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So I’ve been reading some manhwa and I was inspired by the whole Saintess theme in Fantasy Romance genre. I really adore the idea of light magic and it made me wonder, why not base a whole game around it? You are now the Saint.

Here’s a summary:

You are born in an old and powerful noble house that is on the verge of ruin. When the Saintess is killed, you get your awakening and discover that you are the next Saint, one of the few people in the Kingdom capable of performing light magic. You are recruited by the powerful Church, only to discover later that the religious hierarchy is corrupt and that your saintly status is being used to further the Church’s political agenda. You also find yourself at the center of a web of political intrigue and machinations at the royal court. As a Saint, you are seen as a valuable asset to various factions seeking to gain power or influence. You must navigate the complex alliances and betrayals of court politics. Meanwhile, you must also hunt down monsters and demons. Will you find a way to become more than just a pawn on the chessboard?

So far for the love interests, I have three:

Azazel, Demon - The Dark Magician
Their smile is charming and mischievous yet practiced. Most people keep their distance from them, but it doesn’t appear to bother them. Their cynicism and bitterness tends to be carefully hidden by their quick wit and humor.

Rigel/Rhiannon - Human - Priest/Mentor Figure -
They are stoic, calm, serious, and mature. They have a good poker face and are good at hiding their emotions. They tend to intimidate and scare other people because they have a resting bitch face. For this reason, most people keep their distance from them, since they give off an aloof and cold air. They are actually quite introverted, gentle, and kind when you get to know them.

Altair/Astra - Human - Crown Prince/ss
Altair/Astra is the crown prince(ss) of a powerful kingdom. Their most defining trait is their two-faced nature. To the outside world, they are charismatic, flirtatious, and always seem to carry an amused, devil-may-care attitude. However, beneath this charming facade lies a manipulative and ruthless individual. They are driven by their own ambitions and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

I wanted to make an angel love interest, but i’m not sure what to make their personality like or what role they would have in the story.


I love the idea. I also like the fact the MC doesn’t seem to be isekai into the world. Although if MC were I would love it too, lol, I like manhwa for a reason. My only question is if it’s supposed to be a romance focused game due to the inspiration ?

I’m just not a fan of the ROs presented here. Rigel/Rhiannon is the closest I would consider. Because I prefer kinder and more sweet one. But please don’t add more if this would mess with your story. I just wanted to ask if romancing no one is an option or if I would lose out on a big part of the game. I would totally play for the political story because your premise sound really promising.

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Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to add a love interest to the list and your response inspired me, so here they are…

Samandriel is an angelic being who possesses an ethereal charm and a captivating presence. Despite their popularity and amiable nature, they remain emotionally distant from others, creating an air of mystery around them.

We’ll see. I’m very much still playing with the love interests. But I really love the plot of this game and the idea of playing a Saint character.


Also, forgot to mention it, but yes romance is optional. This game is more about the political intrigue than the romance.


Hello friends! I come to the Interest Check thread with a follow up from something I posted a while ago, I had made a vote quite a few months back. The original concept I had in mind was you believe yourself to be on your final ropes, whether you welcomed it or not, death has come… except you wake up in the body of a Heir/Prince(ess) and have to sort through complex feelings knowing you are essentially ‘wearing someone else’s skin.’

I have developed on this somewhat, to start I wanted to touch on the idea of dispositions. [I love work-shopping I guess, nothing wrong with having some concepts simmering in the dome for future use. :blush: ]

Insight on the Heir:

My thought process is that you will have 2 different options for the demeanor and past of the Heir before you take them over. These two dispositions will be 1.) delicate, sensitive, inquisitive but also a bit of a pushover, or 2.) a callous, impulsive, and violent. Both of these Heirs would have had mental health struggles that present differently while being similar at the root [the former having depressive episodes and feeling extremely withdrawn from others due to their treatment and raising while the latter held resentment for the pressures put on them and would often take out those feelings on others].

The disposition you choose for the Heir will vastly change specific character relationships and dynamics, particularly in the start of the story. It’ll alter how many in the kingdom, in addition to how others might react to you actions you make. This being said, the disposition wouldn’t change how you, who takes over the body can choose to act, proving to others the worth of the Heir or that they are capable of being more than a brute. Though it’ll change how they might react to what you do.

For example, a show of compassion was already in line with the behavior of the sensitive Heir, while the callous Heir doing said action would draw a lot more curiosity/confusion due to it being out of line with their nature.

I want to reiterate though, the dispositions are for the background/history of the Heir, and you would have a choice in determining what their future would be. That being said, the journey of the Heir might change on the basis of their history, in addition to who would be close or distanced from them. I’m curious what thoughts are and if you would be interested in it?

  • I love the idea of dispositions!
  • I like the concept, dispositions for the Heir before taking over seem interesting.
  • I feel neutral about the idea of the dispositions, I don’t think it matters that much.
  • I feel neutral about the idea of dispositions, only one appeals to me.
  • I don’t like the idea of the dispositions, focusing on one feels like it would be better.
  • I don’t like the idea of the dispositions in general.
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Which disposition would you prefer?

  • I would pick an Heir with the Sensitive Disposition.
  • I would pick an Heir with the Callous Disposition.
  • I would be more interested in a different option. [please comment below!]
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Howdy, Choicers!

So, I placed The Shadows Inside (side project I previously proposed) on hold for now because I was finding difficulty writing in the sci-fi environment, but was inspired by a separate idea.


City of Syn will be a modern, alternate-universe crime title set in Las Vegas - the City of Sin.

Starting from nothing, you’ll be brought into the world of a scrappy heisting team, one setting off crimes in a relatively disorganized fashion. When leadership skills emerge amongst a variety of unique talents, the scale of your operation grows, and with it - the heat placed upon you, your team, your family, and your reputation.

Housed in the backdrop of a city ran by megacorps, corrupt politicians, and several syndicates; you’ll vy with the competition as each successful target merely expands the crosshairs. You’ll find the thrill of each getaway, the adrenaline of a job well done…

The bullet piercing your heart.

Welcome to the City of Syn, Kiddo.

Anyways, it's early in development but my goal is to introduce a proper heisting crime experience. You'll undertake unique missions, purchase gear, hire and equip your crew, develop romantic relationships, and grow from a scrappy operation to a full-fledged crime syndicate. I plan to introduce dynamic choices, unique variants of event outcomes, and more. It'll be a project that'll be in development for awhile alongside Estheria, but allows me to prevent burnout as I can juggle my time between two passionate projects. I also have quite a knack for developing modern settings.

As always, I love polls.

QUESTION: What do you think about the idea proposed?

  • I really like it!
  • I think it’s a solid idea.
  • I’m not sure I’d play it.
  • I wouldn’t be a fan, not my taste.
  • I hate it, overall.
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Have a fantastic rest of the week!


Red flag ros and being a saint… so i could potentially be the red flag ro… :eyes:

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Today I found out about yet another cursed thing about the British educational system, servitors at university, the equivalent of being on a scholarship where people paid their tuition fees by being appointed as servants to staff and also paying students; I immediately decided that this is absolutely a thing in Westerlin because obviously it is, and am resisting coming up with a game concept about it for the Crème de la Crème universe. It’s going in the big “ideas for a rainy day” document.


This reminds me: as a result of the Maverick Wars, we have a new set of Mavericks, led by someone that is not Sigma, and affected by a virus that is not the Sigma Virus, or that they have different reasons to go Maverick, or follow that mysterious leader. I would probably come up with a game concept for it in the Creme/Mega Man X style. The details will come later.

I’m back and I got more crap, baby! Asking for an interest check on 20k words (code excluded) is a little out of the ordinary but I created a thread for this story last year and it was really popular and i felt like a real you-know-what for not keeping up with it. So here’s an interest check you can actually play. Let me know if it’s worth trying to get another topic going.

Of Royal Birth & Forlorn Fate

You were born to a widely-adored King and Queen. Unfortunately, so were your two brothers–years earlier. With little chance of inheriting the throne, you’ll need to seek your destiny elsewhere.


I recall playing it a while back and defibtly can see the changes from even then and i think they are good on a intial pass. Did have a question was the high stats to pass some of the checks acctually able to be gotten? Or to showcase how much further we have to go until we can pass such?

Curiosity Check

You are tired of being alone.For countless millenias you have been the only being in existence, and you still are.
But just now you have decided , you no longer want to be alone.You are set to create something, something living.
You have all the power you need to do or create anything.
What will you do?

Imagine the game title is:I am God or the Creator!

If you were to write a novel about that👆.How will you go about it.Making it successful and enjoyable?


Isn’t that your job though? :joy: You come up with a concept and check if anyone’s interested.

Anyway, you could go the Parenting Simulator route, taking care of your creation. Or you could do something like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The creature turns against the creator and the player, as the creator, has to hunt down the creature and destroy it (or not). :man_shrugging: Up to you.


Oh it is not something I want to work on, not now at least.Wanted to see how someone would go from being alone in existence to a universe teeming with life.
How they would manage it.

On what you said ,I like parent simulator route better course I like simulations.
The frankestein route is challenging though.


It really depends on what kind of game youd’ want to create.


Howdy, Choicers!

I’ve been working on City of Syn the last few days. Project setup, building out a plot skeleton, and dabbling in some finer details while I lay out a couple mechanics on the backend. I finally delved into the writing, and adjusted my style a bit to fit the more… corrupt feeling of a crime title.

Attached is a small snippet (unedited) from the kick-off of the prologue, mainly wanting to get an early idea on how others feel about the style.

Warning, the image below is placed within a drop-down menu as it contains vulgarity. City of Syn is an adult title.

