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Ok, thank you to @Clara_Wolfenstein, @lisamarlin, and @CorvusWitchcraft for all your feedback and advice—it is hugely appreciated! Based on your comments, I have decided to nix the ghost POV idea. It is the most popular option on the poll, but I have to agree that it limits options for such important elements to the story, like relationship building. It would be fun to write, but it’s not fun to play a game in which you can’t develop relationships imho. At least not with this plot. I’m planning on making the character relationships highly influenced by player decisions, especially if on the different perspectives route, because personality choices would be more limited.

That being said, it is now down to the different perspectives and the single player-controlled character options. I think I’m married to the idea of the different perspectives because in the bit of drafting I’ve done, it’s been fun to see the individual thoughts/feelings of the currently controlled character. And how they contrast the others. But I’d like to write a story that people will enjoy playing, and I understand if I’m in the minority in this.

I’d like to do one more poll to gauge interest now that the options are narrowed down. What I would like to know is, if I went the route of making your own character, would the option to occasionally see other perspectives be a turn off or on to reading it? This would be in the format of mini scenes/flashbacks. I’ve formatted the poll to be a single choice this time, so I can see for sure what is the most popular vote. As always, I am open for any feedback! Thank you!

Which story sounds most interesting to you? Original plot/poll linked here. Before you vote, please keep in mind that the ability to sabatoge or not aid in the investigation would be available for all three.

  • You play from the perspective of 5 different childhood friends, all working together to find the missing part of their group.
  • You play as an original MC, part of the group but with your own motivations and strengths. This option DOES include scenes from other perspectives.
  • You play as an original MC, part of the group but with your own motivations and strengths. This option DOES NOT include scenes from other perspectives.

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It’s not the most popular, but the 5 different childhood friends idea is something I haven’t seen anyone else do. Your game would immediately have a unique selling point.


I’ve had an idea for a story that I’m contemplating making a first foray into ChoiceScript with. It’s fantasy, centring around a small island nation that was conquered in the recent past. The story starts off with the conqueror going missing and continues with various members of the conqueror’s circle trying to get control of the situation in their own ways, various commoners taking their own action, the previously deposed ruler coming out of the woodwork and the complication of what happened to the conqueror in the first place.

That came out sounding like it’s more of a political story than it will probably be, but anyway, this isn’t a general interest check. If I do decide I want to do this, I will regardless of interest.

My real dilemma is that when this first came into my head, it was not as a CS game, and so it didn’t need to have only one viewpoint character (of course it’s possible to do more than one in CS but I want to try to keep things simple for my first attempt). Initially, I saw the story focused on a duo of two characters: One the sibling of the conqueror, but in hiding after falling out of favor, the other one of the commoners of the island. So, if I were to make this into a game, I’d like to know which one you all would find more interesting to play as, with the other still a closely associated NPC.

  • Commoner
  • Conqueror’s sibling

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Hello everyone, I’m currently working on a high fantasy adventure with subplots of mystery and political intrigue that takes place in a galactic empire spanning several planets where you play as the heir to the throne sent to fulfill a seemingly impossible task. I have the blurb below if that interests you. I’d like to hear your thoughts if you’d like to see more of it, thank you.

Your mother Empress Vasha is known for her stunning beauty. With her grace and charm she seized the heart of the Emperor and with an enchanted dagger she killed her husband and took over his Empire.

Now she rules the empire of Kartha with a frozen fist, keeping it in eternal winter with her mystic gifts. But her beauty begins to fade and strangely, so do her powers.

She instructs you to descend into the Darkness where the goddess Resha supposedly resides and steal her tears which grants those who use it eternal youth. The only trouble is, the goddess has never been known to cry.

As you set out on your journey and observe life as you’ve never seen it before, everything you have ever been told slowly falls apart and your loyalties are called into question as you unravel a web of lies that goes deeper than initially perceived.


Hello dear user.

I have seen a lot in the forum that this platform is missing more historical fiction stories and I thought that this platform could be the place to present this alternate Universe where Germany won the First World War with a multimedia channel called Kaiser Cat Cinema that has very multimedia content. interesting giving possibility to many options of stories in Choicecript such as being a person involved in a conflict being a soldier or war commander on the battlefield or being a spy for the many sides of the world in different nations.

