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Do both. That’s what I did, start one, run with it for a month or so, start the other one, use what you’ve learned the first one, rents and repeat. Use what you’ve learned from each book to improve the other one. Granted, both my books are going to have is one crossover seen, and both groups are working for the same people, so yours might be a little bit different as far as method to go. That’s


Hi! This is one of the concepts I’ve thought of for my first story. I’d appreciate any response, though I’ll also try to post the WIP by next week. I’m about 2,000 words in, but I’ll still have to think of a suitable title :sweat_smile:

You were one of the most promising detectives within the city, bearing a reputation for exposing the crimes of influential people together with a partner. However, when an investigation into a politician goes haywire, a huge mistake turns everything into chaos and a lot of people lose their lives.
Now, after a one-year break full of reflecting upon the tragedy that you may have caused, you are forced to work for the Marshal as probation, capturing heinous criminals under the radar to lead them into their secret executions.
You’re not supposed to question your orders. And you’re definitely not supposed to conduct investigations on your own.
But when you realize that your first task involves the mess that you’ve created in the past and an unexpected man surrenders for a crime you’re quite certain he didn’t commit, you are faced with a dilemma. Will you stick to the orders you’ve been given? Or will you start making your own move?
Conspiracies start piling up, and you will have to depend on your best skills to save the city, especially now that certain people are continuously suffering from strange hallucinations that may just change everything.
How far will you go to overcome your predicaments?
And in a place full of people with fatal secrets, who would you choose to trust?
Maybe this is your opportunity to regain the reputation you have lost…Or destroy it entirely.

This is by no means a puzzle type game, but your choices will definitely have consequences. There would be 4 ROs. I’m very excited about sharing this with you, though I’m still afraid that the synopsis might not seem interesting.


Sounds exciting! I can’t wait for the demo :grin:



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I’d want to know more about the story, but the idea of playing a randomly generated character could be kind of neat, having to decide whether I want to work with the character I was rolled or try and push them back onto the rails of what I would normally play, if I’m understanding you correctly. How much impact would that aspect have on the game overall?


I’m interested in writing a game about fandom drama. It’s inspired by the msscribe affair and like the whole early harry potter fandom, as well as more recent drama on tumblr.

The story will have three layers: Universe, Online, and IRL

“Universe” refers to the fictional story, the Chronicles of the Shadow Nebula franchise created by Scottish woman named G. T. Macmillan. In general it’s kind of inspired by HP, Star Wars, and Homestuck. It is a space opera/coming-of-life story/cosmic horror about an ordinary orphan from Terra, named Galileo “Gali” Nova, who is recruited to join the Pulsar Academy, a university that trains the new elites (”magi”) of the Nebula Empire.

More details about the fictional world

He meets a bunch of new friends and enemies, including his gay subtextual enemy-turned-rival-turned-ally Bruno Helios, his gay subtextual best friend Tycho Planetes, his female best friend and potential canonical love interest Astra Van Allen, and a morally ambiguous female character and second potential canonical love interest, Capella Taikong. There are five “houses” at the academy, corresponding to the five elements of the nebula and also special power sets and personalities (light, stone, metal, wind, ice), as well as a hidden house, the House of Shadow. The elements are also associated with the 5 (actually 6) Archons, who are the foremost servants of the emperor.

Eventually, they find out that the emperor (named Ariel btw) is actually evil (surprise!), and is actually the former Archon of Shadow; whenever the Archon of Shadow kills the Emperor, he becomes the new Emperor, and has to appoint a new Archon of Shadow who will try to kill him. Whoever kills the Archon of Shadow becomes the new Archon of Shadow. This is the only formal method of succession in the empire. BUT even more eventually, after Astra joins the House of Shadow and is sent to infiltrate the emperor, they find out that the Emperor is a servant of the Demiurge, supposedly an evil God. Now the Archon of Shadow is a servant of the Monad, the supposedly “good” God. Basically this is a cosmic game between two deities that has been going on since the beginning of time, and all of the characters are just bit players within it. At some point, a servant of the emperor kills the Archon of Shadow (who is the principal of the academy), and in return Gali kills the killer, so he becomes the new Archon of Shadow. Also Ariel captures Astra during the infiltration, and tortures her to make her his follower. This obviously provokes shipping, to the consternation of the lesbian side of the fandom.

