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Didn’t know that was possible sounds cool.

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It would have to be a “pass the device,” set up.

Ah I see, awesome.

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Coding wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Sounds like a great idea, hope it goes well. Looking forward to it

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Hello all! I’ve wanted to try making my own game for a while, and I’d love to see if this idea piques any interests? Right now it’s still a semi-abstract WIP, though I’ll post another update here if this idea shows enough promise :wink:


You are a child of Silva Viridis, tethered to the Earth from whence you sprouted, and second only to the Keepers. Mellow rain and docile winds, —cultivated by your kind—, are all you know. So when the taleweaver’s apprentice vanishes into the night, your village is thrown into chaos, the Keepers are roused from their languor, and you are tasked with finding the apprentice before you, too, lose your way.

Because they say what is lost should stay hidden forever.

Please don’t hesitate to raise any questions or concerns! :smiley:


you have such a fancy way with words. now from what im getting, either its a very elborate way to say that the mc is human or that the mc has an affinity with plants which honestly is pretty cool. now with the questions.

what are the purpose of a keeper?
what is a keeper?
regarding the first line being that the mc is first and the keepers are second, what does that mean? by power? is the mc a god of some sorts?
is silva viridis a person? a powerful being?

i do understand if some of the questions cant be answered but either way i am already intrigued, the way you wrote your summary is like a wonderful poem and evert word and sentence just has to be dissected.


Lol thank you for the compliments <3! I̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶d̶e̶b̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶w̶h̶e̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶r̶e̶w̶r̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶u̶m̶m̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶u̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶d̶a̶r̶n̶ ̶p̶o̶MPOUS-̶ ̶I̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶m̶i̶s̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶w̶r̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ :eyes:

As for you questions:

What are the purposes of a keeper?/What is a keeper? - Keepers are sort of like the gods of your village (or for all you know, the whole world!) The taleweavers tell of the way they shaped the world, and by extension, you. But idk if you wanna believe those sussy bakas :shushing_face:

regarding the first line being that the mc is first and the keepers are second, what does that mean? by power? is the mc a god of some sorts? - Lol I think I delivered that weridly. What I meant to say is that the MC and their kind are like second place in comparison to the keepers, which are above them. So the MC is second to the Keepers’ first, —“second only to the Keepers”.

is silva viridis a person? a powerful being? - Hmm…Some would say that Silva Viridis is indeed a powerful being, a mother, —a giver of life. Others say the very Earth you roam is Silva Viridis, each dandelion blown and each bountiful harvest is a portion of her. If we can find an equivalent in layman’s terms, it would be 'Mother Earth."

Also when I say “the MC is tethered to the Earth from whence they spouted”, I do mean that they just yeeted out of a tree one day :sunglasses: (humans? never heard of em)

So thank you so much for the questions!! Your interest was probably the greatest dopamine rush I’ve had this afternoon hehe


So… It has been a while… here’s the thing; last year for me(the past couple really) sucked dirt. In the span of 24 months, my family lost our family dog of 14 years in october 2019, then in march 2020 my grandfather to kidney failure, my 30 year old cousin, who is a cop, was assaulted during the 2020 riots and he received severe chemical burns, my grandmother died of a heart attack in april 2021, our family cat of 15 years also died in june 2021, as well as our 40 year old cousin from a brain aneurysm in august while she was driving. She left behind two young kids, no older than 12.(that same week my whole family contracted Covid-19 Delta)All in that order. It’s been… a lot. My father is a pastor, and he had to conduct those funerals while trying to deal with it himself, my mother has been devastated by the loss of both her parents and her young cousin. To say the least, it was tougher than anything I’ve ever personally experienced. But hope remains. There was beauty in the letdown. My next to youngest brother(there are five of us guys) married his sweetheart of five years in October 2021.(she is truly one of the best people I’ve ever known and a great friend to me personally for 10 years) I could not be happier for them. I’m not telling you guys this for sympathy. I simply thought I should keep those who care about the IP I’m working up to date.

So, the big news is; For the past several weeks I’ve been doing a lot of work on Entropic Vice, more than I have in a long time and I’m hoping to have a running demo soon(ish).
What that means I don’t know, except that I’m feeling creative again. Which is a big deal for me.
But in the immediate future it means within the next few days, expect at least one post relating to the Setting.(maybe even two!)
As a teaser, I would like to tell you what I’ve done and what to expect from the first post about it.
I’ve got my prologue ready for reading! It isn’t a playable prologue, as it hasn’t been converted to choice script, but it’s readable!! I may share it on here depending on feedback! Additionally I’ve got a extended character blurb for the RO, Perfect Tony/Tori featuring Artbreeder character art!

Thanks so much to everyone who has shown interest/Support these past few years, Particularly, our wonderful Moderator @Eiwynn and @idonotlikeusernames for their direct engagement and anybody I’m forgetting. Again, thank you all so much for the support! It means so much to me to know that strangers have even a minutiae of interest in the stories that have been placed in my head. Take it easy.


sorry for the late reply but i assure you that when done right, the fancy words stick.

also damn the mc be a plant? (unless i understand that wrong and if it is, pls ignore questions about plant!mc) that’s interesting honestly. ive never played an mc that is basically has nature origins. its mostly about animals. i cant wait to know more about it now!

definitely gonna try to be that very calm and sweet mc but would absolutely go bat shit mad if they hurt anyone they love. also a couple of more questions

would romance be an option?
is the mc’s origin? kinda common? like are there other people like the mc?
does the mc have any plant features? or is being different noticeable (if of course the mc’s origin is rare)

im happy to have made you happy lmao and sorry for another abundance of questions, im naturally an overthinker so yeah lmao


That sounds interesting

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Haha don’t worry abt it, I reply late too

Now a couple more answers ;):
Would romance be an option? - Ofc!! So far I’m not so deep into the dev process to give their definite roles in MC’s development (hence the original interest check just being an ‘idea’), but I’m planning around 3-4 ROs, all gender filppable. And to give yourself a clue on that plant!MC idea: I dont see myself writing leaf seggs for the time being :face_with_peeking_eye:

is the mc’s origin? kinda common? like are there other people like the mc? - When the story starts everyone in MC’s village is of MC’s kind, though we’re gonna have to stop here to avoid spoiler territory :raised_hand: :eye: :lips: :eye:

does the mc have any plant features? or is being different noticeable (if of course the mc’s origin is rare) - Hmm I originally wanted to leave this up to the player’s imagination (completely humaniod vs. a literal tree? Same difference :)) though if we were to go by what was originally in mind, MC would be 100% humanoid at first glance :ok_hand:

And don’t be sorry! Your questions were a joy to answer and I"m glad you’re so adamant in showing interest :heart:

Thank youuu!!! I’m probably going to post a more fleshed out interest check in a few weeks or so, so stay tuned :smiley:


The Elven Detective: Wolf City Nights

Your name is Detective Roraxi (row-raa-shee)

You are the top elven detective in the ruthless Wolf City, you are the ONLY elven detective in Wolf City. A city where elves are second class citizens. Your practice is against human law. None of your cases stick in any human court, even if the culprit is a human. So you take matters into your own hands as a vigilante detective.

Humanity and their allies have tried their hardest to stomp out the old ways of your people, but the elves are hanging on in secret. They seek you out to solve cases involving your people that the Wolf City Police department tosses out, which is all of them. With nothing but your familiar, your wits, your secretary a flighty yet flirtatious elf named Vicky, and the clothes on your back, can you survive on the cold streets of Wolf City?

While straight and bisexual are options, this is mainly a BL game, the outcome of each relationship however, good or bad, depends on your choices.

  • Male gender locked

  • Play as gay, straight or bisexual

  • Player selected first name

  • Play an elf detective who has to solve a variety of crimes from murders to thefts. Your starting stats dictate your success in early cases.

  • Romance shady characters who all have their own motives

  • Uncover the mysterious circumstances behind the fall of your species.

  • And much, much more.

Extra Details

The Midnight Crew- your old detective crew, you try not think about them much after, The Incident

The Ancient Runes- choose between five different runes to tattoo on your palm to represent your spirit guide. It determines your starting stats

The Telith- the tattoo on some part of your body that determines the other part of your stats by determining which god you worship

The Ma’va- the hidden room in your agency where you connect with the spiritual plane of elven kind, used to communicate with other elves who are unable to meet you physically . The other runes are etched into the wall in this room, you must use them to pray to the gods before you can access the magic of the Ma’va

The room has two customizable options, Forest and Castle, with four sub options, The Dark Forest, The Shining Forest, the Grand Castle and the Shadow Palace

Vicky Hallowthorn- Vicky is an androgynous genderqueer male elf with a love of gossip, the arcane and making the perfect cup of tea. He absolutely adores you to pieces.


Jane - a female human WCPD officer you meet while investigating a specific murder. She’s extremely interested in finding out more about you. Why? And is it a good or bad thing?

