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Brian/Paul Walker always dresses atrociously during all his parts in the series…so I wouldn’t want him to be the example for my male mc. :sweat_smile:
Vin Diesel/Dom actually has his own style, but it is ultra buff/masculine and really only works if the mc is packing both a significant amount of muscle and attitude. But it is certainly much better than Brian’s.

The Asian kid villains of the first movie really did have their own style too with the shorter cousin wearing the era’s risque/sexy masculine club clothing as streetwear, definitely a bold, risky move but one that also requires a significant of money. Though yes, I would love to do that for the mc, it really would be a big fuck you to the small town and its bigots, assuming of course the mc has the body and the money to go for it. The main villain had his own take on the classy preppy style too.

If you want another car/crime thing of the era for inspiration for male clothes/costume I would suggest Fastlane (though I really watched that one only for a young Peter Facinelli). In contrast to Brian in Fast and Furious who was always by far the worst dressed male member of the main cast Facinelli’s character dresses much better while still being mostly within the mainstream for white guys of the era, except for the occasional leather pants…which I did like quite a lot.

Whatever a particular outcast wants and/or can afford. This one really in the simplest to answer. :wink:
Unless how they dress really is why they are an outcast they have, ironically, more fashion freedom than most of rest of the cast.

That’s what I was thinking… Who was his dresser? Or was that just his character type? :rofl: The other male outfits in the films are very interesting and good in their own way, and I have been using them as references for my male characters. And, yes, I do think money does have a big factor in what the main character can wear… but (!) I am trying to eliminate that factor, allowing the MC to splurge on something that they want.

Also, I will def check out Fastlane for research, haha! Thank you for the suggestion!

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Oof I’m not sure if this is the right thread, but someone said they’re working on a phantom of the opera story. Does anyone remember this? Or know anything?

Hmm…well maybe the mc somehow gets a really good side job for their age, although this is much more difficult in a small town then the big city. Another one could be that they come into some inheritance, but it would probably be one their parents/guardians can’t squander themselves hold back from them until 21 or so. Meaning it would have to be one administered by a law firm, instead of mc’s parents/guardians with conditions and a living stipend until they are met. Most common of those conditions is turning 21, or more rarely 25.
Even a couple of hundred of dollars a month can make a big difference towards acquiring their own (used) vehicle and a better wardrobe and grooming products, if the mc did not have those things previously. :thinking:

I think so, as his costume designer in the first film at least is the same as the one for most of the rest of the main cast. I think it was meant to be generic straight white male street style with a bit of 90’s throwback, which indeed was not the best back then.
What I find a bit of an oversight in that case is how living with a wife/girlfriend between movies 5 and 6 did not impact him style wise. Or maybe that is mainly a K-drama thing where wives girlfriends make the male characters dress better? :thinking: Not that an approach such as that doesn’t have its own drawbacks mind you. :sweat_smile:

I have a story concept, all that is to really know about it at the moment can be read in the demo I made, I feel as though it is too short to have it’s own page, and this is more of a taste tester then a full on demo.

if the link doesn’t work then I’ll fix it, anyway peace, I need to continue working on it

News Update: after sorting out my terrible code, I have added the first and most important choice, your name.
News Update number 2: going to start working on appearance tomorrow, I just finished writing some “future content” I say that both figuratively and literally, let me know if you want me to update it after I finish the appearance section.
News Update number 2.1:

I added the stats, as of now it only has the name you pick.

News Update number 2.2: couldn’t work on it today, will work on it tomorrow if I have time.
News Update number 2.3: I will stop the news updates as of now, updates to the game will take longer, but I don’t plan on stopping right now, I haven’t finished with the appearance, but will continue to work on it.

This is a news update, and not an actual update for the game, I will continue to add them here until the game gets big enough for it’s own page, at some point I will update the game when I have sufficient content.

Game Update 0.1: updated the story a little, you can pick your name and gender.


I hardly even started reading it yet so i can’t say anything about the story, but i just wanted to say that it shows this…
Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 10.25.15 PM
…if you click the show stats button.

Sorry, i didn’t know that.

I haven’t made any stats yet, so that is to be expected, and thank you for your feedback.

as I said though it’s more of a taste test then a demo, and I can also understand why you’d not have any opinions on it, as if I were to read something that short I also would have a hard time having an opinion based on such little information.

actually I give some info on where this idea came from, so just a couple hours ago, I was watching youtube, and came across a song, the name of the song stuck out to me, and the whole story came to mind.

