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Ah. So I take it you are planning to have both your characters be evil?


I’d say less evil and more lets call it thorough. In my Diabolical playthrough my MC didn’t go out of his way to kill since corpses attract attention and leaving folks alive gives more options down the line. However that being said just because he didn’t kill all the time didn’t mean he wasn’t willing to if it came down to it. I would say in these games I tend to go more anti-hero as a good guy who is completely unafraid to get his hands dirty if it comes down to it but doesn’t see the point of adding to his body count otherwise.


I’ll be sure to add options that reflect that playstyle


I’m honestly not surprised that the Wendigo Wip would do well. I’ll start plotting down the story shortly.

I’m not expecting to make a full demo until some time early 2019 tho…


I was not aware of this game. My bad.


A shield could work for a physical weapon, like the rod or the whip. For a magical one, though it’s a tad cliche, how about an old fashioned crystal ball?


Beast Of The Night
This is just a game idea I’ve had in my head for a while. With some encouragement I’ve decided to try and write a choice script game so here it is…
Set in present times ,Of course being a werewolf comes with many problems ,or not if you’re into that. The pack meetings, the full moons, oh and you cant forget the pack rivalries.

Over the course of 3 years shape who you are and who you will become. With a pack of 16 wolves(and 6 ROs) fight for your family…fight for your city.
Feel free to ask questions!


An idea I’ve been tossing around: a hammed up colonial Australian hunting/survival/monster slaying adventure


I’m all in for Survival


I loved the concept. Certainly would pay for that ,if you choose To continue this game, of course.


Thank you! Once I get the hang of choicescript I should at least be able to start working on it and get a demo out.


Love Spacehouse Rock, nothing against Mortal except that there only playing the villain part actually appeals to me, whereas with the other one I’d wanna try playthroughs as all three protagonists. Though I may gravitate a little towards the face from your tiny blurb.


Character Info:
The MC has twin sister that loves to tease them about being 6 minutes older, “There’s nothing wrong with being the baby in the family my beloved sibling!” She says, giving a mischievous smile and a wink.


Culture note: this is actually a big thing in Japan because age order is very important so the MC calls her onee-chan because she’s the big sister. This carries a massive pile of cultural expectations that the MC may or may not care about.


I did not know that I appreciate the info and as you said it all depends on the MC.


Yep. The summary of the cultural expectations is that an older sibling is an older sibling, whether they’re six minutes older or six years. But if the twins themselves don’t care probably no one else will and the only impact will be word choice. Big sister is some form of Nee, little sister is Imouto, sister without age reference does not exist because a sister is a big sister or a little sister.

You can guess from that how big a deal it can be if the twins do care.


Really? The vast majority of people aren’t interested in it.


So I do have 2 stories on the forum already. one being on hiatus and the other one still in the works but I would like to start a new story and make that the main focus as my summer break is coming up making the other story something i do on the side. I have two ideas on my mind but other suggestion are welcome.

  • Werewolf Romance Sim (Kinda like twilight but from the opposite perspective)
  • Superhero Story (Vigilante style superhero, kinda like batman and I do have a chapter written for this)

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I’m just looking to knuckle down on and get to writing so opinions and suggestion are welcome.


You lost me at ‘romance’. Now, if you’d pitched a werewolf buddy cop comedy…


A werewolf romance in a superhero city