Spades- your old partner in The Midnight Crew, a suave and sensual elf with a mischievous glint in his eye. He’s always been by your side, but now he’s locked up at PURPLE CHESSBOARD the highest security prison in Wolf City. After you visit with him, he escapes…

The Client
Count Felas (name pending) Dyrnaint- the first client you had in seven years, he’s rather quiet, a very rich and influential elf even though that only really matters among your people. He’s desperate for help in solving the murder of his brother, Count Louis, your former client.

Kima ‘Snowman’ Hombre- his wanna be femme fatale half elf wife, she goes by her maiden name of Hombre. She is cheating on her husband. She is a possible client, but might lock you out of Felas as a client. She seeks you out to find out if her lover, Lord Saxon, is cheating on her.


𝐄𝐳𝐞𝐤𝐞𝐥’𝐬 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞

Tag: “A very loosely inspired take on “Beauty and the Beast”, “Cinderella”, and a bit of Arthurian legend. And also Fae!”

Idea: I’m very new, and terrible!, at coding and wanted to create a smaller scoped game as a learning experience. And putting together all my favorite things, and things I’d like to personally see in a game, has landed me here. It’s essentially a bit slice-of-life to start, following the life of the mc as she grows up in a glittering court and her relationships with the other main characters, but as the game continues the plot picks up and develops to be more intense. And angsty. And a bit dark. But a lot of romance!

More specifics: The mc is gonna be locked to a girl, I’m sorry. :c The main purpose of this game is focused on the relationship between the mc and her husband, Ezekel, which is where the bulk of the romance will happen, but there will be two characters with their own “paths” as well. The main stats in this game are just personality and how the characters react to you, and your affect on them, but also choices that you make and their own consequences on the story. (No right or wrong)

Non-flowery, straight-to-the-point, non-spoilery plot: You are the youngest daughter of a small, but increasingly powerful, merchant kingdom, extremely beautiful but born out of an affair. Your mother, who is really your step-mother and father’s second wife, resents and abuses you for this, as do your siblings, particularly the two daughter’s of your mother. Your fate is decided at a young age as you become the sacrificial lamb to the Charming Court (colloquial pet name only), a kingdom that is on its way to becoming an empire, where everything glitters like jewels. You are married to the rumored “beastly prince” who is said to be cursed and cruel, even at such a young age. The story follows you as you grow up, your relationship with him and the two main characters but in a dark fairytale slice-of-life kinda way, and then starts rapidly developing as you discover your husband’s true nature, become cursed yourself, get pulled into a mystery you wish no part in, and navigate the waters of two courts.

Flower plot blurb: Redoing atm

Character personality blurbs:

Ezekel (pronounced Eh-za-kell) “aka role of Arthur” “aka role of the Beast”:
as a child: calculating, much warmer than his image portrays, but good at getting what he wants, intelligent, also a bit cold to those he doesn’t deem important

as an adult: oh boy what happened. cruel, sarcastic, prideful, and manipulative, charming, deceitful but also kind, generous personality masked by his negative traits, hates to be pinned down to anything, self-absorbed, lies a lot, likes to tease, deep, deeep, deeeeeep, down is a very good person. probably??? maybe??? can be be a bit ruthless. viscous. mean. terrible horrible no good very bad. but thoughtful, and maybee a lil vulnerable

Lukan “aka lancelot” “aka prince charming”
as a child: when he’s younger he’s playful, compassionate, a lil dorky in private, as in would never show you of his own volition, mischievous. though he is kind, he isn’t shy or a pushover and is quite assertive. very charming, dreamy, outgoing, “loved by all” type. type to make anybody feel welcome

as an adult: as he gets older he loses, or rather hides, hides his childness but retains his level headed ness. becomes far more serious, stoic, tired, responsible, disregards himself for his duties and any behavior not befitting of them. knightly, princely, can have a little, just tinyyyy bit, bit of a vanity, but he knows he can afford it, but is still the charming, ever-the gentleman, portrayal he is required, at least in face. far more manufactured than before. enigmatic, like a sun

Alette “aka Morgana” “aka kinda, very loosely, inspired as a step-sister from cinderella”
As a child: Younger, she was raised to be a bit spoiled. Very hot headed and brash and quick to do whatever she wants regardless of the consequences, but propelled by her own sense of what is right or not without regard to how it comes off. Very intelligent and outspoken.

