Interest Check Thread

You would just happen to mention some of my best friends on the forums, huh? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both @adrao and @Lucid in real life, and they are both fine gentlemen and amazing creators indeed, as is @JimD, who I hope to meet someday. And yes, they all genre hop, for sure!

I realize that we game writers enjoy a LOT more flexibility with our projects than do indie writers of regular books. Those customers expect writers to keep cranking out “more of the same, but a little different.” In fact, genre-hopping is regarded as a huge mistake for those writers, especially new writers.

But back to genre-hopping here. I actually think this topic deserves its own thread, and I don’t want to derail the Interest Check thread anymore than I have, but I’ll create one here shortly. I really appreciate your comments though!


All right, I’ve been working on this for some time and the demo with the prologue will probably be coming out this month.

Puzzling Crimes: Silent Melody

You play as Detective Kane, a private investigator moving back to your home town, Hercchester, fifteen years after your younger sister Melody disappeared. Immediately after your return you meet a young, orphan girl named Iris, who is determined to become your assistant.
The game is a cozy murder mystery set in the 1930s. The story is divided into cases, you and Iris, as well as some other characters, will have to solve murders and other crimes in order to progress the narrative.
The story will focus a lot on the relationship between Iris and Detective Kane, they both lost important people in their lives and now have the chance to develop new bonds, with each other as well as with other characters.

Speaking of characters:

Charles Garcia(m)

The local Police Inspector. He is a little grumpy and has terrible social skills, but deep down he only wants to help the city become a better place.

Leah Khan(f)

The Coroner. She is an optimistic and extroverted woman, with a VERY HEALTHY obsession with death. She will assist you during several cases.

Isabelle/Isaac (f/m)

Your maid/butler. They can be a little naive sometimes, but aside from that, they are very kind and determined. Iris claims “Isa” is her best friend.

Arthur/Agatha (m/f)

Your childhood best friend. They can seem a bit too serious and cold sometimes, but you can tell that your old buddy still is in there somewhere. They also have a young daughter named Emma, who they love more than anything in the world.

Samuel(oh no)

Your cousin. He is an irresponsible and unsuccessful aspiring artist(or, as he likes to say, an undiscovered talent) with a terrible habit of falling in love with women and immediately proposing to them. Sammy has a long track record of failed relationships and disastrous wedding ceremonies, but despite all of that, he still believes love will find its way into his life.

M… wait, there is no one else left, right? Yeah, I’m petty sure.

I forgot to mention Iris’ actual appearance so here it is:
She is an average high teenage girl, with grey eyes, dark brown skin, and curly black hair. Her clothes will change a lot throughout the story.


It sounds interesting! I’m curious though, do we get to select our gender or is it set?
Also- how much older is Kane than Iris? ('cos “young” can mean many things)

I don’t have anything planned out for this, but I’ve been replaying Phoenix Wright lately, and that got me thinking… Do you think a Phoenix Wright style of game would work on CS? Where you play as a set character, interact with set characters, follow a set scenario, and have only one correct path to winning. Essentially a non-branching visual novel minus the visual bit.

I do have some idea of what kind of universe I might want to set it in - it’s a vampire hunting sort - but nothing beyond that. It would be closer to the police procedural style of AAI, not trials. If I ever get to it, anyway. Probably not for a long time.

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Yes, you will be able to play as a woman, a man, or a nonbinary person.

“young” as in, she is a teenager, and Kane is already in their late 20s/early 30s. Her actual age will only be revealed later, but she is clearly not an adult, and the fact that she seems so used to seeing bodies around her should tell that she didn’t really have the best childhood. Think of her as a fusion between Nancy Drew and Robin.


I will look out for the WIP, it Sounds really interesting

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I was looking forward to meeting again at next convention (bloody pandemic…)… And I like the premise for the game that you are describing! (I think it goes back to the Marvel Superheroes RPG we both enjoyed as kids? :slight_smile: )

I’ll throw this out again (they say every idea is crazy the first time you hear it but grows on you the second time) id be happy to travel to the USA (when all this is over) for a week, get two laptops (or three, if we can convince @Lucid , who id love to meet) and go crazy and write a game together. We could “re-use” my hero or Villain mechanics (loosely based on the old marvel superheroes RPG) and throw them into the story you have in mind? (I like the premise!). I know you have a job, but if you have a week where you can put 3-4 hours every evening then between us we could write 500 words/hr x4 x7 x2 =24,000 words? (Ie the main sequence, which can then be expanded laterally)


Nothing attracts my attention as much as “1930s cosy mystery”, so consider me hooked. I do wish we could customise our surname and potentially our sister’s name too - Melody isn’t very 1930s. And I’m nitpicking, but servants - Isaac/Isabelle - would be called by their surnames, and Isa doesn’t sound like a probable nickname for the time period. Izzy for Isabelle or Ike for Isaac (though the latter was more American) would be more likely. That being said, I love the sound of it, and especially our cousin Samuel. He sounds like a headache in the best possible way.


It could definitely work on CS, but whether or not it would be popular with CS players is a different story. There are some people who only play once, so they don’t mind if a story goes only one way, but there are also people who play multiple routes to see how different choices play out.

Quite a lot of the popular games are the ones that have multiple paths and high customisation. However, you don’t always have to follow what’s popular – if you feel like you want to give it a try, maybe start small and gauge how much you like where it’s going.

Since I’m not a fan of Phoenix Wright, I don’t think I would give it a try. But knowing the rules of the Internet, there will be at least five people out there who would be interested.


I would love to meet up with people again. The Imaginarium event was so cool. Stupid pandemic.

