains the stats screen
-Great reflexes
-Ability to learn pretty much everything at an incredible speed
Etc, etc, etc…


Okay I’m sold on the ideas for the power.

I really think you can pull this off so I will be looking forward to your WIP.


Thank you mate. I was sure people would think it wasnt a nkce story, I’ll do my best to learn this damn code and make something good


Sounds good sort of reminds me of a marvel character called taskmaster who could do anything he sees within human capabilities (fighting, moving, cooking, etc.), its a different stand from the usual powers and sort of makes the MC a badass I look forward to your game.


Now I think about it, yeah, its a bit like Taskmaster, but MC can mimic things after seeing them only once.


Hey there,
My best friend and I are writing an interactive novel together and I am curious what you think of it. So far we have written it in German, so my main question ist: Would you want to read it if we were translating it (we would be translating it with a friend who is a native English speaker)?

Here’s the gist:

The world/ setting


It is the near future. The government has financed a project that uses artificial intelligence and the digital footprint of the deceased to emulate their speaking patterns and ideolects in order to give grieving individuals hope and stabilise the emotions of grieving people in order to decrease their potential instability and danger for society/ have stable workers. The project and the artificial intelligence is called (so far it is a German name, but I will translate it) “Letzter Wille” (Last Will, as it is a pun on intentionalism, wanting and testaments/wills). The artificial intelligence should not be overused or substitute the dead entirely, at least that is why the government keeps the access to the programme under their control and only lets people who registered for the the programme come to Last Will’s headquaters IF they won a ticket for it in some kind of lottery.

Your role


The player character’s brother Sebastian, a programmer, word jumble and crime movie enthusiast, went missing years ago and (at least in Germany we have that rule, that if somebody is being missed for a certain amount of time, they are declared as dead) is declared to be dead. You are unsure how you feel about it: Do you believe that he is dead or do you believe that he is still somewhere out there?

The story starts with you returning from having been granted a talk with the artifical intelligence. But your experience left you shook: Yes, the “programme” sounded absolutely like Sebastian, but when you proposed to it a desperate wish: To see him again, it replied that you could, if only you killed his former best friend Mira.

After this, you are very confused and can choose to make different guesses as what is the truth behind all this and you are set to investigate. We came up with a bunch of layers and twists for the story. I have a hunch that it would be better to steer clear of them (but if you are keen to hear more details I can add them in spoilered blurr text afterwards).

Plot outline

  • You search for Mira, your lost/dead brother’s former best friend in four different places either with the intention to question her/talk to her or with the intention kill her. If you choose the latter as a motive for the search you get a scene in which you can brew a poison (that can turn out to be a medicine, light poison, deadly poison or drug cocktail or have no effect at all btw)
    *If you find her you can talk to her/kill her depending if you found her early enough (if not: she is already dead, having been recently murdered and depending on your action you can meet the murderer or not)
    *Find out more about Mira’s and Sebastian’s connection to Last Will!
    *Search the headquaters, Sebastian’s old belongings, Mira’s flat and a secret place for more clues on the case
    *Discover a secret organization (Voluntas (latin for free will) who rebels against the problems concerning Last Will
    *Find out about the nature of Mira’s and Sebastian’s connection to the secret organization
    *Discover the current schemes and plottings of the organization and position yourself: You can fight against both, work for both, pick a side or remain neutral
    *Find out about the artificial intelligence’s flaws and/or dark secrets.
    *discover Sebastian’s plan.

Romance/best friend/fiercest enemy-Options.


We have implemented five central figures for different kind of bonds. One female one, one male one, two characters who’s gender are the player’s choice (including non-binary) and another one who we have currently planned out as a non-binary character but we might set their gender to player’s choice aswell, but we have not decided on that finally (they are introduced late game in contrast to the others that is why it is more or less open at that point)

Details on the romance/best friend/fiercest enemy-options



- the secret organization’s hitman

  • works in a baking shop at day time, that is
  • friendly, a bit dim-witted, loves animals and has a really cheerful and gentle personality (on surface)
    -sticks to leading figures, has a hard time challenging authority
    -muscular and dressed formally, the latter contrasting to their profession
  • if you gain their trust they will fight for you, love you with all their heart and might and will not let anyone hurt you. Also, they provide the best, freshly baken strudel.
  • they are the leader of the secret organization’s right hand and will remain on their side almost all the time. They are not very observant. If you want to charm them/ sabotage them while being on a different/the same team, you can fairly easily in contrast to other characters.