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As it is, with only being a single page long and no stats, it’s difficult to grasp what this story is about or what it’s intent is. The little blurb at the front while welcoming, still doesn’t make it clear to me what genre this is, but by based on the vats and man in apparent lab coat, this does strike me as a sci fi genre game to me, though not made explicitly clear.

The writing isn’t bad, but suffers from the problem I had when starting( And seriously? I still do.) is that too many grammatical errors can distract the reader and take away from focusing on the material. Taking the time to edit those things carefully is important for anybody.

Aside from that, without really seeing more of it or having any choices at such an early stage, it’s too early to really comment on my personal feelings to the direction and idea, since with only one page, I’m honestly not too sure what it is.

I’m not saying this to be deliberately negative, or critical. The only point I have to give is that it’s difficult to even have any evaluation, positive or negative, without seeing enough of it to even give a summary or thoughts towards. That doesn’t mean, it’s not an idea worth pursuing. It just means that’s it’s still in such an infant stage, so how it will grow or what any of my thoughts should be or what I’m supposed to feel, isn’t an easy thing to comment on or observe, if that makes any sense.


Thank you for your feedback, I have fixed some of the grammar mistakes, and though my grammar isn’t the greatest I tend to strive for more complex wording, which has has become a habit and can be quite bad for a story if no one knows what those words mean, so if you find yourself reading it and can’t understand what I’m trying to say, please let me know

another reason why I only did a “taste test” was because it’s been 2 years since I last coded in choicescript, so I’m reading my other works code to freshen up a little bit, lucky my code was absolute garbage and I need to decode what I was trying to do, I could have actually coded everything in a much simpler way, but it seems as though I grabbed the word simple and scrambled it to such a degree it makes over engineering seem simple, most of it seems to have come from a lack of knowledge so I tried to fix issues by making it more complicated and in some cases it seems to have actually worked somehow, anyway I’ll be working on this for awhile.

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Wow it’s been almost a year and I still have no public demo :sweat_smile: BUT I started a dev log/tumblr for it for anyone still interested.


@Deee defintly interested :smiley:

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Don’t stress too much about not having a public beta or taking a year to make a game.

Seeing all the demos in the forum may give the impression that they were made overnight, but I assure you, many of the authors behind those public demos have been writing them for a year (or more!) just like you.


That is definitely interesting, will be waiting for the demo!

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I’m in agreement that

You should definitely start looking into improving your grammar and spelling. Get a trusted adult to proofread your work.

Aside from that, the game is introduced with a giant block of text telling us that you’ve abandoned multiple previous projects and you’re not confident in your abilities. That’s not a great first impression and it’s totally unfair to yourself! I’d strike that whole first page from the record and just let your story speak for itself.


Would anyone have any interest in an Isekai genre story?

  • Definitely!
  • What is Isekai?
  • No, you’re wasting my time!

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For any one wondering what isekai is.


Thanks! I was just about to point that out :rofl:

Basically, you get teleported to a different world (or the world that was teleported to you?).
In most common Isekai story, the MC get superb cheat skills. Mine might be different though :smirk_cat:

Hoping for your responses! Thanks!


I understand where you are coming, but I am an adult and I now have a friend who is willing to proofread my work, so it’s fine as it is right now, and I’m not confident that I can make my story as good as I want, since I literally got the the whole idea for it from the name of a song, which I’m gonna be real honest; it’s not easy to come up with a good story when your inspiration is 2 words.

What is the story of isekai? I want to see stories like “gate” and “nihonkoku shoukan”.

I’ve been toying with an idea for a game for a while; inspired partially by @AlexClifford1994’s ‘Divided We Fall,’ which takes place during the Spanish Civil War. But I’m a bit worried it’d have no audience, because the subject matter is rather dark.

My family suffered through the Siege of Leningrad, which was explicitly meant as an extermination. In the course of 3 years, it killed 800.000 people (which for reference is more than the UK and USA’s total war dead combined), not counting the 3.4 million casualties the Red Army took defending it. And I’m rather hurt that a lot of people around the world have never even heard of it.

I want to capture some of the experience those people suffered. The moments where they were at their lowest such as when the grain silos were destroyed. The efforts the Union made to try and allow them to hold on just a little longer, by driving supplies over a lake of ice that was only frozen a few centimeters. The sacrifices some of the inhabitants made like the scientists who were willing to starve rather than eat the seeds stored in a vault, in case of apocalypse. The spots of hope and joy like the Leningrad Symphony which Shostakovich had written specially for the city. And the moment where the suffering came to an end.

I’m still thinking about the particulars, but would anyone read it?

This sounds like a wonderful concept! I’d love to play it!