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I actually like the customization options you have (And I’m all for the choose whatever you freaking want team on my wip), I think they’re neat.

The choices are down to earth but funny to read, which is kinda hard to do right sometimes. I think you’re OK

Dude, the entire game could consist on learning about clouds and dealing with people, and that’ll make me happy. If you wanna throw Indiana Jones in there, I’m not gonna stop you.

Ah, the zeppelin. You instill fear, are you aware of that? :joy: No, sincerely, loved the setting. And the panic the setting gives my character. I really like your freaking story



Your idea sounds great! I’m totally up for some mystery and teenage angst seasoned with delightfully awkward 90s slang. :laughing: I’m looking forward to your wip!


Yes, it’s very short indeed. Will be the main character customizable?


First time poster here!

Title: The Garden of Souls (If there is another game that has a similar title that you know of I’ll just change it.)

Plot: Memories. Some are so precious you wish you could stop time and never let them end. Other memories are disgusting enough that you wish you could erase them. It is said that there is a garden that transcends space and time. Stories has been told through the ages that if you find garden your memories will disappear.

Main Character: You and an associate preside over the mansion and garden that all the stories talked of. You have no memory of how you got there, but were trained to extract memories. You take part of the soul as payment for your services.

The MC is customizable with gender, sexual orientation. As I continue writing I’m sure things will be added to the list.

Trigger Warnings

I will make sure to place this game in the adult content section. This game so far contains:

  • Scenes with abuse
  • Scenes about suicide
  • Generous amounts of curse words
  • Graphic sexual scenes
    As I continue writing others may be added to the list.

This will be a game that focuses on relationships. It will not have many stat bars. However in several/most(ish) conversations you can choose how to respond line by line. Characters will remember what you say, so that’s where the majority of the stats are.

Romantic Interests

There will be 4 different love interests. You may choose the gender of them all as you meet them. They will match/be okay with the sexual orientation you choose.

  • The overly friendly associate that you run the garden with (Sage/Saige)
  • The flirtatious and outspoken burlesque dancer (Kyle/Kaylee)
  • The noble and withdrawn gentleman/gentlewoman (Michael/Michelle)
  • The hot tempered and confident warrior (Leon/Leona)

I am currently finished with the prologue/chapter 1 (currently programming it). It will most likely be posted within a week or two.

I’d currently have male/female genders, but I’d like to add a person (as I’ve seen it called in several WIPs) I’d like to research it more so I do that correctly. I don’t have experience with it at all so if someone can point me to a website that explains. For example, does person mean gender fluid or not identifying with a current gender? (I’m sorry if this question offends everyone, I just don’t know what the term/s is to look up.)

If you have any additional questions/feedback/outbursts of rage lemme know!


Would anyone be interested in a crime story blend of “Zootopia” and “The Purge” set in a city teeming with anthropomorphic furries where the whole predatory/prey dynamic pushes the plot toward a combustive mix of animalistic sex, clever manipulation, and primal violence?

Story would be told in standard 2nd person POV. MC would have some choices of furry with some limitations. MC would be a lawyer prosecuting a gruesome crime. Things get…hairy (pun intended).

Several potential ROs, but focusing on depth instead of number. Gritty/noir type of setting.

Asking for a friend.


Hi, I’m new to the form and I love your idea. But why just mammals? Why not add reptiles too?


You had me at suicide @Darlynne


@Foxboi What do you think?
I am not an expert in this…uh…field


I quite like gritty anthropomorphic universes, that one strategy game where each faction is fighting over dominance so they can eat everyone else in a pre communist Russia is a good example forgot its name though sadly, so if you were to do that and make some gritty shit with ULTRA VIOLENCE and what not is be into it.

I recall wanting that one other furry game to be good but it was apparently average with little replayability.

I also don’t mind if you do sex and all that, oh I’m sorry, your friend does sex and all that… obvious wink intensifies. I’ve been around the internet long enough to not mind anything like that.


I started to feel a need to write again. Nothing too fancy, but I thought maybe I would revisit CoG, with the recent changes in myself and my outlook on life.

My problem is I’m not sure whether to revive an old work, or start anew. Below, I shall provide the two ideas and I would be pleased if the community would share their thoughts.

Code 187; West Dryton

Code 187; West Dryton


Four years ago marks the day a beat cop became a rookie detective. Gone were the days of chasing graffiti painting dare-doers and intoxicated drunks. No more highway stakeouts, or runaway teens with stashes of weed; midnight raids on doughnut shops, and watching the cold, dark streets of night. No, greatness laid on the horizon.

Four years ago also marks a day of tragedy. Blasts rang out across the city; smoke clouded the sky. Death, he who flew in on a fiery horse and stole the souls of one whole block. The bombing of Arranholl hieghts. Your first case. The only one you never truly solved.