  1. Composition of 4 sides in the next American Civil War
  2. Construction of the future conflict between British Royalists and French Republicans exiled in Canada and West Africa against their socialist counterparts in Europe.
  3. The effort to maintain the German Empire as a dominant world power while preparing for the socialist threat in Western Europe and Russia in the East as well as from the Japanese in the Pacific
  4. The effort to unify Italy again after losing the Great War divided between two republican factions of different ideology and two Monarchist factions from two different royal houses.
  5. Choose whether to maintain or dissolve the Austro-Hungarian Empire while dealing with the cultural divide present in the Habsburg Empire
  6. Reform the Ottoman empire while preparing for future conflicts against the Arab nationalism of his empire led by Egypt, Iran and Arabia.
  7. Support some of the reforms of the Russian Provisional Government after Alexander Kerensky is assassinated after the White Russians defeated the Bolsheviks. If the empire is restored, a republic while order is restored
  8. Establish ties with one of the sides of India to choose whether to remain again the jewel of the British crown or free yourself from its rule to choose whether to reestablish or reform the pre-colonial regime or be a Hindu nation with attempts to join the communist international.
  9. The immersion in the conflict resulting from the Chinese Civil War and the disintegration of the Qing empire into war lords as the main sides try to restore or establish a new order while they are involved in the interests of Germany and Japan in the Zone. You decide whether to restore the empire by being reformed or restored in the process or to establish an independent republic. Then you choose if the empire / republic remain independent or formalize their ties or with the Germans or the Japanese while they drink tea and smoke opium in a commercial city like Shanghai being a commercial nexus while the rest of China is far from the hand of God.
  10. Foster the success of expansionist aspirations while influencing the reform of the Japanese empire.

All while exercising a profession as an agent or mercenary of an intelligence and espionage agency. What do you think of the possibility of Choicecript stories being made of this alternate universe in the mid-1930s through the late 1940s?


Alternative-history fiction game? um yes please :slightly_smiling_face: Would love to see that, just so happens that I just finished rewatch The man in the high castle for the third time,love that series but unfortunately bad ending 🤷


Evil mother? Possible betrayal? You have my attention :eyes:


I think the 1920s-1940s provide ample material for such stories, especially in alternate history settings. Though while I do enjoy Kaiserreich, but I’m not sure whether it would work so well given how the mod gameplay (it originated from a Darkest Hour mod, and there’s now a version for Hearts of Iron IV) allows you to shape the destiny of your selected country through events and stuff.

Before they got rid of certain elements, I’d have felt the Union of Britain was excellent material for an intrigue-heavy game, but I think they’ve gotten rid of the potential for a Monarchist revolt or UoB agents agitating on the continent (which are referenced in the Kaiser Cat videos, but aren’t part of the “official” lore, I think).

All of the other major conflicts branch significantly and have multiple sides (usually 3+), which might make it hard to convert into a more character-based game with a more set story. The lead-up to the 2ACW could work, something like the old United We Stand WIP leaving the actual war and post-war for the epilogue. But the others might be too branching.

Take Russia, for instance (ignoring the in-development(?) rework). There are what, 3 potential military dictators, 3 Tsars (constitutional and absolute), various flavours of democratic and the Soviet revolt. Choices are good, but having too many branches could dilute them, and I think generally people prefer longer but fewer branches rather than more branches which are shorter.

Also I think the KR devs can be a bit protective of their universe, so if the intent is for such stories to be published, then you might want to take a look at their usage policy or contact them directly.

Depending on what you’re going for, it might just be better to devise an original interwar setting.


You mean a game in the Kaiserreich universe, yeah, go for it as a hobby project. You probably need to discuss a paid version with the persons whose multimedia content you plan to use as the backdrop for your setting though, unless their various licenses already permit commercial usage…which I have no clue about to be honest.

Love the Kaiserreich setting though. My fave Hoi4 mod still. Yes it even beats out TNO: Last Days of Europe for me.

Hmm…to be perfectly honest the Ottoman Empire is my favourite nation in the Hoi4 version.
It has gotten significantly easier to keep it together on the centralisation path again with the recent updates, imho.


Continuing the discussion from Interest Check Thread:

Hello! Umm… I’ve been a lurker in the forum for almost a year now and I’m still trying to figure out how this works. (I also debated whether I should post it here or not given my lack of experience in writing.)

Ok so this story of mine was supposed to be written as a book on Wattpad but I kinda changed my mind since I thought it would be fun to learn coding and play it as a game.

I’m still learning how to code so I’m going to have a gender locked, male MC.

I have played a lot of games created by different authors here and I’ve never encountered one that has the omegaverse genre.

I know that there are some people that don’t like this kind of genre but I still want to share this idea of mine.


After being raised by his abusive, adoptive parents, an omega struggles looking for a job. Most omegas are frowned upon by the society as the lowest of the hierarchy. But luckily for him, he was accepted in the CCPF (Crime City Police Force) as one of their newest agents.

Ever since the evolution of their city’s technology, some people started acquiring different kinds of special abilities and powers. These people are known as ‘AUs’ which is the acronym of ‘Ability Users’ and they are actually the main reason why the CCPF is created. It is the CCPF’s job to ensure the safety of all people in Crime City from criminals and evil ability users.

After seeing his talents, the omega was immediately sent on his first mission together with his partner. Their mission is to join and infiltrate a group of vigilantes called ‘SHADOW’.

However, it seems that the leader of SHADOW thinks that there is definitely something more to the little omega than what meets the eye. Will he find out about their mission?

If not… What will he find?