Somewhere along the line there is a gadget called the Shipficator, a device that takes two people’s relationship and assigns them a point in the RGB space. Red is sexual, Green is opposition, and Blue is platonic companionship. So a RGB(255, 0, 0) relationship is purely sexual, a RGB (255, 255, 0) or yellow relationship is a sexual rivalry or “hatemance”, and a RGB(255, 0, 255) or magenta relationship is a traditional romance. A RGB(0, 255, 255) or cyan relationship is like a friendly rivalry. Yes this is a homestuck reference.

As for how the player relates to that, you’ll be writing a fanfiction within the universe, a side story told through CYOA, where you can make choices that conflict with canon, like changing Gali’s gender or pursuing different romance options. There will be metrics for compliance with canon as well as compliance to internal story logic, modeled through the usual sort of stat checks. Fail too much and you might lose readers. Canon can be safely screwed with, except for maybe some of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Then there is the Online portion, the other great part of the game. It takes place in a vaguely tumblr-esque blogging and discussion platform.

More details about the Online

The year is 201X, and the Nebulaverse fandom is on fire.

The Nebulaverse fandom is partitioned in the way fandoms generally are. A significant BNF contingent is led by a person named Claire “shadow-protectrix”, who is a wannabe fandom mom who writes gay fanfiction about the boys. There are also adherents of different ships, and supporters of various headcanons and the like, including trans headcanons of the main character. Somehow “trans girl Gali” is a popular headcanon within the fandom. Conflict comes to a head when Macmillan basically reveals that she is a terf (the context is in British politics with the SNP). There’s a huge backlash in the fandom, which comes with a small backlash to the backlash. Things go hog wild. There’s going to be a convention partially organized by Claire.

Other characters:

  • Luna “lunan0va”, the player’s starting best online friend and a 16-year-old closeted trans girl. writes fanfiction. kind of hates Claire.
  • Lux “galihelios-official”, a 16-year-old semi-closeted trans boy and associate of Claire.
  • Sofia “nebula-scribbler”, a 25-year-old woman in Claire’s inner circle with a lot of secret alt accounts.
  • Karla “nebulafracker”, a somewhat cynical and irony-poisoned 21-year-old who dislikes the fact that she’s still a fan of the series.
  • Stella “apocalypse-hoarder”: Sofia’s alt account that she uses to infiltrate the “opposition” to Claire.

As the player, your role in this is to navigate the conflicts present. When people start breaking into factions, which will you join? Will you affiliate with Claire or Luna? Will you help with Claire’s convention? Submit fanfiction for your college application? Turn your fanfiction into a loosely different novel?

And finally, the IRL. You are an ordinary 16-year-old living in the sburban jungle of America in the year 201X. You might be gay or trans or something like that, but no one IRL knows, least of all your parents. The Nebulaverse fandom is your safe space. And you might lose it.

For a few more details, including a lot of worldbuilding for the story-within-a-story, see my blog: Some of the details are outdated, and a lot is in flux, especially in the Online portion.

I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this, or even if a story like this has an audience. This will not follow the typical choice of games style. Is anyone interested in this? Or just for the Universe?


This is really interesting! I would love to read about this fandom!!!


For reals, I would play the heck out of this. The concept is just sheer genius, and would be a fun, introspective look on our own relationship to stories and fandoms, I think. Just how far does author intent go? When does the work start belonging to the fans? Questions that were asked by Creatures Such As We, but that I think can be further explored with your story concept!



Alright so I’ve been working on a book/game for about 3 weeks and wanted to check if anyone would find it interesting

Basically the forever prophesied Rapture happened but it’s not what people were expecting. It was Heaven’s way of recruiting humans who are capable of wielding the power of angels. The battle between Heaven and Hell is coming and the mortal plane is the battlefield

You can pick your side between Heaven (Angel background); Hell (Demon background) or Humanity (Human capable of both Angelic and Demonic powers)

Customisable character, play as male;female;nb. Gay ;straight; asexual.

I’m not sure how I’ll go about ROs, I can’t write romance scenes to save my life


Thank you!! Yeah, I didn’t remember Creatures Such as We until after I came up with this premise, but it does seem relevant here. However, I feel like the approach here will be more sociological than philosophical. The idea was partly inspired by reading the wiki, the msscribe story, and watching a bunch of youtube videos on fandom drama (so I can classify my indulgences as research lol). Claire in particular is loosely inspired by a certain big-name fanfic writer turned author who was ensnared in a bunch of controversies.

I kind of worry that the “fandom drama” premise is going to be alienating to people who aren’t immersed or obsessed with these particular subcultures. More than that, it’s going to be seen as “political” somehow, given that you play as a lgbtq+ teen whose online friends are also in that category.


That can’t be helped. Virtually every COG game out there gets comments on being “too politically correct” for things like having gay characters or allowing the main character to be non-binary and what not. Personally I adore the idea, and I think people unfamiliar with the subcultures at play could still enjoy the game, albeit it perhaps less. But I suppose I’m biased as a nerdy/geeky LGBT person who’s totally part of these subcultures.


Your summary is a book in and of itself :sweat_smile: but it sounds really cool! I’d be interested for sure


Well, right off, I appreciate how excited you are about this, but walls of text are…a bit hard to parse for most people. I got to “people got powers before WW1” before I started skimming. That said, it clearly proves you’re ready to write a WIP. You’ve got passion, a solid base of worldbuilding and characters, and this idea’s been stewing for a while now, obviously. I’d be happy to see what comes of this. :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting. Good world building, seemingly good characters, I wish you good luck. :slight_smile:

Also, I would recommend looking at some other WIP’s, or Choice Of Games novels, for some tips and tricks that other riders used to write. Since there seems to be more of a thriller, I have absolutely no idea how to write a thriller, so I can’t really help you anymore than that. Sad face.

Does sound like an interesting concept though. You’d be amazed what we come up with, when ideas have been bouncing around in our heads for about a decade.


Hello there,

Just wanted to say that I really like this idea. You get plenty of re-play value since there are three sides to choose from. As long as there are differences that aren’t just cosmetic, of course, but you seem like you have a pretty solid idea.

On the notion of ROs, I completely understand. I’m not the biggest fan of writing them myself, but it helps to simply read a lot of the stories here that are romance-focused. It’s a good way to find things you like, things you don’t like, etc.

Of course, you can always forgo romance and focus on everything else in the story instead. Forcing the romance if you truly aren’t comfortable with it can only hurt a story, in my opinion.

I wish you luck! It sounds like a fun read.


I was wondering if there would be a story about what Achilles life would be if he chose his life choices differently. He was considered as a the greatest greek warrior perhaps could have become the king of all greece. If he wants to be. I hope that there would be a story about him. Share this if you all agree with me.


I’ve been thinking of writing a French Foreign Legion adventure set at the turn of the 20th century. It borrows from Beau Geste types of stories (and borrows heavily from Beau Geste itself), and I’d like to know your opinion on this. The scenarios are going to be quite linear as it stands right now, but your actions will affect your reputation, who lives and who dies, with grey-morality choices that you have to justify.

You’re a young man out of place with the usual recruits due to your upbringing in a higher social class. Earn your respect among fellow legionnaires, fight off raiding bands of Touaregs, and command your own escouade to success or failure. It’s not going to be anywhere historically accurate, but hopefully whatever scenario I throw in there is going to be fun.

I sort of have the first chapter roughed out, it’s very short now (only 3k words), mostly for establishing your character background, so not exactly a lot of story yet. It’s definitely not ready to be posted in the WIP forum, but I’m wondering where I could post it, to get a feedback on style (not gameplay yet) before I go on?


While a story about Achilles would indeed be interesting, it doesn’t seem you yourself wish to write it? If you do it’s phrased in a bit of an odd way (“I hope that there would be a story about him” “Share if you agree with me” rather than “Are you interested?” “I want to write a story about Achilles…” etc.), and if you do indeed simply wish for a game centering around Achilles without having any desire to write it yourself, this isn’t the thread for that.

In that case, this thread is better suited:

Game Ideas For Authors - General - Choice of Games Forum


Try the workshop thread.


Hi love everyone happy holidays! I have been very into high school/ college stories recently and have been looking for more. I have most likely read all of the published ones anyone recommends and probably many of the WIP but I was wondering if anyone had any they know of. One of my favorite stories right now is Conspiracy in Emerson. I would love anything similar or if you like that one let me know what others you have enjoyed! I love slice of life games and supernatural so I am not limited in that aspect and am open to anything with good ROs. Thanks !!