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What are the genders of the ROs? In which time period? Do we get to choose our race?

I still have a few more questions but for the sake of this thread I will safe them for the time you have your own. But for real I love the Idea! I love romance and Highschool let alone both! Also lore heave worlds tend to be really interesting. So I’m really excited for this project. Good luck!


@Kaelyn Thanks for the comment and answering that question!

@Lupita Thanks for the comment and question!

I’ll say no, they’re not a regular human, and there will be clues and eventual proof as to why that is, and you’ll be able to find out what exactly they are. There’s a reason they were chosen to come to the academy, even if they don’t know why.

What are the genders of the ROs?

Depending on the options you choose for either romance or friendship, they’ll be based on that. So who you tend to befriend/are attracted to will determine what gender the ROs will be.

If you befriend/are attracted to men, they’ll all be men.
If you befriend/are attracted to women, they’ll all be women.
And if you befriend/are attracted to both, they’ll be a mix of both men and women.

In which time period?

It’s in a modern times setting!

Do we get to choose our race?

There is one non-human aspect of the MC that doesn’t change, but long story short, yes, you’ll be able to choose (to some degree), what their race is. Whatever race you choose will end up having benefits/weaknesses, so that’ll be fun to deal with too. :smiley:

@Bizimo Thank you for the comment and questions!


Yeah I meant a combination of both :blush:. Like the shynara chronicles meets the 100. Or a weird twist of a magical zombie apocalypse with some fantasy races.


Yeah, it’ll be a combination of both human and paranormal for the MC’s race!

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can we choose the ROs gender individually, how much of them are male and/or female and not split 3 males and 2 females or vice versa, but 4 and 1 (or something like that :confounded::rofl: idk how to explain it better sorry)?

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Dibs on being a shifter!


@xelvmi You explained it just fine!

I’m not entirely sure yet! I’m still trying to figure out the best way to ‘balance’ the romantic options gender-wise when it comes to the bisexual route.

But we’ll see, I’m still definitely ironing out the specific coding details that will work best. I want the story to flow as naturally as possible!

@Dragongodess Shifters are fun, good choice! ;D


speaking of Shifters, are what can they trun into? just animals? other humanoids? do they have a limit on what they can become? or can they beome anything?


The ones you’ll see/hear about in this book are going to be animals, and they are limited to what they can turn into. The idea for this so far is for them to turn into either a prey or predator type animal. There is a time limit involved for the shifters and how long they can use their abilities.


What about the other rasces and there powers?

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@Dragongodess Thanks for the question! Sorry this took a bit for me to reply to, I started writing a response back, it got long, and I didn’t want to take up more space on this thread!

If you want to see what I said, I posted the answer about the creatures and their powers on my Tumblr. :smiley:

If anyone else has any other questions for me about this project, please head over to my Tumblr and send me an ask! <3 Thanks so much for the questions and feedback, everyone!


Umm I looked it up @whisper and it didn’t work, all that showed up was someone asking you if you’re a cat or a dog person. Ohhhh! Never mind I found it!!! Thanks!

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Hello everyone! I’m Tandra!

You might know me from The Odessa Dating Games or just floating around on the forum. I’m here to bounce an idea that came into my head one day in the shower (the best place for game thoughts! :laughing:)

In a not so distant future, everything is perfect. World hunger is no longer an issue, cars are just about obsolete and poverty levels around the globe are in single digits.

Recycling levels have never been higher and people have never been happier…except for you.
Years ago, you helped issue in a golden age for Earth as a superhero. Sure you’ve had your fair share of fighting villains, saving people from burning buildings, and more, but 10 years after your prime, you’ve gotten, to be quite frank, bored.

All your arch nemesis’ have either died, gone into teaching or settled down into a crime-free life with their families. The heroes you used to fight alongside with have gone into hiding, started businesses or set their sights on public office and in many cases, won.

Well, what about you? Ten years later, you decide that you’re bored of being bored because everything’s so perfect around the world. So, you do the only thing you can think of: become evil.

In this game, you’re a former superhero bored with how perfect the world is, so you decide to undo everything. You decide to become a supervillian for one reason and one reason only: you’re bored. You can choose to stay somewhat true to your heroic roots, or perhaps, actually become truly evil. You’ll reach back out to friends and foes young and old, attempt to disrupt the new world order and maybe, just maybe, find that spark you’ve been missing. You might even find that you’re not the only person or group who also feels this way…

So, let me preface this by saying that I AM NOT ABANDONING THE ODESSA DATING GAMES. That’s my first-born and I’m seeing her through until the end, trust me! But, I’d love to get an interest gauged on this idea, as this might be the next thing I work on.

Some questions I'm sure that are to be asked:
  • RO’s: TBH, not sure if this game will have them. I don’t even have the idea of NPCs yet, but I have entertained the thought of you having a family, kid, etc. and trying to juggle your home life and budding criminal life. So, right now, RO’s are up in the air, but likely to come.
  • Inspiration: I always love flipping things around and doing things outside of the box. Superheroes and villains always have some big motive or tragic event to get them to act the way they do, but I love the idea of somebody just being like…everything is too perfect and I hate it! Plus, I also want to play around with the idea that while a world might be close to perfect, it’ll never truly be perfect. Loosely inspired by Fallen Hero and the Heroes Rise series as well, but this game probably won’t be that technical.
  • How will this game be different than other superhero games on COG/HG? Well, for starters, you’re becoming a villain just because you’re bored. That’s it. There’s no tragic event, no death, nothing but your selfishness and boredom. We could all use more games to be completely selfish in, right? You can play anywhere on the scale of “I’m really doing this until I’m bored of this too” to “I can’t believe I was ever a hero because being evil is fun” to “I’ve always hated being a hero, now I can be my true self” and everywhere in between.

Currently untitled, but I’d love to know what y’all think! I’ll answer anymore questions you have as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love to see a more light-hearted approach of this. I don’t care with all those grimy realistic theme many games have shown. In fact, let the police and army surround my hideout and thought that they finally got the greatest villain in the existence, only for me to press the button and fly away to the moon with my entire hideout!


I don’t think there are enough games out there that let you embrace the ridiculous. Sure, if you’re gonna fly your base to the moon, logically you would have to prepare to do that with buying supplies or creating some kind of super-powerful jet fuel. But, damn it, let me fly my supervillain lair to the moon! I really appreciate the games that manage to be goofy while simultaneously well thought out! :grin:


Your idea is interesting. Beside, i have always loved super heroes/villains games. It reminds me of One punch man the whole bored part (Saitama being bored cause he is too powerful :joy:)

I’m looking forward to play the demo.

And what kind of powers will we expect?

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That sounds really interesting to me, especially once I start thinking about all the conflict that could come from your choice. If people start following in your example, will you usher in a villainous golden age? And if that does happen, will you fight it, lead it or just ignore it?
Yeah, the idea is definitely brimming with potential, I’d love to see what it would crystallize into.


Truth be told. In an Utopia without cars or pollution I probably would be the kind of villain who break the order by teaching people how to build and drive muscle cars, distributing plastic straws for free, using the bathroom without wash my hands and making memes with National Socialist propaganda, because I am a Redundant Grimderp Evil Villainous Villain! :D.

And maybe inspire some pretty heroes to punch me in the face, because it’s not like I like you or anything hero-senpai b-baka!

(Well, Mel Brooks be blessed. The man was a genius!)


Are you secretly on my idea Google Doc :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing: You would be able to be as serious or as campy as you’d like. Think Diabolical, another influence of mine.

Okay, I have to include this option in the game now! :laughing:

Nothing too technical (like having a certain amount of points to spend or anything like that). You’d be able to choose between a variety, like flying, telekinesis, manipulation, etc. You’d be able to choose three-five powers to have initially and the chance to get better/learn more as the game goes on. Some standard powers and some non-standard powers! :smile:

Exactly what I’m getting at here! Lots of moral choices to be made, both about yourself and others around you.

My God, this is the scariest villain I think I’ve ever heard of.



Congratulations kiddo! Your idea is the reason threads like this do exist in this forum! So fun! :heart:

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