As an adult: However, as she ages and suffers through hardships, she becomes far more self-aware and aware of political outstanding’s. Still quick to speak her mind however, only now far more befitting of the spoken art that is playing the courts. Cheeky, intelligent, and fiercely protective of those she cares about, never refuses a challenge, an ever burning flame.

???: A man seeming to pull so many strings, connected to your husband and finds this situation amusing. Seems to know a great deal about things he shouldn’t. (I wish I could spoil this right here, but everybody needs a mysteryyyyyyyyy oooohhohohoh character.)

Last words and a bit more explanation: There won’t be huge branching, but the choices you do make will make a difference. The stats again are mainly personality, and how it changes as you age, and how characters react different to you because of it. Just an angsty romance with befitting characters. I have always loved games where you are married to a king, and also slice of life moments, but also a more overarching plot, so here this is. Not a super deep or thoughtful idea, let’s be real it’s a typical tyrant ml trope aha, but hopefully deep and memorable interactions with the cast with more flesh to them than first glance. Any comments, thoughts, or feedback would be lovely, thank you! :DD

Also, edit and disclaimer: I promise my writing style is far different from this post, with far less mistakes. Just quickly trying to the technicalities down haha :,)


Sounds awesome!

…Aaaaand I’m out.


No worries c: I know that by the more limited you make a game the more you limit your audience. It’s completely understandable if that decision is not for you. Thank you for taking the time to read through it and for the comment! <3


Hi all :slight_smile: I hope you are well! I have been hemming and hawing over the direction I want to take my game so I thought I’d overcome my lurker-itis to ask about it here. Firstly, the game. It is what I want to call a science-fantasy-solarpunk-cottagecore-action-adventure-romance.
What do you mean that’s not a real genre??

It is pure self-indulgence, like a sundae with all the toppings!

Ouroboros *working title. It was different last week. Lol.


Before the event, when Rivens forest was a handful of trees, there was a village right at the edge of the tree-line. Your village.
It was unremarkable, quiet; the only thing of note was the well. It was magic, the water splendid; the people that knew about it walked for miles to drink their fill. It had regenerative properties and sometimes, under certain circumstances, it granted unpredictable powers.

It was inevitable, then, that this secret would come out. And when it did, everything changed.
The well split at the seams and for 200 and some years the forest has grown and grown, covering the earth.
Every living thing that imbibed the wells spreading water changed. First came immortality for humans, then the animals, but most importantly, everything that drank the water mutated. The forest filled with creatures never seen before; horrifying goliaths and adorable frog-cats alike. Humans branched off into new species, too. Some with fangs, some with horns, some with fungi growing from their pointed ears, some with gills, some with… You get the point.

The guards that were sworn to protect the well banded together in Riven to now protect the small, surviving population from the attacks that kept occurring-- the same goliaths and beasts that prowled the forest started attacking nightly. Together, the people in Riven built a defensive wall - The Hedge. This organic structure ran around Riven and connected to it was a series of boardwalks that weaved through the tree-tops of this infinite forest, like a web above the lethal forest floor.
Here you volunteered as a hedgerunner, until tragedy struck.

Forced into retirement, you now live in your precious cabin in a safe part of the forest. Isolated. Lonely. And with a whole lot of trauma, either healing from it or still in it’s clutches.
One day a letter is delivered to you, one that summons you back to (a now technologically advanced) Riven and its massive hedge.
Here your adventure starts as you are asked to join the guard again, taking up the role of a hedgerunner and being assigned a new team. Together you set off on a new journey into the wild forest, one that will leave you learning about the well just as much as it will stump you with new revelations. Who will you trust and work with? How will Riven change as a growing city? How does your past affect your future? Where do you stand as the secrets of the well unravel?

While definitely plot-heavy the real core to the story are the characters; your companions and their backstories, as well as your own past and how that has shaped you.

  • Play as gay, straight, non-binary, romancing accordingly (finished, implemented, but I am looking at options on how to work with an asexual route)

  • Extensive character creator, choice of origin and more customization in general (finished, implemented, might be added upon)

  • A cast of characters I have tinkered with for years, gender-swappable RO’s, but still developed enough that I hope it feels organic; each of them have a different thematic connection to the PC (WIP, fully plotted and some incorporated in the story so far)

  • Adult romance (optional explicit scenes) that grows over time (WIP, fully plotted and some key moments already written)

  • Combat affinity: will you be stealthy and graceful, brutish and strong, use your wisdom or deduction? (WIP, but its implemented in the story so far. I have not added different weapon choices yet)

  • Complex personality meter that characters react to (finished, implemented in story so far)

  • Moral choices rather than widely branching story (though there is still some deviations); changing the context of your PC’s actions rather than the setting, if that makes sense?

