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NO MAGIC to me. I dont like magic involvment. For example Ill love World War 2 game, but if it involves magic… NOOOOOO… Same will be in my games. No magic. Only some fantasy stuff, but NO MAGIC. :slight_smile:


You gave me an idea. Your character could involve in historical/nord myth events and meet historical/mythical figures. (I say historical/mythical, because we dont know if some things actually happened. Like we dont know 100% if Ragnar Lothbrok actually existed)


Wizards are cool though


Ofcourse. Every viking had their own job when not raiding :slight_smile:


Like i said. Im sorry, but magic is not in my plans. :frowning: I just dont have love for it and I think i would do terrible in magic themed games.


I like magic, but I agree that it doesn’t have to be everywhere. How historically accurate are you making it by the way, do you plan to stick to actual historical events or will you just write an alternative universe sort of story?

Either way, it sounds great! Looking forward to see what you come up with. :slight_smile:


When you say no magic, you mean functional fantasy magic, right? Not folklore and seidr?


I plan to stick to historical events, but that your character might actually affect and change some of them differently. I also plan that epilogue would be about someone reading the book of nordic history in modern day, thousands of years later, where they actually mention your character at the end and make the person read out loudly about what history books write about you and your viking achievements. He/she will read if your deeds made you look like a cruel viking, a random raider or a viking hero after your death to the future mankind. (If ya know what i mean)


I meant I wont do any kind of power/magic. Ex: firebending, black magic etc… No … None of them


Soooo…I meant to post this on Halloween but whatever.

I’ve been having these two ideas float around my head for a while. Both of them are urban supernatural fantasy, and both have horror elements. They also have power fantasy elements as well.

Note for a fact that these are ideas, I don’t have everything fleshed out. I literally just wrote this down not too long ago. I’m also debating on having multiple pov shifts in the storiies to see the story from other character’s point of views.


You play the oldest child of the family, attacked on Halloween night after protecting your younger brother while trick r treating. Presumed dead, you are buried but re awoken on the tenth anniversary of your death

Only you aren’t a zombie. You’re a vampire.

Much has changed in the world since you were gone. The paranormal world has been revealed to the public, and tensions are high. Manage your newfound blood lust and navigate this strange new world. Will you bridge the divide between the supernaturals and humans? Or watch as the world falls apart before you.

Yeah I know vampires are kind of done to death, but I want to give it a chance.


A ski hiking trip with friends takes a turn for the worst when your group is caught in a sudden snowstorm. You find shelter in a nearby cave and wait the storm out, and when morning comes, three members of your group go out to seek help, leaving you with a close friend of yours. Days go by without rescue, and your food supply was dwindling fast. You and your friend become restless, hungry, and plagued by frightening dreams.

Eventually the hunger takes a toll, changing your life forever.

If you couldn’t guess this game idea is about Wendigos. This idea, if I were to go through with it, would be darker than the vampire wip. The supernatural world in this wip isn’t out in the open like the first.

I’m not sure which idea to flesh out more into a proper demo. I like both of them, and I don’t want to trash out either of them out. So can you guys help me out?

Which idea do you guys like better?

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There’s not enough games about canibals.


True, true…


Got two new WIPs boiling. Titles are both still pending, by the way. Really need help making titles…

Spacehouse Rock
You’re a rockstar! Well, three rockstar’s. And millions of years in the future. Yeah, you are a three (wo)man band trying to hit it big in the age of spaceships, aliens, and lasers. You’ll go through a different wacky rush of an adventure each episode (Which are dubbed as sessions) as you try to hit the top. But each will involve music in one way or another. Now then, onto the protagonists.

The Leader
You used to be part of the biggest rock group out there. The one everyone in the galaxy loved and listened to non-stop. You and your old band had started in high school then clawed your way to the top, through many challenges. But the exact day your band finally hit number one in the universe you were booted out the band by the leader, who used to be your best friend before (s)he made you all sell out and got a huge ego problem. Over ten years later you’re ready to start again. You will use your industry knowledge, song writing prowess, and epic drumming skills to lead your new band to number one and achieve what you almost had… be it for revenge, to show the world you don’t need to sell out to hit it big, or a whole other reason is up to you, but you’ll lead the way through the galaxy.

The Face
In the galaxy there exists a government, but it is nothing. Just a figure head basically, the real power lies with the corporations around the galaxy, which own entire planets and have unmatched authority. And you used to be the heir to one of them. Until you were thrown out your home with no explanation and shipped out to a backwater planet with not even a penny to your name. Years later you’re going to use your awesome guitar power, amazing voice, and great looks to help your band reach the top. Whether you wish to take your place as the heir to your dad’s corp, tear down your dads corp, take it a step forward and try to get rid of the corporation ruled life style everyone has to deal with, or take it to the max and try to start an entire rebellion against the corporations and government is up to you, but no matter what your face will soon be scattered across rock posters, wanted posters, and news headlines everywhere.

The Brains
The only alien of the protagonists, the brains is an extremely smart individual who will use his/her/their knowledge to navigate the galaxy and manage the band, while also using his/her/it’s keyboard skills to rock the galaxy. As for everything else… he/she/they won’t say. You will have to discover the brains backstory as you travel the galaxy and gig on every type of planet. But be warned, some secrets may be better left untold.