And now, the bomber has escaped, four years to the day, another bombing in his wake. Will you bring him to justice? Or will you delve into a deep, dark mystery the city of Dryton is none to pleased to let out?

Sneak Peak:

“…Stars twinkle vividly in the black expanse of Dryton’s winter night sky. They dance as the moon casts pale shadows across the ground their light rains upon. Grey and black clouds billow into the air, looming shapes above the heads of barren trees, warped with a chilly wind’s embrace. Red and blue lights flash in shockwaves against their twisting, ashy bodies, piercing the once peaceful night with wailing sirens. Fire crests on the horizon, steel beams and electrical wires melting away with raging fervor. Cries rise above the wails, moans echo like the depths of the ocean, hollow and dissonant in the chaos enveloping them.

A child stands, staring, blank, empty, tears staining ash soaked cheeks; a dusty doll limply held in bony fingers, ligaments exposed, bloody and red. A mother shrieks, pawing at a wrecked cradle piled in fiery ash. Through her screams a child can be heard, wailing for its own mother, for whom will never cry for it again. Death. Despair. Ruin. All can be found here. Pompeii was a disaster of Rome. The bombing here, was one of this modern day world. A tragedy of the ages…”


I’m not sure if I want to just offer all of the characters up, and make them romane-able by all or not. We will see, for now here are the few I’m 100% certain about.


The bomber, and your first arrest. Before he went to jail his friends would describe him as easygoing and fun to be around. No one has visited him since he was convicted. All the evidence pointed to him, but there has also been a doubt in your gut. It was always too convenient how and when you caught him. And he always maintained he was innocent.


I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t think of anyone other than Sebastian Castellanos cries

DADDY :heart:

I’m a simple woman what can I say.

Grumpy, an asshole, smokes to much and drinks enough to drown a mountain. That is your partner Christian. His wife left him because he was married to the job, and after years of homocide investing, he had a dry view of the world. Couple a little bitterness and stale humor, you’ve got Christian. We all need a little grizzled cop now and again. “Shoot first, ask questions later.”

I love you, be with me forever. ReeeEEEEeeEeEEeee


A receptionist with a flaring temper as red as her hair. She came over from Ireland to seek better work opportunities out of college and landed a job as a receptionist in the police station. She has no trouble handing it to the rowdy overnighters, and still has the strength to run in heels after a long night. She’ll kick thar faces in if ye eve’ find yerself in a scrap. Or atleast, that’s what she claims.


Bubbly and sunny, she runs the pastry shop down the street from the station. Many anight you found yourself there before closing, begging for the last pastries that lined the shelves. She is also Isaak’s cousin, and is still a little hurt you don’t believe his innocence.

I have 4 others but I’m not sure if I want to add them yet.

Overall, I don’t have much. Maybe the first few scenes? I know what I want to happen, the question is if I can translate it onto the paper, and not make it suck. Lol.

Land of Slaves and Steel

Land of Slaves and Steel

I’ve changed a lot about how I want the story to go in my mind. When I first made this I wanted AS MANY CHOICES AS POSSIBLE. But in all honesty it just burned me out. I really just want to focus on the story more and the important choices to start out with, before I make a million more. Anyhoo…


Once upon a time, there was a monastery on a cliff of whitest rock. It overlooked a blue and stormy sea, blue as a cerulean summer sky. Many years, many seasons pass. It rained, it snowed, it iced, and the town of Whitehill thrived. Until they came. It burned, it crumbled, and no rain came upon that fateful day.

They plundered, and stole. And a young teenager was taken as a slave, the only one to survive. Over those blue, blue waters did they sail, to sell, to pillage, to plunder. The men of the north. The Vikings of Hallarmuli. You could not escape.

A timid farmer bought you, and you worked the years away, until war brewed. Until the rebellion. A revolution, against the tyrant Leif. And so your new home was pillaged, burned, and plundered, for supporting the usurper, Bryn.

Master to master. That’s how it always goes. And yet, ice blue eyes released you. Saved you, yet also re-enslaved you. “Fight” the dreams said as you slept. Haunted by voices you trudge on. Into the war of the ages.

Will you fight? Or will you die? Thrust into a world you hated, inserted into an endless war, will you listen to the voices inside you? Or will you abandon it all, and lay down to die?

“When the world is at its end, all will fall to their knees. When the world is up in flames, only you shall rise from the ashes. Fly, little bird, and rise like a phoenix in the night.”

