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Yeah, I am. Just not the main focus.

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I apologize for any possible grammar or punctuation issues.

Here’s the test run (concept idea) for this game.

The Wisps


Huge Pokémon fan here. That demo makes it seem like you have a great head on your shoulders regarding this idea. Its original enough to be enjoyable and familiar enough to be enticing. I’m all for this concept and would even be up for shooting creature ideas back and forth, if you’d be interested.

But yeah, I say go for it! I think it would be able to get a good following, honestly.


I think there used to be an IF with that name which is in hiatus now :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: G’Luck with the project.

Thank you for the kind words.

I wouldn’t mind doing just that.


Guess I’ll have to change it then.

I think Empress is thinking of World Institute for Superpowered People, which was abbreviated W.I.S.P. It’s on Twine now.

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hmm hi

I came up with about three ideas for stories that I don’t know if I’ll get to do because of the limited time I have but I still want to see which idea you like the most

the three ideas are basically the same but of different genre

title: dark fantasy (working title)

the first idea is that you are in the modern world in the early 2000s going to a new city to your university but at night a creature is hunting you and when it catches you it transforms you into something powerful

here you decide what is the thing that is hunting you and you become a werewolf vampire or you simply awaken your arcane blood and become a mage (later I will put more races)

title: overpowered

second idea is about superheroes but in the second world war and you can choose your superpower and what country you are from (if you choose german you will not be a nazi calm down) depending on where you want to take the conflict you can choose to make a country govern or create your own team of superheroes from all over the world and try in the future to stop all wars

title: (I can’t think of a title)

It is the medieval period and generally when you turn 15 you get a class (wizard, fighter, cleric, etc.) your father is one of the most important people in the kingdom, being one of the strongest paladins out there, but you, at 19, still don’t get your class…so far

you will not get a normal class, you will get one that is seen as evil (blood sorcerer, dark knight, etc) or that is not known at all (psychic warrior, alchemist, etc)

  • modern fantasy with wizard monsters and men in black style agencies
  • super heroes in the second world war the time where racism led an idiot to kill millions of people
  • the medieval fantasy to which I did not put a title because I am very lazy

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I think that a historical superhero story may have potential, although to avoid sensitivities you could make it the first world war instead of the second or on the contrary do it within the alternate universe of the Kaiserreich. An alternative world where the German empire wins the first world war. And in this timeline the Nazis and fascism are not so widespread in the world.

You could if you want to investigate the Lore of this universe in case you are interested in the Kaisercat YouTube channel.

Although this synopsis also reminds me a lot of what happens in the western dragon series and I have no doubt that one of the endings of this synopsis could be the revelation of supernatural creatures to the world.


I didn’t know this existed and I think it would be a good idea to change the concept of the story a bit

I don’t know what that is

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My mistake. I was referring to American Dragon an old Disney series with supernatural creatures in New York. And the classic problem of hiding all that from human society in modern times.


OMG I know that series and I saw it daily when I was little but I’m from South America and I didn’t recognize the name in English :sweat_smile:

I guess the plot of the series will be similar :thinking: but apart from that I had planned a wayhaven-style organization that regulates supernaturals and prevents them from killing each other


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: ooh Amrican Dragon: Jake Long… I used to watch this in Japanese couple decades ago, I was in around my teens. In Japanese it was アメリカン・ドラゴン

I hope it won’t be similar though, it’ll suck all the fun out.


Of Royal Birth and Forlorn Fate

You were born to a widely-adored King and Queen. Unfortunately, so were your two brothers–years earlier. With little chance of inheriting the throne, you’ll need to seek your destiny elsewhere. (very short demo, 2k words or so)

I am not looking for line-specific feedback, i know i probably have infinite typos, etc. the game might even be broken! Just want to know if anybody wants to read something along these lines. if not, let me know that too. posting in here because the demo is so short, i’ll create a real topic if i end up sticking with it.


Hello there again John, what’s the genre of this? Is MC gonna be an adventurer? Hero? Is it set in a fantasy world? Relatively normal or completely normal type of world? Anyway G’Luck with the project though.

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Ouch… A child that is merely more than a tool to secure their reign. And damned devils the short demo is ended with an extremely painful cliffhanger :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

Though short it’s a nice start and interested in seeing more.

Okay, fellow forum members, I’ve got that problem that I’ve finally decided to ask help with. It’s probably not a suitable thread for it, but I don’t know where else to ask. It can be obnoxious and\or problematic, tho.


So, there’s a game that I’m making; I’ve put a lot of effort and thought and love into it already, even if it’s barely started. The huge problem for me is that it’s set in Russia.
And not just Russia - an alter USSR.
The bare bones of the whole story and around 3\4 of the first chapter were ready before 24.02 came to being. After that I’ve lost any motivation and inner resource to write; now I feel ready to write again but I’m obviously scared that the backlash about the setting will kill all my inspiration again. Note that I can’t - or want - to change the setting, since it plays the major role.
So, the question - should I continue to work on it now, at least in English?

Short story blurb

You are a common student that returned home to their backwater little town for holidays, but your joyful time ends when you find yourself in one-day time loop that inevitably ends with your death. Now it’s up to you to find the truth and break the flow of the fate itself, while trying your best not to lose your humanity and your sanity in the process.


Before I even think of answering your question, I have a question myself: if you’re ALREADY using an “alter” version of USSR (i.e., not-USSR), how importantly, exactly, is the setting? Unless I misunderstood something?

I DO like my Groundhog Day time loops…

Ooh very Russian Doll. I like the sound of this.

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