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Wow it’s been almost a year and I still have no public demo :sweat_smile: BUT I started a dev log/tumblr for it for anyone still interested.


@Deee defintly interested :smiley:

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Don’t stress too much about not having a public beta or taking a year to make a game.

Seeing all the demos in the forum may give the impression that they were made overnight, but I assure you, many of the authors behind those public demos have been writing them for a year (or more!) just like you.


That is definitely interesting, will be waiting for the demo!

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I’m in agreement that

You should definitely start looking into improving your grammar and spelling. Get a trusted adult to proofread your work.

Aside from that, the game is introduced with a giant block of text telling us that you’ve abandoned multiple previous projects and you’re not confident in your abilities. That’s not a great first impression and it’s totally unfair to yourself! I’d strike that whole first page from the record and just let your story speak for itself.


Would anyone have any interest in an Isekai genre story?

  • Definitely!
  • What is Isekai?
  • No, you’re wasting my time!

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For any one wondering what isekai is.


Thanks! I was just about to point that out :rofl:

Basically, you get teleported to a different world (or the world that was teleported to you?).
In most common Isekai story, the MC get superb cheat skills. Mine might be different though :smirk_cat:

Hoping for your responses! Thanks!


I understand where you are coming, but I am an adult and I now have a friend who is willing to proofread my work, so it’s fine as it is right now, and I’m not confident that I can make my story as good as I want, since I literally got the the whole idea for it from the name of a song, which I’m gonna be real honest; it’s not easy to come up with a good story when your inspiration is 2 words.

What is the story of isekai? I want to see stories like “gate” and “nihonkoku shoukan”.

I’ve been toying with an idea for a game for a while; inspired partially by @AlexClifford1994’s ‘Divided We Fall,’ which takes place during the Spanish Civil War. But I’m a bit worried it’d have no audience, because the subject matter is rather dark.

My family suffered through the Siege of Leningrad, which was explicitly meant as an extermination. In the course of 3 years, it killed 800.000 people (which for reference is more than the UK and USA’s total war dead combined), not counting the 3.4 million casualties the Red Army took defending it. And I’m rather hurt that a lot of people around the world have never even heard of it.

I want to capture some of the experience those people suffered. The moments where they were at their lowest such as when the grain silos were destroyed. The efforts the Union made to try and allow them to hold on just a little longer, by driving supplies over a lake of ice that was only frozen a few centimeters. The sacrifices some of the inhabitants made like the scientists who were willing to starve rather than eat the seeds stored in a vault, in case of apocalypse. The spots of hope and joy like the Leningrad Symphony which Shostakovich had written specially for the city. And the moment where the suffering came to an end.

I’m still thinking about the particulars, but would anyone read it?

This sounds like a wonderful concept! I’d love to play it!


I’m still studying programming, so I’m not sure if I can actually make it, but I’m thinking of making a game called “mission of soyuz L3” (tentative name).

It is a game that aims to realize the landing on the moon earlier than the United States as a development designer comparable to Korolev in the Soviet Union in the space race.

As the head of the 6th Design Bureau (fictitious Design Bureau), the player plays the game as described below.

•where do you come from? Are you from Russian, ethnic minority, or German brought in?
• What are your technical strengths? Guidance, solid fuel, liquid fuel, engine clustering?
• Relationships with the Politburo, the military and other design bureaus are also essential to the success of the plan. But they will also bring in political plans that will delay the main lunar landing program.
• The lunar landing method is also important. Is it a historically successful LOR, an EOR with a small rocket, or a lunar rendezvous or direct descent?
• You also need to manage huge projects. We need to develop a lot of technologies from rockets and computers to space food, and cooperation with team members is also important.


thank you. I don’t know if the game can be realized, but I would like to make an effort.

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I use some references from The World Strongest Rearguard, Max Level Returner, and Omniscient Readers Viewpoint.

Edit: Oops I forgot to put one more reference, my bad. You should read all of them, at least the last one, it’s really a great piece.


“You lead a rather casual and calm life in a small village at the foot of some forest grounds, in a world where magical creatures roam the local lands, as well as much further and deeper on the earth then your eyes can see.”

“But your life of such tidiness is soon to take a dark and unfortunate turn once your father disappears from ever living soul after walking into the depths of the woods, without the thought that he might never be able to see the sun in the sky for one last time.”

“And with not much surprise, the gloomy villagers are soon to be greeted with the news that your father has been found in the woods, just laying there calmly in the maple leaves, on the ground with an arrow straight between his eyes.”

In this story you’ll be battling with the edge of your life, at the tip of the blade, and in the aim of the arrow, get kidnaped by a demon, get a death wish from a ghost. Along your journey you’ll be able to fall in love with a shy vampire, a witty elf, a kind werewolf, or a gorgeous creature in a mask. As well as tame and fight alongside various magical, or non-magical, pets.

Will you find out who murdered your father? Will you get revenge on who did it? Will you escape being murdered yourself? And most importantly, will you create a bond strong enough and hear the Melody of love?

Hey everyone, this is my first IF of which i’m currently working on, as it’s named Bloods Melody. I just simply posted this to see what you think about it, and i’ll be looking into releasing a WIP in the coming months.

Genre: Romantic/High Fantasy/Murder mystery

  • Play as a male, female, or non-binary. trans or cis. asexual, aromantic, bisexual, gay, lesbian, and straight.
  • Play as a vampire, werewolf, elf, phoenix, angel, demon, or simply a human.
  • Romance up to four different characters.
  • Ride a ghost horse risen from the shadows, battle besides a phoenix birthed from the ashes, or charm your enemies to their doom with a snake on your wrist.
  • Get revenge on your assassinated father in a world with epic fantasy and different challenges every corner.
  • Escape being kidnaped, or put in your death wish.
  • Or make it thru everything and hear the eternal Melody of love.


Gender: Female

Personality: Shy & Charming

Linda has long blonde hair which flows down most of her back, along with
her crystal blue eyes that could lighten up at least half the world.


Gender: Non-Binary

Personality: Confident & Witty

Oakley has dazzling white shoulder length hair which is tucked on one side
behind their long pointy ears, along with their gleaming green eyes that look
like a meadow in the morning.


Gender: Male

Personality: Kind & Protective

Alan has warm chocolate brown hair which is a couple of inches long, along
with his rich yellow eyes that look like a colorful blossom in spring.


Gender: F/N/M

Personality: Only the dark inside of their mask knows about things as such.

Well, you probably know more about the dark side of the moon, but they have gorgeous brown skin and fire glowing hazel eyes, along with their matching copper hair.


Fantasy violence, horror, mild sexism (nothing more than kissing), gore, mild alcohol use, and…blood which might not be very surprising, considering the title.

This tale is much about your assassinated father, which some might find very dark.

“This story is about blood…your Blood, and your tale…your Melody”


The game prologue is ready.
Mission of soyuz L3 (wip)


Dang that sounds cool!


I’m happy that you already like what you hear :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good premise. Can’t wait to start reading Bloody Melody.


Sounds interesting. Looking forward to playing the demo when it comes out