  • A plot with both action and downtime, but this is also what I want to ask about so let’s move on -

If you took the time to read through all that, I thank you! I have barely spoken about it with anyone in my life so it is a bit scary, but I am excited too. This is a passion-project for sure.

I still want other people to (hopefully) play and enjoy this game so I wanted to ask you what you think is overly self-indulgent. For some context, I love interactive fiction for the atmosphere and space you as a player gets to inhabit, not just the plot or the action-beats. I desperately want to fill my plot with downtime, where the player just gets to wander around and hang out, without any game-altering consequences to the overarching plot - say the PC gets a page of choices of exploring this and that or take a moment to do x, but very often. This would sometimes involve a RO, or other characters, but I also like the theme I’ve built around loneliness and isolation in contrast to the vastness of infinity and I’d like to explore that.

How many of those moments is too much, slowing down the pace? Or should I have an option to skip the whole introspection/exploration whenever it occurs? (But that would mean that they wont get to be as meaningful, as I can’t have any details/choices that have relevance to the story?)

How much downtime do you like in your (own or played) games?


Hey everyone.

I’m new to this forum or any forum in general, so I’m just going to say I’m sorry in advance in case I made any mistake here.

I have two works in progress right now, the first one is in the genre of high fantasy while the other one would be slice of life. This post would be way too long if I tried to explain both of them, and I’m currently more focused on the high fantasy IF anyway so that’s the one this post will be about.

I can give more details about the slice of life IF in another post if anyone is interested, but the basic premise is that it will be a story where you can experience a full life with the RO (or at least most of them) from childhood until late adulthood/death.

Now on to the main story.

Title: Shadows under the sun (Temp)

Genre: High fantasy, Romance


A thousand years ago an incident called the Great Calamity had driven all but the most resilient of the mortal race to extinction. The future seemed bleak until one day the mortal awakened mysterious power called the Aether which allow them to secure their future and push back against the source of the calamity itself.

You are a human living one thousand years after the incident had been resolved. You wake up one day without any recollection of your past in the capital city of the kingdom of Straicia. The only thing you know about yourself was your name and your Aether which allows you to turn into a living shadow.

Without having any other skill to rely on, you turned into the life of a street rat, making a name for yourself among the other rejected people living in the slum of the capital until a single misfortune happened and turned your life upside down.


There are 7 ROs planned for the story, none of which have been named yet because frankly naming things is my biggest nightmare.

All ROs will be gender flippable and romanceable to MC of any gender.

  • The Mischievous Royal (Human)
    The youngest member of the royal family who changed had unknowingly changed your life.

  • The Childhood Friend (Human)
    A kind and empathetic person who has been forced to retreat from the world thanks to their telepathic Aether.

  • The Wandering Elf (Elf)
    A curious young elf who refused to stay in their home forest like most of their kin.

  • The Death Prophet (Human)
    A deadly assassin who became your most loyal follower after you saved them.

  • The Imperial General (Human)
    The king most trusted advisor who has a high sense of justice.

  • The Arch-Priestess (Human)
    The leader of the holy church and the only bridge between the mortal and the goddess.

  • The High Paladin (Human)
    The arch-priestess personal bodyguard and leader of the holy church army.

  • I wanted to focus more on the character relationship and romance so I was thinking of not using any combat/ability stats for this IF. The reason for that is because:

    Disclaimer: This is not me criticizing any other author. I’m simply stating my own preference.

  1. I find them very distracting. I feel like every time I was given a choice related to ability I had to open the show stats to see whether I had a good enough stat to pass the check or which stat got affected by the choice.

  2. It locked you out of some choices by either making the choice straight up unchooseable or making you not want to choose a certain choice because you know you’ll fail the ability check.

  • I’m torn whether I should add nonbinary-inclusive features or not. This is not because I’m against them, I’m just wondering whether it would fit into the settings of the story or not.

  • I’m not a planner by any means possible. While i do have a general outline of the story and the character i want, almost everything would be subject to change as i write.

Thank you very much if you’ve read everything up until this point.

I’m open to any question, suggestion, and constructive criticism.


It’s your story at the end of the day, which means you can leave them out of course, but at the same time it means you can simply make them fit if you want to.


Thank you, I guess I’ll just have to see and decide as I go along with the story.

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