  • Play as a male omega character in a world where secondary genders exist.
  • Choose which of the five available districts you live in.
  • Romance one of the three romance options: The leader, the partner and the hacker.
  • A secret romance route.
  • Go to missions, solve cases and catch the criminals in Crime City.
  • Unravel the secrets of the vigilante group called SHADOW.
  • Discover more of yourself. (And your past.)
  • Side with the CCPF, SHADOW or side with no one at all.
Romance Options
The Leader

Name: Leviathan “Levi” Kingsley
Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Alpha
Age: 24
Height: 6’2
Appearance: Broad shoulders and muscled build. Short, wavy white hair that stops short above his ears. Crimson red eyes. Tan skin.
Personality: Cold, blunt and loyal.
Affiliation: SHADOW (Leader)
Ability: Envy - allows him to copy the abilities of others he has seen before.
Skills: Combat fighting.

The Partner

Name: Wyatt Pryce
Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Alpha
Age: 24
Height: 6’4
Appearance: Broad shoulders and athletic build. Short, straight brown hair that is slicked to the left and loose in the other side. Chocolate brown eyes. Light skin. Wears glasses.
Personality: Warm, genuine and easygoing.
Affiliation: Crime City Police Force (Agent)
Ability: N/A
Skills: Intelligence.

The Hacker

Name: Ezekiel “Kiel” Garcia
Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Beta
Age: 22
Height: 5’7
Appearance: Slim and lean build. Short, straight light orange hair that covers his right eye. Amber eyes. Light olive skin. Thick, red rimmed glasses.
Personality: Stubborn and sarcastic.
Affiliation: SHADOW (Hacker)
Ability: Override - allows him to take control or hack into any form of technology he touches.
Skills: Hacking.

Other Characters
The Sniper

Name: Ashton “Ash” Maxwell
Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Alpha
Age: 24
Height: 6’5
Appearance: Broad shoulders and athletic build. Short, straight caramel that stops a little below his ears. Grey eyes. Light skin. An eyepatch covers his left eye.
Personality: Stoic, calculative and reserved.
Affiliation: SHADOW (Second in command; Sniper)
Ability: Scope - allows him to see far beyond the ordinary sight, though the limit of his ability is 8km.
Skills: Marksmanship and knowledge of fire-arms.

The Actor

Name: Casey Carter
Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Omega
Age: 23
Height: 5’10
Appearance: Lithe and lean build. Chin-length, wavy purple hair. Magenta eyes. Pale skin.
Personality: Kind, caring and protective.
Affiliation: SHADOW (Infiltration Specialist)
Ability: Doppelganger - allows him to copy the whole appearance and voice of a person he touches.
Skills: Acting.

The Spy

Name: Mitchell “Mitch” Yu
Gender: Female
Secondary Gender: Beta
Age: 19
Height: 4’10
Appearance: Lithe build and flexible body. Long, straight blonde hair that reaches her waist is tied into twin tails. Cerulean eyes. Light olive skin.
Personality: Energetic, friendly and impulsive.
Affiliation: SHADOW (Infiltration Specialist)
Ability: Cat - allows her to manifest the traits of a cat including their enhanced senses, flexibility and etc., her ability doesn’t transform her body into a cat’s.
Skills: Knife-fighting. Gymnastics.

NOTE: English isn’t really my forte since it is not my mother tongue so I’m very sorry about the grammatical errors. And aside from that, I’m still deciding on the title for the game.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would tell me what you think and give some feedback.

Thank you guys so much and have a nice day! :grinning:


Have you played Red Flood? It’s basically half-mod, half advanced philosophy project.

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Assuming option one gets made would there be other ghosts? Maybe you could move on and hang out with kids who died when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and the Pilgrims died in the Titanic. Would probably be a good way to insert the mandatory RO without necrophilia. Which is disgusting, and should not be normalized.

I like option one the most, and that’s not an uncommon opinion, so this might be evidence that I’m becoming dumber.

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Sorry to disappoint but option one has been nixed! Here is the updated idea poll.

I appreciate the feedback, though.

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I want my money back! But in all seriousness, and for curiosity. If I posted that before the new poll would you have reconsidered cutting that option? I’m not saying you should do it now, but in an alternative universe would you?

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Lol! I actually drafted around 3,000 words of that option after posting the first poll, before I decided to cut it. But it just wouldn’t work for this story. I would’ve come to that conclusion eventually anyways. So to answer your question-no, I don’t think so.

Maybe I’ll apply it to a different story in the future? For now all my spare time is focused on this current plot… and also trying to navigate code as someone that just recently learned how to open a .zip file. So I’ll be here for a while :’)


I would be moore than interested😍
waiting for updates!!!

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Thank you~ I already finished writing the prologue (which isn’t much) and I have started the first parts of chapter 1.

I’m probably going to release the demo once I complete at least 2 chapters.


So hey guys please tell me what you think of this idea of mine.
You are In your last year in high school when you are suddenly thrust into a world of crime,family,love,and of course the mafia.
Work along with your twin and some very interesting characters as you teens or rather young adults work to pull off the biggest heist in history. Tags are: crime,romance,coming of age,comedy e.t.c
Please tell me if you like it. You can follow me on my tumblr @Youonlyliveonce for updates and information. The name of the wip is Y.O.L.O (You only live once)


That sounds like an interesting concept. I look forward to learning more & seeing a potential demo in the future

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Is I The Forgotten One the name of your story, or just your Tumblr? Because it’s already the name of a very popular WiP.