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How about a CS game focusing on the original Chinese Zodiac tale and then they are reincarnated as humans representing their respective counterparts? Then they all compete amongst each other in Modern China for territory every year to show who is the dominant animal, that’s when the main MC comes in as a mediator for them.

ie. Warrior Dog has entered the battle against the Zodiac Dragon, make your next move, (MC)!


Would throw money at you 10/10


This reminds me so much of “Flow”! Sounds really intriguing. Finally, the chinese zodiacs gets the love and attention they deserve.


My sister gloated because as the rat, she was the winner of the race.

That little shithead only won because both the ox and the dog were good and true and pure! The rat literally rode on their backs and abandoned them at the finish line!

If you knew my sister you would not be surprised.


Hey guys… quick question. I am currently attempting my first story called after After Death (not set on that title, but will see). Its fantasy story that follows the of 2…maybe 3 (havent 100% decided yet ) young friends finding their purpose in the world shortly after a catastrophic event. Said event revealed the existence of humans with “super powers” and has thrown the world into utter chaos and fear… I am attempting to make the story just as much about the world coping and society evolving after the discovery as much as the individual stories of the MC(s). As you can see the idea is pretty massive and kinda overwhelming…I’ve been searching for a forum to bounce ideas off of and gain advice…(kinda like how Choice of Games), but can’t find the right place…soooo i said all of this to say…help me lol If have free time and wouldnt mind reading what I have n learning about what I have to come n helping me develop it. I would much appreciate it.


All of them sound cool
No pressure lol


You have a rare disease experienced by only a few thousand people in the world. When you fall asleep, you experience yourself waking up in a completely different world, to a completely different life. When you go to sleep in that world, you wake back up in this one. The more hours you sleep in one world, the more time you get to spend in the other.

But then, it’s hard to lead a fully functional life while sleeping twelve hours a day. Let alone two of them. Especially when some people think that one or the other of your two homeworlds isn’t real. Some people think you’re hallucinating. Others think you’re lying. A few think you’re cursed.

Will you try and choose one life over the other, or keep juggling both simultaneously? Is one life realer, more valuable than the other?


geez…that remind me of an episode of Buffy the vampire Slayer . Where she end up split like in the world where we know there are vampires and such…but she was also in this other world…in a medical facility…where they are telling her…she was hallucinating everything…the vampires…her school…

and in the end she had to make a choice…which one she had to stay in .


I was thinking of that episode, too, when I was developing the concept for the story. However, the distinguishing feature of the Buffy episode is that we, the viewers, have five years of investment in one of those realities over the other. If I continue developing this story, I would aim to make it very difficult for readers/players to choose one and dismiss the other.


Got hooked right from the description, definitely gonna buy this if it were to be made.

Is the disease you’re pertaining to the ability to experience two realities or is it some aftereffect of sort?


lol that episode , we were invested in the world we know her she belong in . And the other universe…was a normal life…she could never have . It was distressing to watch…


It’s classified as a sleep disorder. Some practitioners classify it as a conversion disorder, a dissociative disorder, etc. etc… But probably you want to know if there are any physical symptoms, other than sleep loss. I’m leaning towards probably not, but I might change my mind.


That reminds me “Polaris”, one of my favorites stories of Howard P. Lovecraft. In the story, an unnamed narrator describes his recurring dreams of a city under siege and struggles with determining whether his reality is real, or if his dream is the true reality :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really cool and I’m already invested in this idea!


Well, hi! This is my first post here, and I’m not even an English speaker so this is really hard for me because I’m insecure as hell, but I’m willing to try!
It has been a while since I had the idea of writing something that can be barely called a wip, but the idea it’s something like a blessed warrior who is born from a prophecy and that shit, sounds super cliché but I’m really willing to try something, there will be 8 romances, 4 males and 4 females, with different sexual orientations and races, I want to show different cultures and religions as well, and I want to include something like ‘personal missions’ for each companion, with different endings for each one of them, my idea of the story is really big, so I don’t think that there will be only one book, but before I get hyped I want to know what you people think!
PS: It is taking more than I thought because the choicescript is hell and I’m hyped as hell desinging the romances and other characters, don’t hate me!


I would love to read that. Maybe add a poll :stuck_out_tongue:


Its sounds interesting! And don’t worry about your english, it’s pretty fluent to me :slight_smile:


To revisit this idea, I’ve been considering the possibilities of structuring the alt-world or dream-world as a variation on classic fantasy or gaslamp fantasy. I’d been planning for the MC to appear physically mostly the same in both worlds, w/r/t age, gender etc. but then I considered the implication of letting the MC be inhuman in one of the worlds.

It all depends on what would incentivize readers to choose one world over the other, or consider one “realer” than the other. Other than where their family, friends or LI are.


I recommend telling a smaller, more personal story for your first WIP. Mine is really big and I still like it but I think it would’ve been better to do a smaller project first.


This sounds a bit similar to Welcome to Moreytown? Maybe I’m misremembering the game, its been a while since I’ve played/read it.