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Hii, guys I hope you all are excited about the upcoming game of thrones series.I am creating a WIP based on game of thrones with all its qualities( specially making it a big game).

I am starting this topic to do general discussion on Game of thrones and also to talk with you all and hear all your opinions on how I may proceed in making the game.


You should probably do two posts separating the two. One on the TV show thread about game of thrones in general: TV Shows & Movies
And leave the post on game of thrones based choice game idea on here.
(Btw a Choice game based on game of thrones sounds great but not too based on it.)


Yes so for some lore. About ten years ago one of the most climatic events; the Great War ended. While there were many fronts to this war your nation, The United Republic of Auckland tried to stay neutral until it’s far East Fleet was almost destroyed in a sneak attack by the Empire of Naipon. When Auckland declared war, Naipon’s Allies the Czarist Rodina and Gaullacia who had been raging the fires of war on the continent of Omeria for a few years declared war on Auckland. Auckland did get involved in the Omerian Conflict but focused most of it’s resources on Naipon and after 3 years of naval battles and island campaigns and another year of horrendous blockade and the largest invasion in history the Naipon home islands fell leaving their territories to rise up.
Going to the present, one of Naipon’s former territories, Cieria is devastated in a civil war between the many factions of it’s nationalist military “democracy” and the populist Cynicalist Party supported by the Slavic Cynicalist Union that formed after the fall of Rodina. Auckland and it’s Omerian Allies ( Weimeria, The Nordic Union, and the Commonwealth of Brent) get involved first by setting up a neutral safezone Port City for the Cierian people mostly staying out of the war until Cynicalist forces use chemical weapons on the safezone.


I meant like CoH’s choicescript. There’s all sorts of different variants of similar things I’m trying to make. One that simulates SMS, one that’s mostly just a choose-you-own-adventure (more story, less code – this one is finished but doesn’t look great), interactive videos (like youtube but with moving pieces and 7 different ways to make it interactive). What I really need to do is make one that just uses a eval() function so I can finish it quickly - it just runs the risk of any other authors being able to inject code on any webpage it’s published on (not sure if that’s a problem on front end)


It feels real weird just dropping an interest check post in the middle of a different discussion so please excuse the interruption! I have the majority of this story outlined with copious side-notes and have just started writing it, so I thought it was time to drop a post here. (I plan on this story being two books with the sequel taking place ten years later.)

The Emerson Conspiracy (working title)

You’re seventeen, you’re a senior, and everything sucks.

It’s your second year at the most elite, most prestigious prep school in five counties and you ended last year exactly where you’d started it: at the bottom of the social ladder with all the other kids that can’t afford the lavish lifestyle the rest of the school enjoys. To make things that much worse, school starts up again next week and your parents have you working as a janitor for some big event that practically all of the rich kids will be attending. The night starts innocently enough when you run into your schoolmate, Rick, while ditching work. That changes, however, when you accidentally find out about his grisly part-time job.

The entire course of your life is about to take a sharp turn into the macabre as you peek behind the curtains of your small, ultra-wealthy town fueled by a Machiavellian sense of morality. Nearly all of the adult residents have assets, titles, and secrets which they are willing to do anything to protect or obtain–including murder. You are quickly swept up in a series of sabotages and contract-killings that take Emerson by storm, but are you a victim of circumstance? Just along for the ride?

Or a willing accomplice?


The story takes place in a fictional part of the United States during the mid-1990s. Emerson is a small town with a lot of financial weight to swing around due to its geographical location. The way the town’s wealth was secured is a major point of pride and ingrained in the town’s culture, so much so that there’s an annual festival celebrating their forebears’ craftiness and mocking their neighbors’ comparative incompetence and lack of business-savvy. (Their words, not mine.)

To feature
  • high school life in the nineties! (and all the cringeworthy 90s slang that entails)
  • mystery surrounding the town’s origins!
  • seven romance options! (3 female, 3 male, 1 non-binary)
  • fight scenes and graphic violence!
  • the option to break down and cry! (there will be many opportunities to do so)
Things I plan (hope?) to implement
  • reciprocated romance checks: while I have no plans to make it outright difficult to romance anyone (except for one character, sort of), it won’t be enough to just choose romantic options in your playthrough–your RO has to like you back for the romance to advance. I also find “playersexual” to be pretty bland to read, so while all romance options will be available to everyone, the romance paths themselves will differ depending on your MC’s personality and gender.
  • an academics system that affects your skills and unique perks/traits for excelling in your electives, specifically
  • talents: the player can choose a talent for their MC during customization but certain activities during the game itself can grant your MC additional talents. Talents can help you during stat checks you might otherwise fail and can give you different or additional options in situations and dialogue.
  • lots of flavor text. I love how customizable characters have become in recent years, but more often than not we still don’t see those things being implemented in-story outside of snippets like “You brush your auburn hair back,” or, more awkwardly, “Your ebony skin turns bright red in embarrassment.” Immersion is my absolute favorite thing about this format of writing/gaming so I want to be as painstakingly thorough about it as possible. I’m very neurotic and detail-oriented, so hopefully those flaws will work in my favor here!

Phew, I think that’s it without getting too (much more) detailed! Thoughts?


Sounds very amusing.
Also perfectionism when writing something like a COG is never a bad thing. Nothing is as much as a turn off in a COG as having a soulless cardboard character that is most likely an invisible ghost.
I also like the idea of murdering a lot of people in a grizzle fashion and then making my character act like a total bitch afterwards.
Before violently murdering more people the day after and continuing the fun.


I completely agree! I play any CoG at least three times with two of my OCs and a fantasy!me playthrough, so it’s really obvious really quickly for me when there’s little to no noticeable differences between my dramatically different character personalities. I think that’s one of the main reasons Wayhaven Chronicles still has that insane 4.9 in the Play store!

lol yes, I really enjoy main characters that are just total crybabies for some reason? Mainly the ‘sobbing and sniffling while being forced to get over it/mature’ kind :joy: My fave OC to play with is the most gentle thing ever and I always wish there were more vulnerable options during highly intense or violent scenes.


Mhmm mhmm I feel you their buddy.
I really like making characters that are really like shy and cute but that rarely ever is an option sadly.
After that I like to make tired people that don’t give a shit about anything.
And after that I like making a super mentally unstable depressed person :slight_smile:
I’m also occasionally not a moody cunt so I make a super excitable cutesy character who is happy and friendly.

If you give us the ability to be a socially awkward well meaning psycopathic murder teen I’ll be happy.


Unless you can somehow get a license. Someone managed for 7th Sea and I’d certainly like to see more licensed works. You probably need to know someone who really knows GRRM to really have a chance at it tho.


The Armageddon Archipelago: Arin Arnold’s Airship Adventure

or: AAAAAA for short

Everything in this demo was written on my phone while on vacation!

Basically you play as a meteorologist in 1945 on a mission in a big-ass zeppelin to explore a newly exposed collection of islands floating in the sky.


  • Look at some clouds!
  • Insult a crew member!
  • Argue with an old woman!
  • Sulk in your room!


  • Explore three unique islands in the sky!
  • Look at a hell of a lot more clouds!
  • Make first contact with bird people!
  • Prevent a nuclear armageddon!
  • Romance the captain! Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

Dashingdon link:


  • sadostic
  • Mr. Arnold does not wish to be called “miss”


I’ve got to say, I’m excited on your project. Can’t wait to sulk in my room alone.


The best feature


MODERN MESSIAH: There is no salvation
I did a post, but because of my short demo it was close. And I decided to change the game a bit.
Two genres are mix here: scinece fiction and about people with superpowers.
In this game willalso be time travel, travel to othere galaxies/planet and othere races.
My short demo:


Who can save humanity from total destruction? Who can save this world, which is falling apart? When there was no hope, suddenly a savior appeared.

MAIN CHARACTER (will be updated)

real name: unknown
age: unknown, about 17-18 years old
height:185 cm
appearance: A thin man with dark blue hair. His eyes are red. / In prolog /
powers: Precognition, Darkness Manipulation
He did not remember how he got to the center. In 9 years, he first appeared superpowers.


I’d read it.

This is always important.

Now excuse me, while I go and check what else can be done with


I would say it’s probably not too hard or expensive to get license for a show or book, definitely if that show or book has already ended or if the book doesn’t have a live adaptation. So if they can somehow get in contact with Grrm(who from what I heard is a pretty nice guy) then that would be pretty amazing.(also possibly a boast in viewership on this site.)


Depends on the righs holder. I don’t know GRRM personally but, yeah, I heard the same rumours as you, he’s supposedly quite nice in person. The problem is getting access in the first place and the fact that he likes to retain some control over the writing of spin-offs (although him writing a chapter in any possible licensed CoG would be awesome of course.). But whatever author manages to obtain that license would, between the split with CoG and GRRM be doing it more for the “exposure” then the money I would venture.
Like I said on the 7th Sea thread I wouldn’t be averse to seeing more licensed works. And Song of Ice and Fire (you cannot call it Game of Thrones as that license is in Hollywood hands and impossibly expensive to obtain) seems like it might potentially be a good fit for a choice game.


You sincerely made me want to look at some clouds, how dare you

(But really, cool story)


But can we shoot the clouds?


No but you can observe the clouds at a safe distance and maintain a healthy respect for their importance in regulating the atmosphere and propagating the water cycle.

Oh also, for everyone who has a look at the dashingdon demo (here if you missed it) would you answer this poll for me?

The main character was fun to play.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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I’m interested in learning more about the setting and situation.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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I liked …

  • Arin Arnold
  • Cory Jameson
  • Ducky the Witch
  • That one crewman that’s kind of aggressive
  • Your dour cousin
  • Your boisterous uncle
  • Your great-aunt who got hit by a rickshaw
  • Clouds

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What are your opinions on …

  • having a set main character with low customisation?
  • the choices available so far?
  • the mystery of what the hell is actually going on?
  • the setting of a zeppelin in 1945?

Thanks! This all helps me determine the future direction of the Airship Adventure.

(also say nice things so my black heart can stave off The Chill for one more day)


I don’t mind at all! in fact I’ve been drawn to pre-set MCs lately for some reason.

Enjoyed the variety you offered. Mostly curious what else we can do.

What is going on indeed.

Why not? As long as we can look at the clouds and be grumpy, I’m in.

To be frank, playing as a meteorologist was way more interesting than I’d have ever thought.

EDIT: Almost forgot - whatever happened to our poor aunt?