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The mc being a Wendigo?
Colour me interested.

Is there a premise you are working on? Or is it just an idea for now? c:


I see. But if the author (using the same example here) is no longer active, and, in the worst case, uncontactable, what would be the go about way of starting such a spinoff?


In Germany the right of his work vanish 50 years after the death of the author. I think other nations treat this similar, so without consens of the original author, even a spinoff would not be legal, I guess.


It’s a bad idea to do so. The longer a work of fanfiction is, the more it looks like outright theft. A sequel or spin-off to any ChoiceScript game should have the author’s permission. If you can’t get that, either wait a generation or two for copyright to expire… or channel the inspiration into writing something original to you.


It’s just an idea for now. It’s too early to write down a story yet


Understandable, thank you for the comments.
Side note: too busy with life to actually consider such a move, but I’ll leave it on the back burner.


A related discussion from a while back:


Better to come up with something from the ground up based off an idea you wish the previous work had instead of trying to make a spinoff.

That’s what I say anyway. … Not that I got any further in that babysitting plush robots idea.


I guess you changed the 45, you created hobby with, with the name guitar playing. Since choicescript gives variables the possibility of being numbers or names, it just replaces the variable when you tell it to. You should create an extra variable for the name of the hobby



What you need are two things. First, you need to create a separate thread under the ChoiceScript Help category, so that the people who know how to help you can find your post. Second, you need to print screen your code. Not sure whether you photographed it with your phone or something, but it’s not a helpful way to work.

Try this:


This one should probably be done by someone that knows the sorts of stuff I’m referencing.

You play some random person in a fantasy RPG world that had black and white morality. I say “had” because something has come to the world and seems to have killed the power of destiny itself.

I hope this doesn’t come off as one of those cynical deconstructions.

Former “random encounters” (not random in the actual story) could probably become friends in such a setting.

I’m still kind of set on that supernatural idea though despite not getting further progress.


Would we get to pick our weapon and if so what’s the stats


Please please please please make a prison game. I would eat that up!!!


It’s not really a real Prison game, but I made this two years ago for a class assignment (I had to write about Women in Prison). Took me two weeks to write, and it’s far from being flawless or really finished, but if it can help others, I’m glad. There is a list of useful links that can serve as resources.


Frenchie :hugs:


I decided to make a prison game :slight_smile:


Alright. Tell me what you think of this:

You’re dumped out of a huge rift in the sky into a strange, vast island. The island is dominated by four Orders, each with their own specialty, ranks, teaching and fighting. They live in a state of semi-war. You are forced into any of the four Orders. You can climb your way up the ranks and eventually reach the top of any of the Orders, you can try for ultimate peace between them all or descend them into flat out war, and other paths I have yet to decide. Interested?


@Blank @Jackpot1776 I’m still trying to grind away at my prison game, but I have a feeling @NaughtyDuck is going to finish first.


I don’t think copyright will ever expire as Disney won’t allow Mickey Mouse to enter the public domain. Your two generations thing does put the finger on the sore point. If copyrights are indefinite they become tools of generational wealth transfer to a smaller and smaller portion of “heirs” while the public is expected to pay for the enforcement yet get none of the benefits. Since the public benefit is supposed to be that creative works should enter into the public domain within a reasonable timeframe.
Which is why I support copyright reform that makes the current minimum 50-year term under Berne the maximum. In addition, I think that for corporate works or when a creator transfers his or her enforceable copyrights it should be registered to prevent orphan works.


I remember this.

La Panthere Francaise - good to hear from you once again.