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It’s not really harder to write gay stuff than lesbian or straight ones. I generally just adjust emotional reactions a bit, change genders and names and voila, we’ve got ourselves a gay pairing.


Follow up for my post for the Oracle above: Interest Check Thread - #5544 by Phenrex

I was wondering. Between the ability to choose the Oracle’s background [Were they from Pits, raised in a small compound in another city entirely, perhaps born within the Heart of the city?] , or choosing a secondary power along with their primary clairvoyance [enhanced hearing, ability to hover, a smaller form ability that can play a role throughout the story], what would you prefer to choose?

I might include both in the game, but one will hold much more weight than the other. I am unsure about which I prefer myself. I was thinking that if there is a focus on background choice, you can gain some relationship points or have a few custom dialogue options based on commonalities or differences you have with your team. If there is a focus on a secondary power, than the powers would open up new options here or there for things you otherwise couldn’t notice or do.

  • Background - I think having a developed choice in background is better.
  • Power - I think having a secondary power beyond their clairvoyance is better.
  • Either Or - Both seem fine.

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I think of it as the inevitable. The story leading up to the sacrifice or the big battle is meant to prepare the hero for his destiny. Not just his skills, but his character. By the time he gets there, he genuinely wants to do what’s necessary.

In Mega Man X3, in the epilogue, it says, as X is wondering about his fate,

“To save mankind, [ X ] must destroy Zero.”

As it turned out, this happened in Mega Man X5. We eventually know about Zero’s dark past. But how about X? Would he be willing to destroy his brother-in-arms?

This is just an example, but I think I got the point across.

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Build, Buy and Sell stuff! Make uour Guild/Kingdom/Fief/Castle great again! :smiley:


People usually focus in things like battles or intrigue. But I really love to see a simple slice of life game where you work at a Guild or administrate an estate or become a Merchant Prince…


Hello everyone i had this ideagoing around in my head for a while now heres the summary you play as one of the most powerful arch angels name decided by the player that was captured during the great devine war between the forces of heaven and hell, after centuries of being tormented you where currupted changed into a demon and became the Emperor’s enforcer.

As his enforcer your the one that keeps other demons in line just the sound of your name is enough to cause even powerful arch demons to tremble in fear. And with an army of 200 legions of lesser demons under your cammand you became the scorge of heaven and the mortal plane. But when the heir runs away the Emperor gives you the task of tracking them down before the forces of heaven find them.

Play as a powerful arch angel turned demon in a modern fantasy world.

Costimise your apperance, personality and gender

Choose and master your dark powers

Pick your infernal pet

Romance a wide array of charcters from the heir themselves, Lilith your enternal rival, an elf queen or decide if you had a relationship with the ruler of hell themselves if they had a romance before and based of the mc prefrence the Emperor might change into an empress


I’ve finished the codex and prologue for Falrika the Alchemist, and I’ve decided that there will be 4 ROs, one from each race (human, elf, half-elf, and feralkin [human with animal traits; think the Faunus from RWBY]), and one of them will be non-binary. There will also be 4 non-ROs.

Expect a beta by next month.


sweven (work in progress)

A/N: This is a work in progress with the demo being hoping to make it atleast 50k words?? (hopefully lmfao) Sweven will be updated every month or so. I will be using dashcon coding so if anyone wants to help tutor me to help me get better that would be appericated. :sob:

Trigger Warnings: 18+, death, explicit language, dub-con sexual scenes, and graphic depictions of violenc.

Synopsis: Welcome to the Solace Academy! Where you can choose which house, classes, and etc. Secert pathways and dark stories await behind every corner. The real questions is will discover them?

Features: Choose MC’s gender, appearance, personality, sexuality, pronouns, and pick your classes. Take a quick questionnaire to figure which of the five houses you belong to.

ROs: ♡velvet stars♡ on Tumblr

Any feedback for literally anything is welcome! Thank you for checking this out : )


It looks interesting! I’ll definitely check it out. Just one question: what do you mean by

Is this referring to the level of explicitness, or is it a dynamic I’m unaware of? Either way, I don’t think this is a common way of explaining what you’re going for, at least not in the IF space. It may be confusing to some readers (at least it is for me :joy:)

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loool sorry! i was on fan fic tumblr for awhile i just got caught saying that. ill change it to something better! thanks : )

Hey,everyone😙. This is an idea i have had for the last 2 years and Ive been working on polishing the concept during that time.

Synopsis: In this cyberpunk noir-mystery adventure, you’ll take on the role of a character fighting against the Corporate Obedience Government,a powerful regime that took control of the world in the year 2059 and held its reigns for the past seven decades. As a member of the rebellion, you’ll need to navigate through the shadows and secrets of a world ruled by a powerful and ruthless government.

But be careful, this is no mere dictatorship that simply took society by force, they used more cunning and otherworldly means. In their possession they hold “The Oblivion Codex” , a book that can erase a person’s existence completely, leaving no trace of their life behind. That’s how your older brother, an influential leader of the rebellion, met his bitter end. Yet somehow you remember…you’re the only one who remembers him and his drive for freedom. It’s up to you to complete his goal or die trying.

•Play as male,female, non-binary. Straight, gay, ace, or aro.
•Manage the resources and power of your rebellion.
•Destroy the reigning government completely or change it to align with your views.
•Solve mysteries and avenge your older brother.
•Discover why and how you’re the only person immune to The Oblivion Codex’s effects.

That’s all i got for now, just wanna see if there would be any interest before i delve deeper into this😙Anywho,thanks for giving this mess of a synopsis a read


Heh, you’re fighting COG.


But a cyberpunk revolution story sounds very interesting! Could definitely have some interesting moments. :slight_smile:


The synopsis sounds fascinating! I’m always a fan of noir-inspired IF’s. I do hope the relationship with our brother and the trauma of knowing someone that no one else remembers will be brought up, though.


I had something close to that in mind,thanks @Leinco I will see what I can do.

And @11110 I think what you said is manageable,but civil servant system you might want to clarify on that.


Well everything you said @Nahim_Kerman is part of what simulators are made of ,so you won’t miss it in what I’m making.***Build,buy and sell stuff!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


A system for managing the player’s subordinates, especially administrative officials, including recruitment, promotion, hierarchy, and ministry systems.


You know. That is what make ChoiceScript unique. Here you see authors legitimately working to make their games more inclusive. And that is a lot of work, but makes your player base wide because people can literally choose to play their little selves in all possible nuances.

I wonder if we will eventually see a CS game that let you play as your ethnic group too.

Me always wanted to be an Ethiopian Prince or Senegalese CEO in some alt history world.

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Wow! A system that do all the boring micromanagement for the player so the player can focus in kingdom building only?

Man I wish more game designers took the time developing these.

Don’t get ne wrong, I love resource management games. But sometimes is like playing a excel sheet. (Though Paradox made me actually respect excel sheets as a form of game. Bruh my father was right, you really can make a spreadsheet fun with sufficient RPG magic)

You can even make them part of the mechanic like in the old Ghenghis Khan. Were having hood advisors was like have a button to let a “Strong AI model” play the round for you while you wait your old avater die so you can play with his 5/5 heir.


Ok,I get it now.Actually what you are asking is easy coz what I have done was make the MC do all that by him/herself.So automizing it would not be a problem.


thank you. But also,could you tell me more about your game idea?

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