A programmer who has worked with your brother at a company years ago who can and will help you with sneaking into the facilities of Last Will or the secret organization. They are sarcastic and try to be witty and funny, overplaying emotions with it to a great deal. They are knowledge-savvy and will not take sides, but always remain neutral or … well chaotic neutral (sabotaging both, Last Will AND Voluntas is fine with them, too). They are in a wheelchair but not since birth. You might find out why, if you get to know them.
Regardless of the gender their appearance is lanky with curly and long reddish-blonde hair and green eyes.



A quality manager at Last Will. She dives deep into her work, eager to improve the program and to distract herself from her isolated life in the big city. She oftentimes works overtime and is quite easy to anger. Trixie, formally addressed as Beatrix Hermann, wears a dark green blazer and light green blouse, sporting the company’s corporate colours, wears a messy brown-haired bun and glasses. She will fight for either side, being convinced fairly easily to remove herself from Last Will or tackling it from the inside as she already heeds some level of suspicion from the beginning. However, she wil never remain neutral. She is efficience oriented but empathetic and cannot keep her sad little office palm tree alive (maybe you can).



A secret agent/ mole for Last Will. Works at the secret organization Voluntas and gives the leader intelligent advice. He’s sleek, absolutely ruthless and pretends to be a proper muslim who prays five times a day in order to have an unquestioned excuse to be alone and report to Last Will frequently. He keeps to himself and hates to be in the spotlight, but he secretly has a knack for dancing. He will never truly work for Voluntas but you can charm him while working for Last Will or having an even superior cunning skill than him. But then again, that relationship would be quite toxic, right? He’s wearing a needle-pin suit and slicked back, black hair.



Like you, Kim has lost someone dear to them. Like you they have had the chance to talk to Last Will’s version of their passed one. Like you, they encountered certain problem with Last Will. They are a student at the local university, studying politics and being a member of the secret organization, yet not a very powerful one. They are not that convinced of Voluntas’ moral ambiguity but lack an alternative. They are in charge of their PR department.
Appearance-wise they have curly black hair, brown eyes and wear tartan shirts and jeans. They are caught in their past, but want to snap out of it. They feel like they can never find someone like their lost best friend again, but maybe you can be that someone?



We are roughly 450.000 words deep, albeit in German. The game is structured in five main Chapters: Search for Mira | Last Will Headquaters | Voluntas | The Plan | The Resolution

Some labels?


Play as female, male or non-binary | romance/befriend or learn to hate characters female, male or non-binary characters|.
Play as asexual, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or do not dive into the romance department at all. We also have a plan for a poly-amorous relationship constellation with Kim and Trixie as it matches their storylines the closest to befriend (and potentially love) one another but we focus on the main story first and leave our options regarding romance paths a bit more open. As cultural inclusion we focused on Germany’s multicultural background which varies comparing it to America, but here we go: RO wise we have Eliah/Elias/Elisa having Polish and German parents, they believe there is some god out there but nothing in particular, Macīt being Turkish (he is presented as being muslim through parts of the game but he is in fact an atheist and a secret agent who uses religion as a ruse :c
), Kim’s black and their parents are from France, Kim is not religious, but their religiousness or lack thereof is not part of the game, anyway. Trixie is white and from a German town on the border to the Netherlands and she grew up in a strictly Catholic household, disliking it and turning away from it, yet questioning whether to believe or not in some higher force. Francis is a vehement atheist and is a white German.

Tone of the game


So far we have kept the game’s tone attuned to the player’s choice and we want to keep this approach, meaning: if you pick serious options you will hear the story in a serious tone, if you pick comedic options to solve problems you’ll reap what you sow. Lets just say: It ranges from heart-wrenching or action-driven to thisissodumbbutinawayfunny.

I am (and my best friend is, too) eager to hear your feedback! :blush:


Yes! Finally a game that undestands the importance of my MC declaring their Ultimate Nemesis! And it’s a sci-fi murder mystery, too. I love it. Ping me for sure when you have a playable demo.


Second one is really unique. Playing as the Salem to someone else’s Sabrina would be a lot of fun.


I’m happy to report that my computer is no longer having issues and I am able to post my demo. I’m sorry that I gave you all false information last month, but I’m happy to report the first chapter of the demo is now out.


I also have a Path of Fire thread so if you have any questions feel free to ask there or on my tumblr. I hope you all enjoy it. :slight_smile: