Interest Check Thread


Hiya! So the thing is that I’ve got this huge dream and want to write something. So I’m hoping to get some feedback for this because I am quite nervous to even post this haha.
Anyway, here’s the deal…

I’ve come up with something where you play as a god, but not just any god. One day you are just enjoying your life, spending time with the other gods and goddesses, until there comes a letter from someone very important, stating that there is some trouble going down on Earth. Murders, to be exact.
The person or god who sent the letter, wants you and all your ‘half-siblings’ to go down there and help those poor creatures. But it is also believed that the people who committed the murders are under an influence of a god or something else.
When you go down on Earth, you start your work at a local Police Station and meet some humans while you’re at it. And maybe even fall in love with some.

So like I mentioned in the line above, there is romance (either a god, goddess or human. Your choice) and some angst. May contain some uncomfortable scenes like a description of a murder (I’m really good at describing them). Might be some ‘mature-content’.

  • You can choose your gender (Female, male, non-binary).
  • There will be a variety of different RO’s with different personalities (Can’t quite say how many though).
  • You can choose what are you the deity of (God of War, Goddess of Peace and like that).
  • You can choose and name your little companion or familiar.
  • You can customise your MC with many different features.
  • Will be added more when it comes to that.

I have some thoughts on the name but still unsure. I’m hoping to turn it into a multiple-book project.

So yeah. I’m sweating buckets for this because this is my first ever big project and dream and I’m a little self-conscious and afraid.

Hoping for feedback or maybe even an idea.


How powerful and known as a god will the Mc be


Why would a god need to join the police to investigate the murders though?


They will be on the scale of 5 in power about 3.5 so like avarage for a god in the MC’s status because there are older and more wiser ones out there.
On Earth, the MC won’t be that famous or known but people have heard of them. But they are quite known amongst the other gods and goddesses.


The gods could make like their own little group of investigators of course, but it’s all because of the plot and because no human should actually know that they are a god, for safety reasons.
And why exactly a police force, well… if this story really goes on the rails then this shall be a spolier.


What can the mc be the God of you said war and peace what else
Ps I’m very interested love games like this especially with a unique and powerful protagonist.


Ok this is one of the most unique plot ideas I’ve seen. A God working as a police officer? I’ve never ever heard of that before. Which means that I’m totally interested. Bookmarked!


So there’s the god of war, peace, beauty, wealth, belief and nature.


Could their or is their a God of law and/or justice that would work well with police
Just a suggestion but I like the options


Thank you for that!
Because I am quite new to this and anxious to know what others think, then this helps my insecurity a lot.


There is none yet but I can consider your suggestion. I actually like that.


God of the Seas , god of the sky or maybe death.


(Yes recognition) I’m actually looking forward to it.


The god of death actually exists already.
But I’m open to all suggestions.


Mainly then a God of the Seas so I can chill underwater like Aquaman with my fish and trident. Summon a storm when I’m bored.


I’ll deffinitely consider that.
Just gotta grab my little notebook and make some notes.


I don’t think the mc would be that powerful that the rank of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon the mc seems more a Ares, Athena, Apollo type but it’s your story… death is possible then again I’m referring Greek mythology soooo yeah your choice.
Edited: Don’t take any of this the wrong way I’m just excited for stories like this I get a little to invested.


I’m not offended or anything so you’re all in the clear.
And I appreciate the support!


Being a sea god doesn’t make you super powerful. In other mythologies sea gods weren’t that big of a deal, the sea was just incredibly important for the Greeks since they’re on islands and they traveled by ship alot.


Thanks for considering my suggestion.