Interest Check Thread

As what Leinco said, you can check out the monthly writer support threads to have a good gauge of what we’re doing and what is to be expected. I show up often there. There are plenty of interesting discussions and I am sure you can fit in nicely into at lease one of them.

How to participate yourself? Once you have a demo ready, you can start your own WIP developer diary thread. Not all writers do this, but many do.

Indeed, this is a journey that you yourself are about to undertake. Protagonists with an inner conflict are perhaps the most tragic ones ever!

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Honestly I would love a if where we play as punisher/rorschach style anti hero without super powers in a world with super-heros and super-villains.


hiding my OG 1920s books and clothes no i am not obsessed with this era


chant Orient Express! Orient Express!! Orient Express!



Hello everything about this sounds great???

and wait we can proclaim ourself as a chosen Saint?? No way I am not going to try that… saintly god chosen king yes please


If there is going to be a superhero game Personally I’d love a superZero kind of game. Kinda like the people from specks community college from community college hero game. Like the powers of generating large amounts of smoke, or like the lady with the power that creates physically harmless, glitter bombs. Or maybe some thing like my hero academia where there’s usually powers that also have drawbacks. Like the sugar rush guy, who the more sugar he consumes the stronger he gets, but he also becomes stupider. There hasn’t been a superhero game created like that yet. I could be cool to be able to pick your power, but that powers useful it’s not something to completely and only rely on.

Could be fascinating, if superheroes are treated at least somewhat like in the universe of the boys, in that they also double as the foremost celebrities of the world, one reason could very well be that not everybody wants to be a celebrity or put their life on the line everyday.

I’ve just played my first run of the TYOV journaling game and it’s literally so awesome. Have any of you guys played it, or are considering using it as inspiration for your games? I really think that something like the crossout mechanic would be a creative thing to adapt in a COG game. Plus its a way to borrow from an rpg that isn’t just rolling for stat checks, so yay! I wanna do this so bad does anyone else ghfgfhgfhgfhgfhfghghg!

Should we put this under the interest check thread instead?

Oh, uh, sure! It’s been awhile since I’ve used an actual forum.

Hmmm….hear me out here

Choice of Bartender, take the role of a bartender at a gay bar in the aftermath of the stonewall riot. Find love, corrupt police, and mobsters as you try to just get through your shift.


I’ve begun working on the blueprints for a new game that I like to call(for now) Da Journeymen? or “Choice Of Journeyman”. In it, you play as a middle of the pack MMA Fighter trying to turn their career around after years of drifting from Gyms to Dojos, bad life choices,mixed competition results, and living in an old friend’s Van. A chance encounter presents you with a golden opportunity. A shot at redemption, a chance to to chase that childhood dream one last time, fight in one of the most competitive states in the US and most of all? Carve out your legacy and place within the MMA World!

Inspired by stories such as Hajime No Ippo, Teppu, All-Rounder Meguru, Byron Balasco’s Kingdom, Kengan Ashura, and Rocky; I wanted to share one of my personal hyper fixations through a fun Martial Arts Journey.

One where you chose your own mix of iconic styles to adapt to each opponent or stand your ground and specialize! Become a hungry Prizefighter looking for the ultimate payday,play the villain as a Heel to leverage publicity gained by your stunts inside & out of the Cage, or claw your way up the ranks the old fashion way as a Humble Martial Artist.

Currently it’s about a quarter of the final draft is complete and learning about coding has gone way better than I ever could’ve expected initially. However, before this goes from hobby to passion project I wanted to ask around and see if there was an audience for something this relatively grounded story involving modern day Pankration and the athletes who participate in it.


So I’ve been reading some manhwa and I was inspired by the whole Saintess theme in Fantasy Romance genre. I really adore the idea of light magic and it made me wonder, why not base a whole game around it? You are now the Saint.

Here’s a summary:

You are born in an old and powerful noble house that is on the verge of ruin. When the Saintess is killed, you get your awakening and discover that you are the next Saint, one of the few people in the Kingdom capable of performing light magic. You are recruited by the powerful Church, only to discover later that the religious hierarchy is corrupt and that your saintly status is being used to further the Church’s political agenda. You also find yourself at the center of a web of political intrigue and machinations at the royal court. As a Saint, you are seen as a valuable asset to various factions seeking to gain power or influence. You must navigate the complex alliances and betrayals of court politics. Meanwhile, you must also hunt down monsters and demons. Will you find a way to become more than just a pawn on the chessboard?

So far for the love interests, I have three:

Azazel, Demon - The Dark Magician
Their smile is charming and mischievous yet practiced. Most people keep their distance from them, but it doesn’t appear to bother them. Their cynicism and bitterness tends to be carefully hidden by their quick wit and humor.

Rigel/Rhiannon - Human - Priest/Mentor Figure -
They are stoic, calm, serious, and mature. They have a good poker face and are good at hiding their emotions. They tend to intimidate and scare other people because they have a resting bitch face. For this reason, most people keep their distance from them, since they give off an aloof and cold air. They are actually quite introverted, gentle, and kind when you get to know them.

Altair/Astra - Human - Crown Prince/ss
Altair/Astra is the crown prince(ss) of a powerful kingdom. Their most defining trait is their two-faced nature. To the outside world, they are charismatic, flirtatious, and always seem to carry an amused, devil-may-care attitude. However, beneath this charming facade lies a manipulative and ruthless individual. They are driven by their own ambitions and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

I wanted to make an angel love interest, but i’m not sure what to make their personality like or what role they would have in the story.


I love the idea. I also like the fact the MC doesn’t seem to be isekai into the world. Although if MC were I would love it too, lol, I like manhwa for a reason. My only question is if it’s supposed to be a romance focused game due to the inspiration ?

I’m just not a fan of the ROs presented here. Rigel/Rhiannon is the closest I would consider. Because I prefer kinder and more sweet one. But please don’t add more if this would mess with your story. I just wanted to ask if romancing no one is an option or if I would lose out on a big part of the game. I would totally play for the political story because your premise sound really promising.

Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to add a love interest to the list and your response inspired me, so here they are…

Samandriel is an angelic being who possesses an ethereal charm and a captivating presence. Despite their popularity and amiable nature, they remain emotionally distant from others, creating an air of mystery around them.

We’ll see. I’m very much still playing with the love interests. But I really love the plot of this game and the idea of playing a Saint character.


Also, forgot to mention it, but yes romance is optional. This game is more about the political intrigue than the romance.


Hello friends! I come to the Interest Check thread with a follow up from something I posted a while ago, I had made a vote quite a few months back. The original concept I had in mind was you believe yourself to be on your final ropes, whether you welcomed it or not, death has come… except you wake up in the body of a Heir/Prince(ess) and have to sort through complex feelings knowing you are essentially ‘wearing someone else’s skin.’

I have developed on this somewhat, to start I wanted to touch on the idea of dispositions. [I love work-shopping I guess, nothing wrong with having some concepts simmering in the dome for future use. :blush: ]

Insight on the Heir:

My thought process is that you will have 2 different options for the demeanor and past of the Heir before you take them over. These two dispositions will be 1.) delicate, sensitive, inquisitive but also a bit of a pushover, or 2.) a callous, impulsive, and violent. Both of these Heirs would have had mental health struggles that present differently while being similar at the root [the former having depressive episodes and feeling extremely withdrawn from others due to their treatment and raising while the latter held resentment for the pressures put on them and would often take out those feelings on others].

The disposition you choose for the Heir will vastly change specific character relationships and dynamics, particularly in the start of the story. It’ll alter how many in the kingdom, in addition to how others might react to you actions you make. This being said, the disposition wouldn’t change how you, who takes over the body can choose to act, proving to others the worth of the Heir or that they are capable of being more than a brute. Though it’ll change how they might react to what you do.

For example, a show of compassion was already in line with the behavior of the sensitive Heir, while the callous Heir doing said action would draw a lot more curiosity/confusion due to it being out of line with their nature.

I want to reiterate though, the dispositions are for the background/history of the Heir, and you would have a choice in determining what their future would be. That being said, the journey of the Heir might change on the basis of their history, in addition to who would be close or distanced from them. I’m curious what thoughts are and if you would be interested in it?

  • I love the idea of dispositions!
  • I like the concept, dispositions for the Heir before taking over seem interesting.
  • I feel neutral about the idea of the dispositions, I don’t think it matters that much.
  • I feel neutral about the idea of dispositions, only one appeals to me.
  • I don’t like the idea of the dispositions, focusing on one feels like it would be better.
  • I don’t like the idea of the dispositions in general.
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Which disposition would you prefer?

  • I would pick an Heir with the Sensitive Disposition.
  • I would pick an Heir with the Callous Disposition.
  • I would be more interested in a different option. [please comment below!]
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Howdy, Choicers!

So, I placed The Shadows Inside (side project I previously proposed) on hold for now because I was finding difficulty writing in the sci-fi environment, but was inspired by a separate idea.


City of Syn will be a modern, alternate-universe crime title set in Las Vegas - the City of Sin.

Starting from nothing, you’ll be brought into the world of a scrappy heisting team, one setting off crimes in a relatively disorganized fashion. When leadership skills emerge amongst a variety of unique talents, the scale of your operation grows, and with it - the heat placed upon you, your team, your family, and your reputation.

Housed in the backdrop of a city ran by megacorps, corrupt politicians, and several syndicates; you’ll vy with the competition as each successful target merely expands the crosshairs. You’ll find the thrill of each getaway, the adrenaline of a job well done…

The bullet piercing your heart.

Welcome to the City of Syn, Kiddo.

Anyways, it's early in development but my goal is to introduce a proper heisting crime experience. You'll undertake unique missions, purchase gear, hire and equip your crew, develop romantic relationships, and grow from a scrappy operation to a full-fledged crime syndicate. I plan to introduce dynamic choices, unique variants of event outcomes, and more. It'll be a project that'll be in development for awhile alongside Estheria, but allows me to prevent burnout as I can juggle my time between two passionate projects. I also have quite a knack for developing modern settings.

As always, I love polls.

QUESTION: What do you think about the idea proposed?

  • I really like it!
  • I think it’s a solid idea.
  • I’m not sure I’d play it.
  • I wouldn’t be a fan, not my taste.
  • I hate it, overall.
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Have a fantastic rest of the week!


Red flag ros and being a saint… so i could potentially be the red flag ro… :eyes:

Today I found out about yet another cursed thing about the British educational system, servitors at university, the equivalent of being on a scholarship where people paid their tuition fees by being appointed as servants to staff and also paying students; I immediately decided that this is absolutely a thing in Westerlin because obviously it is, and am resisting coming up with a game concept about it for the Crème de la Crème universe. It’s going in the big “ideas for a rainy day” document.


This reminds me: as a result of the Maverick Wars, we have a new set of Mavericks, led by someone that is not Sigma, and affected by a virus that is not the Sigma Virus, or that they have different reasons to go Maverick, or follow that mysterious leader. I would probably come up with a game concept for it in the Creme/Mega Man X style. The details will come later.

I’m back and I got more crap, baby! Asking for an interest check on 20k words (code excluded) is a little out of the ordinary but I created a thread for this story last year and it was really popular and i felt like a real you-know-what for not keeping up with it. So here’s an interest check you can actually play. Let me know if it’s worth trying to get another topic going.

Of Royal Birth & Forlorn Fate

You were born to a widely-adored King and Queen. Unfortunately, so were your two brothers–years earlier. With little chance of inheriting the throne, you’ll need to seek your destiny elsewhere.