Sneak Peak

The sea holds her breath as a blue winter’s breeze sweeps across her beaches like a lover’s soft caress. Her waves roil lazily across the brightening horizon, rays of sunlight painting shadows on the rocky shore. Wind curls around the curves of a wooden hovel, sweeping about the grass that dots the ground below. The door opens, inquisitive eyes peeking out from the dark interior. They stare curiously, watching as ash rains from the sky, a never ending downpour of black and white. You look up as the flakes fall on your face, gliding off the swell of your cheeks. They stain your feet gray as you hobble across the ground, chains clanking together in a hollow dissonance.

Chink, chink, chink.

You walk farther and farther, never once stopping. The village passes by in a blur, yet, seems to creep by as slow the molten metal of a blacksmith’s forge. The residents of Akranjes stare on as you walk, you drag, your feet across the mud and ash slushed path. Fire rages around you, howling loudly as the wind whips it to greater heights. The trees surrounding the town are dead, the buildings they sheltered nothing but heaps of burning wood and dust. They groan, smoke addled bark casting shadows across your cracked and dry skin.

They reach out to you, grasping, swaying, limbs like the stiff fingers of a desiccated corpse. They move like the newly slaughtered masses, teeming with creaking rage, drooping with endless despair, rising towards the heavens for an unearthly escape, yet powerless as the life drains from their limbs. The man behind you coughs, shielding his mouth with a dirty old cloth. The air is so addled with smoke you can barely breath. It reeks of blood, the bitter tang of iron on your tongue, pools of crimson splashing under your feet. The smell of burning flesh permeates the atmosphere.

The rest, such as Romances have not changed. I know their personalities have, but I am not sure how. I will provided my picture muses however, since they look the same.





The original first chapter can be found here: Land of Slaves and Steel (WiP) 4.21.18
However I do plan to change it. Some scenes will be included, others will not.

So, a poll for the masses. Which shall I endevour to work upon?

I totally am not baised and didn’t vote in my mown poll because I can’t make choices alone

  • Code 186; West Dryton
  • Land of Slaves and Steel

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I’m a simple guy, I see a woman like Sigrun, I press like.


I’m sorry I didn’t answer. Yes, it will be possible to customize the character.


Duuuude I read the slave one awhile back and was like “Man this is some good shit” so if you revive it that would be awesome.


I agree with you) I pess like too)


I’ve been throwing around two ideas.

  1. Strange humanoid creatures start roaming the earth and killing everyone. You and a group of others have to figure out how to survive both them and each other.

  2. You (along with a group of others) have been chosen (you are one of multiple winners, though the prize turns out to be something else entirely), and on the way there end up in a strange town you find you can’t leave. You and the others have to figure out what’s happening and ultimately escape.


Can i ask for the genres of them both?(also you probably should avoid double posting, i think its against the rules on this site.)

  1. Horror.
  2. Suspense. Mystery.
    Both will have some romance though.

Edit: Not sure about the double-posting but I’ve gone and deleted it anyway, just in case.


The second one sounds more interesting plus it reminds me of a certain movie. Also if you want more people telling you which one their more interested in, i suggest making a poll so people can vote on it.


To me Code 187; West Dryton seems the most interesting and unique. I would read/buy it if you made it.


Hello, forumites.
I’d like to do a follow-up from my previous… check post(?). I’ve been oddly working hard on its intro and prologue scene, but otherwise, everything goes smoothly.

So, to add to my previous post, the setting I’m planning to set up will be detailed realistic. Hold on your breath, this realism is not a “misogynistic unfair prejudice hablah hablah” realistic – though looking back… actually there’re some prejudism here there.

What I meant with detailed realistic is that you can experience how is life in a medieval Europe as a commoner. I’ve been watching videos on youtube on how a bowyer crafts bow, how swordsmithing works, and how you can parkour inside a full-plate armor. They fascinate me, and I think it’d be cool if you can experience it too.

Of course, this is something opt-in. If you prefer to go full-blast in your playthrough, nothing holds you back.

So, one of the things I planned is some detailed interactions with craftsmen around the city. Outside of the usual fetch quest, you can sit in their workshop as the smith gently hammers a fuller on their blade, or as the bowyer twirl the string for their bow deftly, or the armorer diligently arrange the rings on their chainmail. I can also do some little artworks showing the specific parts of the weapon/armor being worked by the craftsmen.

This also inspires me to do Perks system, but I’m not yet sold on that.

The idea is that

You choose specific fields to personalize your character further. So you can, say, oil the equipments of your mate in-between the camps, or cook an actually tasty food, or play random melodies with your lute and find out that they sound good.

To summarize: sword doesn’t magically cut through armor, swordsmithing isn’t about hammering a finished blade, and gone is the era of rogues locked into leather armor.

Well, that’s it for now.
Looking back, it sounds I’m a bit too ambitious. Well, I guess see ya until the next post.

But yeah, I welcome any opinions or ideas.