Images attached!

POLL: What do you think of the writing style?

  • I love it!
  • I like it!
  • I’m mixed.
  • Not really a fan, man.
  • I hate it, honestly.
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Thanks, everyone!


I had to take a couple of days to think about this one. I think it could be very interesting. I do feel that if you’re going to go about building the character in this way, perhaps the player character should have a set disposition as well. It could be interesting to play out how that conflicts with the disposition of the heir that you take over.

I’m still interested, if you’re ready to bring it back. I played through (what I now suspect was the old demo) not too long ago.

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self sustaining, heavy codes I know.
Will be needing your intervention as the Creator at times.

Hi’ I am Kii and I’ve begun work on my first game Soulmate.

“Soulmate” is an interactive fiction story that follows the journey of Reyan, a high school girl who has recently been transferred to a new school. Eager to find love and belonging in this unfamiliar place, she encounters five potential romantic interests: Ava, an artistic girl with a unique sense of style; Daniel, the charismatic jock known for his athletic prowess; Gea, the popular girl who seems to have it all; Robert, the brilliant nerd who’s passionate about academics; and Maxine, the troublemaker known as Max, who has a rebellious edge. Amidst navigating high school drama, friendships, and secrets, players will help Reyan make choices that shape her future, leading her towards her one true soulmate.


1. Decision Making:
Players will face a variety of choices throughout the story, allowing them to guide Reyan’s actions and shape her destiny. These decisions will impact her relationships, friendships, and ultimately determine her soulmate.

2. Character Interaction:
Interact with the five romantic interests, Ava, Daniel, Gea, Robert, and Max, through engaging dialogues and choices. Get to know them better, uncover their personalities, and discover shared interests.

3. Character Development:
Each romantic interest has a unique character arc and growth throughout the story. Players will witness their personal development as they navigate the challenges of high school life.

4. Multiple Endings:
“Soulmate” features multiple endings based on the choices made throughout the game. Players can experience different outcomes, including finding Reyan’s true soulmate or exploring various paths of her high school life.

5. Relationship Status:
Keep track of Reyan’s evolving relationships with the romantic interests. The game provides a relationship status tracker, allowing players to see how close they are to each character.

6. Backstory Unveiling:
Delve into the pasts of each romantic interest as Reyan gets to know them better. Uncover their secrets, dreams, and insecurities, leading to a deeper emotional connection.

7. Emotional Engagement:
“Soulmate” aims to evoke a range of emotions, from joy and laughter to heartbreak and empathy. Players will become emotionally invested in Reyan’s journey as she seeks love and belonging.

8. Meeting other Characters:

In addition to the romantic interests, players will interact with a cast of supporting characters, including friends, teachers, and rivals. These interactions will shape Reyan’s overall high school experience and influence her choices.


AVA - The Artistic Soul:
Ava is a free spirit with an artistic soul. She’s imaginative, creative, and has a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms. She’s also known for her kindness and compassion.
Appearance: Ava has long, wavy auburn hair that falls gracefully down her back, complemented by emerald green eyes that seem to hold entire galaxies within them. Her skin is porcelain-pale, and she often wears bohemian-style clothing, adorned with vibrant colors and flowing fabrics.

DANIEL - The Jock with a Heart of Gold:
Daniel is the jock with a heart of gold. He’s confident, outgoing, and passionate about sports. Despite his popularity, he’s down-to-earth and approachable.
Appearance: Daniel has a tall, athletic build, with short, sandy blond hair that matches his striking blue eyes. His sun-kissed skin reflects his time spent on the field, and he typically wears his sports team’s jersey.

GEA - The Popular Queen Bee:
Gea is the epitome of popularity. She’s charismatic, social, and always the center of attention. Beneath her confident exterior, she harbors insecurities and secrets.
Appearance: Gea has long, flowing black hair that cascades down her back, framing her enchanting hazel eyes. Her complexion is a warm olive tone, and she’s often seen wearing the latest fashion trends that accentuate her natural beauty.

ROBERT - The Nerd with a Brilliant Mind:
Robert is the school’s intellectual powerhouse. He’s a bookworm, tech genius, and excels in academics. He’s shy, introverted, but incredibly kind-hearted.
Appearance: Robert has messy, chestnut-brown hair and wears thick-rimmed glasses that emphasize his intelligent gaze. His skin is fair, and he dresses in comfortable, casual attire, often sporting graphic tees and jeans.

MAXINE(MAX) - The Troublemaker with a Rebellious Streak
Max is the enigmatic troublemaker, known for her fearless attitude and rebellious spirit. She’s a bit of a mystery, with a tough exterior hiding a softer side.
Appearance: Max has a punk-rock style, with short, jet-black hair and intense, stormy gray eyes. Her dark skin adds to her edgy appeal, and she’s usually seen in leather jackets, ripped jeans, and combat boots.


Tumblr: kiisstuff on Tumblr