Interest Check Thread


Yes I think this will be enough, it is much easier to give your opinion, when there is actual text to read


I was sleeping. Also, what’s a magic mirror?


I agree with @Kaelyn. I wasn’t really sure where I would be taking my story when I wrote the first chapter, but in writing it, I was both able to inspire myself, and I got a good deal of good suggestions from readers, too. Whatever you decide, good luck with it. :slight_smile:


I love Totem Force <3


I’m working on my teaser demo for my story: it’s just going to be short few page demo but was wondering something for my story.
Should your MCs mother be a Phoenix? The idea just came from this picture so I was wondering if I shoutdo it. FYI if a member of your family breeds with a monster the offspring will always be 100% human. So don’t expect to gain any powers from this idea ^^’


I would suggest that you think about what such an idea would add to your story. :thinking: If it would add to the story (e.g. give the cousins a reason to hate the MC even if they’re anti-monster too), then sure, add it in. If it would detract from the story (e.g. by adding in a layer of complications without actually affecting the plot, themes, or characters), then don’t. If it doesn’t add to or detract from the story, then try to make it add to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would it let you look interesting, even if it doesn’t give you any powers? :thinking:


I’d love this. I’ve often brainstormed about what would be left for a superhero after an apocalypse. Sole protector of a group of norms against all dangers. A telepathic supe would have to deal with being mostly useless against zombies. What is there for both heroes and villains after the collapse of civilization? Some villains would rebuild, but heroes would be villains because they’d fight the corrupt villain of the villain’s vision of new civilization.


I like the concept, but I’d advise dropping the idea of letting you be either superpowered or not within one game unless you get a power armor suit right out the gate. I’d expect a pretty massive divergence in most scenes in a way that would be very difficult to handle; if I play an unpowered human in a leadership role on a super team I’d attempt to avoid getting into fights personally, while if I play someone with strong superpowers I’d tend to lead the charge.

You could technically write one game to cover both possibilities but I’d suggest picking one. If you still have lots of ideas for both, you can always write another story in the same setting later.


Heyyyyyy there, fellas.
Sorry to interrupt you with this short new topic. So Im currently learning how to program with the choicescript and while doing that, Im trying to think what should my first choices game should be about. Currently Im watching History channel’s “Vikings” season 3. Im so interested into it. So I thought, why not make a game about vikings? (Not the tv show… Copyright…) I honsetly didnt see any vikings games here. Let me know what you think.


You can share you idea in the Interest Check Thread :slight_smile:


You can also check out Saga of the North Wind, it’s a CoG game about a Viking-like culture! :slight_smile:


Actually that one reminded me more of what I’ve learned in History about the nomadic days of the Hungarians before they settled at the Carpathian Basin. Guess that’s why I liked that game so much.


Diaspora, a WIP here, is loosely based on vikings as well, albeit with some low magic themes.


I believe Choice of the Viking was once on the cards, but I am happy to see any games focused on Vikings since I used to work at Jorvik Viking Centre and have a soft spot for those guys.


Would be interesting to have a CoG based on real world history. Vikings are an intriguing topic, especially if we are actively raiding and pillaging.


Well actually only a small percentage of Norse and Danish Vikings were raiders, once they settled down they could be pretty civil, letting Jorvik be a multi religion environment and being more women equal than some societies (wives had the key to the money box!).


Yeah but I hold out hope that in this hypothetical game we’d have the option of being less than civil.


Maybe different job options in the society? Royalty, Raider, Low Farmer, Slave?


Finished it by sacrificing myself to… I dont clearly remember what was that scene about


NO MAGIC to me. I dont like magic involvment. For example Ill love World War 2 game, but if it involves magic… NOOOOOO… Same will be in my games. No magic. Only some fantasy stuff, but NO MAGIC. :slight_smile: