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I would be pretty interested in this game! More information about the universe you have set your story in will be good to build an understanding too of this world too. E.g. how are current relations with the demons and elves, where are they located in relation to each other.


Slice of life/supernatural romantic comedy?
…You’d also be able to skip out on the romance part, if that’s your thing.

You’d be playing a newly turned vampire or werewolf. Your roommate (somehow) manages to track down a support group of sorts for other supernatural creatures, and you figure it won’t hurt to check it out. From there you’d be learning about your new ‘condition’ making friends (and moooore :smirk:) with those in the group and helping them deal with their own issues while dealing with yours, tracking down your sire, ect.

A few of the characters (and romance options) you’d come across (while trying not to give much away either):

Sam (you pick the gender) [human]: Your roommate. A frequent sufferer of ‘headaches from hell’ who deals with them by getting high. A friendly, chill, supportive goofball and master snack maker. They work as a night janitor. Asexual but super down for smooches, and an A++ cuddler.

Kyle Bedford [incubus]: The one who founded the group. A relaxed, polite, empathetic, and friendly man with a great handle on his situation. He works as a History teacher at a middle school. (A job he utterly adores.)

Dawn Mercer [ghost]: A young woman who died in a hit-and-run six years ago. Despite the time gone by, she still doesn’t know how to do all that much which “… is sorta…embarrasing…” A little shy and nervous but eager to see what she’s capable of.

PLUS…I don’t know. I have four more planned currently.


Sounds interesting, but I just have two question: What are all Supernatural ro’s you have planned?Also is becoming a werewolf or vampire the only two options or will there be more?(because a Ghoul mc is something interesting you could explore, but that’s up to you it’s your interest check wip after all)


Currently vampire and werewolf are the only options. Miiiight open that up more later but currently those are it.

Other RO’s: Iris, an aggresive half-dragon lady. (She has her reasons.) And Coira, an upbeat Selkie girl that works at a convience store by the beach.

The last two RO’s I’m still…shakey about. They haven’t developed personalities as well as the rest have, and are as such very possibly going to change. Them being a merman and a snarky, grumpy ghoul.


I’m down it sounds cool and are the ros players exalted or orentation locked


RO genders would be locked (except for Sam) but they’d all be bi or at the least willing to give the MC a chance regardless of gender. It’s really more about personality for them.


Can we have awkward belly rubs?


Oh yeah. Also wouldn’t put it past Sam to try and play fetch with you.
“Hey, it’s not my fault you’re more like a cranky puppy than a ferocious werewolf.”


Hi everyone! This is my first attempt to write a story based game myself so… Currently I have two ideas, but I can’t decide which one to focus on.

Number 1: „Welcome to Blackport“ – You’re a human, living in a modern day city, and you’ve just recently discovered that supernatural beings like vampires, sirens and witches are real. And on top of that are you forced to become part of a heist that might or might not decide the fate of humanity…

I have three romance options in mind: A witch, a vampire and a medium, whose gender can be chosen individually.

Number 2: „Five of Swords“ – You’re the second child of a king/duke/idk (haven’t decided yet) and you’re ill - ill through unknown reasons, but what you know about your illness is that it provides you with magical abilities – which is bad, really bad in your home country. Besides the fact that you have to hide your newfound features, you are learning that your disease is going to kill you eventually. In order to find a cure for you and all the other infected, you run away in a hush-hush-operation and find yourself in a bustling city, where you meet all kinds of people who are willing to help you. Everything could go according to plan if only your father would’ve not decided to send your older sibling in order to retrieve you.

The setting would be medieval with low fantasy elements. Three romance options, whose gender will also be chosen individually by the player: A doctor, a smuggler/pirate and a soldier.

Regardless of which story it will be in the end, I want to focus on relationships, ranging from friends to enemies to lovers. But the story will be important too, of course :smiley: . Hopefully, you guys will help me out to decide. Thanks in advance! :grin: (also: if anything is unclear, just ask and I will answer (if possible))

  • Welcome to Blackport
  • Five of Swords

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Aww what happened to your mafia werewolves?

…Anyways, this sounds fun too.


Still working on that too, it’s just really in depth so I figured I’d try for something lighter so I can get a better feel for coding and writing, and whatnot.


I’m sold


Would anyone be interested about a game playing as a wendigo?

It’s been an idea that has been plaguing me for a while.


A human- like Wendigo or are you talking about the original Native American mythology wendigo?


More like the Native American myth. The MC would transform into one under unwanted circumstances. They would have to be in a situation that calls for them to be isolated and hungry. They would have to deal with the changes of their body and try to hide them and keep their hunger at bay.

There is also this whole thing about Wendigos and their unsavory relationship with the rest of the supernatural world in my story.

I’m basically using my interpretation of the wendigo myth for this


Can i ask what i did wrong with this


Needs indenting I think. Do:

[b]House relations/chores[/b]
  percent family Family


@Kr15_007 It looks like you have a space in front of the “text”? It either needs proper indenting (one ‘tab’ on your keyboard) or no space!


I appologize if I’ve just derailed an ongoing conversation, but I’ll like to ask what are the rules regarding sequels/spinoffs of any games here? For example, the author of Magikras has stated that they did not want to continue the series, but if I want to do so, what are the issues of doing such a thing?


You’d have to work it out between you and the author, the author retains the rights to the IP of their work.