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Isn’t that a spoiler?

I heard once there was a time when the endings were usually given away. The middle parts were the spoilers.

It sounds weird sure but as long as it isn’t spilling “who done it” or anything like that I’m fine with it.

Uh-oh, sorry… didn’t give it much thought.

When the step-parent’s eyes didn’t on you, you can rock the castle~ just don’t forget to cover it up afterwards. :wink:


All the talk about VNs got me thinking, would anyone like a visual novel styled CS game? I’m talking a “Build your own bf/gf” game with many, many images depicting both your style choices (hair, eyes, that sort of stuff, a la flash dress up games) and little scenes of them (with their chosen looks) doing… random cool things, like in normal VNs. I’m aware that CS is probably not the best engine to make this in (I’m looking at you, Renpy) but I figured I might as well ask!

Basically, would anyone like a CS game that relies heavily on images, maybe as much as it does rely on text?


Certainly an interesting concept while I am open to the idea I also have some concerns such as immersion, placement, and use.

How would you set up the images? (Will it interrupt a paragraph of text or pop-up unexpectedly?)

Is it only for one part of the game or will it be spread through out the game?

One thing that I see quite often is the images not fitting the situation or being reused a ridiculous amount. Will the same situation apply here?

Despite these questions I’m actually interested in this project and would love to see it floating around. :+1:

@kashidol Thank you for answering!

The idea is to have them thorough the whole game, but not on an excessive amount, just after certain events. I don’t mean to show you how their expression changes through a whole conversation, but if you manage to save them from something/break their hopes and dreams, pum, you’ve won an image. Establishing shots are important too, in my opinion. I wonder if I can make a sort of “gallery”…

Background only images should be unnecessary, and I think I won’t do much of that, only character-centric shots, as to keep things simpler. Something I would really like to implement is to be able to see on the images your customization choices; Most games I’ve played don’t bother doing that. As for how to set up the images, I haven’t thought much of it! Nor of this idea at all, honestly! But I think I may go for the usual “image popping at the beginning of a new page” format. I’m not sure how it’ll look between two paragraphs, tho, so I’ll have to try both and see what works!

Thank you again for the hindsight! Now I’m hyped about the idea! :sweat_smile: Will get to drawing - and bugging my sister about how to colour stuff correctly- ASAP!


If you can figure out how to do that, would you let me know? =P

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Hey, everybody. I like CoG and HG very much, so I decided to share an idea with the community.

I don’t have a demo and a short description yet, as I’ve been in hospital since early 2020. I’m sorry if there are errors, I just feel really ill. I just couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital, so I thought I’d share an idea with you.

I have an idea to write a game in the genre of social science fiction and fantasy.

In this game there will be robots, moving to other bodies, war, bad government, all kinds of government organizations, love, betrayal, gods, supernatural beings, magic, demigods, experiments on humans/demigods and supernatural beings/

I don’t know when I’m gonna write and release a demo, but I’ve created my tumblr where you can find out about the demo’s release or write your suggestions.
My tumblr blog


Jinn of Arabia (Working Title)

The story starts one year after you have taken control of the Sultanate of Arabia. The jinn have been at war for many years after Sultan Iblis passed away without a successor.

You managed to defeat the Seven Jinn Kings and have yourself proclaimed the true successor of Iblis, and thus ruler of all jinn.

However, while the Seven Jinn Kings were defeated, they have not been broken. They remain as emirs (dukes) in your kingdom and have sworn loyalty to you.

And fate will seem to hand you a bad card. It is discovered that one of the seven emirs, who happens to be your fiercest critic, is found dead and all evidence points to you ordering the assassination.

This one incident will accomplish something that has never been seen before in the kingdom, the three elite classes of jinn (Ifrit, Marid, Jann) stop their squabbling and see you as their common enemy. And why shouldn’t they? You are after all a Hinn class jinn, the only surviving member of your class because Iblis ordered their massacre due to their constant rebellion.

Now the Ifrit, Marid and Jann fear that you seek revenge for the slaughter of your people. Rumours that another civil war is coming soon. This time around, you won’t have the luxury of playing against the rivalry of the three elite class of jinn when they unify to topple you.

Of course, you could always try to find the real murderer instead of risking a crippling civil war.

But your neighbours watch with keen eyes at your next move. Your Mesopotamian and Iranian neighbours (Assyria, Babylonia and Elam) bet among themselves on the final victor. A unified Arabia is a threat to them and so they work to stoke the divisions in your kingdom.

Egypt to your West offers help, so long as you bend the knee to the Pharaoh and Horus.

Your siblings, demons and angels, from Israel and the Canaanite Empire continue their endless war for dominance, with many of your people polarised on which side to help.

But no one said being a sultan/sultana was going to be easy after…

The Game:
I hope that interests you all. The War for the West was an inspiration but I plan on this historical fantasy to be an alternative universe that is inspired by our own world, hence the use of mythologies from around the world in my game.

Also, it will be more character focused and I doubt there will be emphasis on the realm management to a degree where the player will need a spreadsheet to plot the proper course for their kingdom.