You will choose your band genre, from reviving the about to die forever jazz to the still underrated country to the extremely popular electronica, which will effect your experience from gig to gig as well as fans. Choose whether you value integrity and music or sell out for big bucks. Fight the man, or join him. Recruit other members of your band to help your music or style in exchange for splitting the profit you get. Choose your own space ship, weapons, instruments, land vehicle, and more. Use a unique trait system to decide your strength and weaknesses. Save a planet, fight a zombie apocalypse, get super powers, and more on your crazy experience throughout a crazy galaxy.

Be Mortal
Another multiple protagonist story, this one in a different vein. Rather than together, these two protagonists will be against each other for most of the story, but whether it stays that way depends on you.

The Villain
You are an evil, diabolical overlord in a big scary castle with hordes of demons at your command, who will terrorize and conquer the world. Or maybe you are a reserved genius who wishes to be left alone as they build amazing clockwork robots never seen before in their metal fortress. Or maybe you are a benevolent prodigy who uses the new plant life and species you create in your giant living home to help the miserable people struggling in a dying world filled with monsters and villains instead of taking advantage of the chaos. Follow the classic evil big bad troupes or completely subvert them and be a great individual who uses their great knowledge for others in this sci-fi high fantasy mix.

Choose to invent clockwork and steampunk beings and eventually upgrade to futuristic mecha robots. Or choose to create new plant life never before seen and eventually upgrade to animals then people, and make your own new race. Or use your great magic to summon small demons and imps until you are powerful enough to bring entities capable of leveling entire islands. Or even mix and match.

Will you manage to defeat all your rival villains and those idiot heroes to become the greatest being alive? Will you sacrifice your humanity in order to strengthen your powers? Will you sacrifice hundreds of innocents for your goals? Or will you burn out on the way?

Make an army of mechs, ghouls, or animals for your ambition. Create all new life for fame. Make your own perfect bride/husband, or kidnap one, or do both, or find love somewhere else. Create an unstoppable bodyguard like no other. Enhance your own body until you are a great wizard, the perfect specimen, or even a cyborg. Make the world hate or adore you. And when the champion comes with his/her god, you had better be ready for your greatest challenge.

The Champion
You were created by a god to be her champion… but what kind of champion will you be? Will you be the classic heroic chosen one who saves princesses from castles and makes the world love them? Or will you become a monstrous enforcer who kills anyone who doesn’t bow to their god and is feared throughout the land? Or will your personal ambitions lead you to betray your god and try to attain godhood yourself?

Develop your powers to turn yourself into a great knight in shining or darkened armor with strength unparalled and the fortitude of the earth itself, a grand and powerful wizard who can bend reality in impossible ways with so much as the flick of a wrist, or an assassin who blends with the shadows and can stick a dagger into anyone then disappear with the blink of an eye.

Travel through the kingdoms of humans, elves, dwarves, undead and more (and choose which race you yourself are) as you try to spread the worship of your god as much as you can. Be careful, not every race is on good terms with each other and gaining some allies may make you some enemies. Gain new powers, weapons, armors, and mounts as your gods dedication grows, every new person makes her and you more powerful. And go up against rival champions and gods as you further your goals.

Save a prince, tame a dragon, become a king/queen, get a harem, and find out the mysterious secrets the god who claimed they created you are hiding as you struggle to try and shake their hold on you (Or further it). Sacrifice your powers for independence and mortality, or build them for divinity. And when the time comes to face the villain, pray to every god you have amassed enough power and allies.

And that’s all folks. Need to see if either of these are good enough.

  • Spacehouse Rock
  • Be Mortal
  • Neither
  • Both

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This sounds awesome! Just a few suggestions, if you don’t mine:

  1. Odette seems a bit too perfect for my taste. Maybe have her be aware of how popular she is rather than denying it. You don’t have to make her a raging bitch but I think it would flesh her out a bit more.
  2. I can’t take the names “Do,Re & Mi” seriously (sorry to anyone actually named that). I know that they all share a brain but maybe a bit more realistic name would be preferable. Like “April, May, and June.” Just food for thought.
    3.Maybe the whip and the hand mirror should switch powers, since I can’t wrap my head around how a whip could reveal anything.
    These are just my thoughts and I eagerly wait to play the demo.


Lol I was trying to go for graceful popular girl character since she’s part bird and has the name of the swan princess from swan lake. I’ll try to find a way to make her less perfect ^^.

I imagined their mother Lorelei name them after musical notes. But kinda like your name suggestions too so I might change them.

Oh the reason it reveals enemies is because of Ivy from soul caliber. Here’s a video you’ll see how the whip reveals enemies in the beginning:


So will there be more weapons cause i am really not a fan of the ones chosen.


I was thinking of adding a shield as a weapon? But that’s the only one I’m thinking about. Not really good with weapons ideas more of a spell caster or beast tamer. So weapon suggestions are always welcomed.


A sword and shield maybe or a spear or a gun or a magical gun or a bow.


I’m a sucker for a good villain protagonist story and this seems like it could be a nice throwback to Diabolical which was one of my favorite COG’s i ever played. I like the sound of the setting and this sounds like it would be a blast so I look forward to your updates with great enthusiasm.


Diabolical? I actually didn’t know about that one until you brought it up…