I’ve always wanted to try a group game, but wow, am I ever busy right now. I’m going to join a collaboration some day, I hope. :slight_smile:


@adrao I seriously want to put a pin in this until after the pandemic settles down (timeframe unknown?!?!) but yeah I would totally consider this sort of team-up at some point. And if you ended up coming over to the States, my ass would be taking off-work and we’d write more like 4-5K words (each) a day. There’s no way I’d be working my regular job that week.

Just like with @Lucid , at the moment my plate is super full with family and job stuff (and being a fantasy football commish :football:) but this is something we need to keep bringing up from time to time. And yes, Mike, it would be even more fun with the three of us.


Yeah, this is something that you play once. Thanks - maybe I’ll think up and write a small case or something like that, to gauge interest. When I have the time. College has started…


Hi there everyone! I love playing CoGs and have been interested in making my own interactive story for a while now, although I’ve only been lurking in the forums until very recently! I’ve completed a prologue and plotted out a first chapter for this game/book, with a general plan for shape of the full book, and I wanted to do an interest check while I’m working. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas for what they’d like to see in a game like this, I’d love your feedback!

It is a fairly dark magical school story taking place in a fantasy kingdom, with a romance, friendship, and narrative focus.


Admittance to the Sorcerer’s Guild is a dream come true for many: it’s the beginning of a path to a prolonged life, a place among the nobility, and of course, absolute arcane power.

Some have lucked into an apprenticeship due to noble birth, some have dedicated themselves to studying theory to take the top score in hyper-competitive exams, and some have murkier circumstances…but the player character, a twenty year old would-be sorcerer’s apprentice, comes from the murkiest circumstances of all. They are 1) the sole survivor of a household purged on royal orders 2) a street rat with a laundry list of criminal charges 3) a fraud who’s stolen the identity of a suspiciously deceased noble, all so they can be planted in the Guild and carry out the agenda of a mysterious and extremely shady benefactor.

And as if they don’t have enough to deal with, their arcane academia turns out to be a lot deadlier than they ever expected, even when their fellow apprentices aren’t actively trying to bump them off. It also turns out to be full of some of the awkwardest attempts at seduction ever known to humanity. A cage of magically mutated fire ants is not an appropriate gift for the end of a first date. Why are sorcerers like this?

Further Details and Features

-Play as a male, female, or non-binary character, either cis or trans. All romanceable characters can be set to either male or female, and are all romanceable by any gender.

-Morally gray characters and choices in a violent world, but without a grim tone. Characters can and will die tragically or betray your trust (and you can certainly betray theirs), but I’m aiming for a sense of fun and chaos despite the darkness.

-Customizable character motives and background: play as lost nobility or the child of servants, chasing power or just trying to survive. Shape your character’s views as they grow by changing your motives over the course of the story. Get embroiled in the politics of different factions with different ideas of what sorcery should be.

-Four powerful sorcerers as potential masters, each with their own philosophy, style of magic, and unique path through the game: the elementalist, the beastslayer, the illusionist, and the healer.

-Four fellow apprentices to befriend, become mortal enemies with, or romance, each with their own background, motives, and secrets. Build up your bonds to get vital information and aid from your cohort! Just be careful…and not only because the fire ants got loose again.

Romance Options

(Using initials because character names are nowhere close to finalized! The characters take some time to open up to yours, so there’s a focus on friendship here: friend and romantic routes will be fairly similar for this book.)

L, the Elementalist’s Apprentice: They knew from a young age, despite their upbringing as the child of a rug merchant, that they would become a sorcerer or die trying. Their reasons for pursuing sorcery so single-mindedly are noble, compared to some: they believe that magic is not being applied for the good of the people, and want to make reforms from the inside. L is practical and level-headed, with little patience for dramatics and absolutely none for cruelty. If they relax their guard enough to let someone in, there’s no more loyal ally to have. But they won’t let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of their goals.

N, the Healer’s Apprentice: Their origins aren’t exactly clear, and they’re not very good at talking about themself. Or talking, period. They’re physically frail, terribly meek, and so sheltered they can’t always relate to others easily. But they’re unmistakably a talented healer who loses much of their awkwardness when they’re in their element, and their concern for others seems genuine. Treat them with respect, and they’ll do anything to help you. Insult them…and they probably won’t actually notice. They have potion components to analyze.

S, the Beastslayer’s Apprentice: A noble from an influential House with a proud tradition of warriors and sorcerers both. They are a powerful fighter and an absolutely hopeless student, as well as a shameless, spoiled bully who despises “cowards.” Maybe they’re just brash and bad at expressing themself, with a secret heart of gold? Or maybe not. But at least you usually can guess what they’re thinking, since they’re about as subtle as a sword to the face. And if you can figure out how to handle their moodiness, you might end up with a companion that you…absolutely can’t get rid of, even if you want to.

F, the Illusionist’s Apprentice: The illegitimate child of a nobleman, who inherited all of their entertainer mother’s good looks and absolutely none of her musical abilities. Their sorcery is…unreliable, at best, and their lack of ability to take much of anything seriously tends to rub people the wrong way, especially since they always seem to charm or luck their way out of consequences for their carelessness. But it might be possible that they’re more perceptive than they seem. Don’t pry too much into their doings, and they make for a fun, flirtatious companion. Start digging, and you might quickly find yourself in too deep.


Color me intrigued :eyes:


Color me curious. I look forward to the demo


Looking forward to the demo dude.


Sounds really interesting. I hope I get to play it.


You had me at “dark magical school.”


Your story looks interesting I cant wait for the demo also what’s the name of the story


I’m a really big enthusiast of fantasy and I deresy I’m already hooked on yur game.

Anyways I’ll be waiting 4 it even if it takes a long time to b put through I don’t mind as long as yu get the chance to make da game worthwhile😅.