There will be ROs, but it will be complemented with a harem of your preferred gender. Though if the player wishes to be asexual or stick to one or two ROs and not follow the path of Solomon :grin:(he will make an appearance in the game), that will also be possible.

In this game, I’m more interested in the psychology of ruling and how the player reacts to crisis. A ruthless MC is possible, which will likely attract loyal minions but in turn will have the MC be surrounded by yes man who will more than happily tell you the kingdom is prosperous while it is burning to the ground, in fear of upsetting you.

Or an MC who is a philosopher king or queen, only selecting the most talented advisors and bureaucrats. But this MC might find themselves having their policies either blocked or sobataged by the very knowledgeable advisors who believe the MC is issuing ‘bad’ edicts.

I really don’t know if that is something the community might like to see but I’m slowly working on the game.

Your thoughts and suggestion are welcome.


Can you become evil ruler?

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It’s definitely a great concept. It will be a treat to play.

Hope you will make a WIP, soon.

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Love the concept :heart_eyes:. I am looking forward to play and maybe beta test this game if you put a demo in :heart:

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Thank you very much! I’m working on a demo, but it’s a bit slow going, that said, starting a story is the hardest part for me, so maybe I’ll pick up later.


Hope you have the best of luck with the demo😄

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Hello everyone! This is my first time posting anything on this site so I’m a bit nervous. I have been a lurker for a few months now and just recently I decided to create my own CYOA. It’s still in the rough drafts (Only prologue done), but I do have a general idea with how it would go. There’s still a lot of work and details I need to fix but I’d really appreciate it if you guys let me know if you’d read something like this:

Title (WIP): Nevermoore

Summary-ish: They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t be satisfaction that’ll be bringing you back. Again. And again. And again. After your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere while on your way to visit your parents, you find yourself in a small, forested town not labeled on any map or pinged on your GPS. Its residents were welcoming, and offered you a place to stay the night. But their smiles seemed more apologetic than happy, and their eyes looked at you with regret. You never really did understand why that was…Until you died.

So now, you are an unwilling participant in an endless cycle of death. And the more you learn about the bloodstained history of the town and the past of its people, the more you find yourself getting tangled up in a web of secrets that threatens to keep you there forever.

Welcome…To Nevermoore.

Some notes: So yeah…as the summary says, the story is about MC getting stuck in a town where time and logic don’t matter. Where some of the people are older than they look. Where death doesn’t necessarily mean the end. You can try to escape by yourself, or maybe perhaps try to find a way to break the curse and set everyone free. But don’t be too careless. The curse might not leave a scar on your body, but the mind is a different story.

Characters that you can meet there (ROs and NPCs)

Not giving too much info bc spoilers

  • A young family that tried to escape the Great Depression
  • A scientist who tried to understand the curse
  • A small group of children from Britain’s Industrial Revolution
  • A (now-former) WW1 American spy.
  • An aspiring chef from Russia.
  • A mute boy from Greece.

Well there you go! I’ll probably still write this anyway because I love it too much to abandon, but I’m taking constructive criticism with this idea. Anyways, I do hope you enjoys reading, and please if you can vote in the poll to let me know if you’re interested in reading a full story/game out of this someday :slight_smile: Thank you and I hope to see you all soon!

Would you read this if it came out?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Hello! This is my first time making my own story game. I’ve read many WIPs and I decided to make my own after some time and planning. This is my story idea; I don’t have an exact demo or summary for it yet, but I’ll be getting to that. My inspirations for writing this are @SharpOne and @TwoSharp’s “Tale of Two Cranes” and Er Gen’s “A Will Eternal” & “I Shall Seal the Heavens” (2 amazing stories that I definetly recomend to those who love cultivation stories).


Into the World of Cultivation (This might be changed)

A land where you can over turn mountains with a flip of a hand and raise to the heavens to become an immortal. The sun and moon are beneath your feet and even the heavens can be sealed. This is…

The World of Cultivation

You have always heard stories and tales about the world beyond the mountains that surround your home. Tales of cultivators who could shake the earth with just a flick of a finger. Tales of demons who were as large as a mountain. Tales of mystery realms full of ancient treasures. All of these things that were past the mountain…

You never once thought that you would one day be a part of that world…

- Become an cultivator
- Join a cultivation school or sect
- Wield a weapon from an ancient immortal
- Accept numerous disciples
- Find love and have your very own daoist partner
- Ascend to the heavens to become an immortal

The road to cultivation is curved and the Dao is endless; will you survive long enough to become an immortal or will you die trying?


That’s all I have for the summary so far. Currently I’m working on world building and I’m nearly done with that. I think that I’m going to add a choice where you can choose to be a mortal, but that’s all up in the air. As far as the ROs, there’s going to be many of them and I’m going to allow the reader to choose as many of them as they want (under the right circumstances of course).

That’s my story idea. Any thoughts or suggestions as welcomed, thanks.


Can you become evil?

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Yes, you can be evil.


I love cultivation stories, this sounds like an absolute dream come true to me :heart_eyes:

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I love cultivation stories too. I’m glad to know that there’s someone out there who loves them just as much as I do. :partying_face:

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