Interest Check / Suggestions: Join the Illuminati


So I just had a fun idea for a game a few days ago.

You play a character that has been approached by a mysterious man-in-black type to join an organisation where they feel your skills would be of value. Intrigued, you accept - and are suddenly drawn into a world of conspiracy where power is everything. You are now a low-ranking member of the Illuminati, a shadow organisation of the most powerful men and women in the world, controlling most aspects of society, and you have been invited to further their agendas. But, as you will soon find, they do not agree all the time on what their agenda is, and you will have to pick sides and manipulate public matters.

Basically, it’s a game about character relationships and political power. Your character’s past can be chosen from several backgrounds: some of the characters I have in mind are a former NASA scientist, a struggling novelist, a once-slightly-famous child model, and a social media personality / blogger. Your chosen background will alter stats including charisma, public image, knowledge, etc. There probably will be some ROs, but you’ll have to tread carefully.

In theory, the idea sounds good to me, but I’m wary about starting it since it feels like a big undertaking to me, and I’m not 100% sure where the story will go.


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Sounds interesting to me, though I agree it seems like a big undertaking to be done right. I’m wondering though if you’ll have the option to try and bring down the organization from within? I do like the characters you mention, nice variety there.



Seems like an interesting idea, but it does indeed sound like a large undertaking. You’ve got a nice variety of background and I’m interested to see where this is going. I would say go ahead and try, if it doesn’t work out you can at least say that you tried.



You can always build in chapters! I did this in the past with a Paranormal Agency project I had, at first it looked like it was too much, but by dividing the story into smaller packs it became more manageable (Okay, I never finished the project itself, but I actually managed to get it all planned and possible)

So, for example, in this project you could first make a smaller story, you are approached by the man, initiated into the order and you receive a smaller task at first, maybe you have to test your skills in an small republic / company / discovering an enemy’s identity / stealing x info / etc… Then, if you feel like continuing you can make a more complex second chapter, and then a third/fourth/x.

Choice of Games do it a lot with their projects (Choice of Romance comes to mind)



As a member of the inter-dimensional reptilian alien cabal that rules your world, I approve of this idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@silent15 Inter-dimensional reptilian aliens… Sounds familiar… (checks CS-comp related messages)

Nah, must be a coincidence.



I think you mixed up the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Illuminati was a group of scientists around the end of the dark ages / renaissance (is it spelled like that?) period. Since religion was still a very big factor in daily life, people weren’t very fond of science. Bla bla bla, history stuff. Group of scientists worked underground and called themselves the illuminati since science illuminates things, makes people see how it works.

I’m not great when it comes to explaining things in other languages.



Aren’t you a void ninja?
What do you double as a historian?
But in all seriousness i’m pretty sure the illuminati is a bunch of timelord lizard people who live on the moons of celestial bodies.
(I should know as I am a demon timelord monster that works with the illuminati from time to time)

So don’t forget to add lizard people and timelords!



The Illuminati was basically people interested in science and government in the 18th century, and the Freemasons was basically a guy club formed in the 17th century to promote honor and such, with each group having zero connection with any other group. Here’s a quick articles if you’re interested:



Very interested sounds fun



So is the plot gonna be something like members of the illuminati discover time travel/immortality/etc cover it up and use science and such and reign from the shadows.



Actually, if I may make a suggestion, just invent your own secret organization. I can only speak for myself, but if you use the Illuminati for your stories organization and portray them like this it’s going to bug me.

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I just wrote a huge text explaining each rank of the illuminati, how to get there, and what happens at each rank, but then I erased everything.

Because gkkiller doesn’t want to be historically accurate, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



It’s not meant to be accurate because he’s riffing on conspiracy theories, not reality. I’d suggest they at least briefly acquaint himself with the Illuminatus! trilogy.



Ooh I like this idea. The Illuminati has become a recent obsession of mine. I may not find the conspiracy believeable but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. If you go along with this, will you be bringing the supposed satanic elements to the Illuminati, or will it simply be a creepy elite who wants to manipulate us all?


 While I'm fine either way, how serious is the tone of this game going to be?

I mean with the illuminati you can have a dead serious thriller, to the illuminati fighting the gnomes of zurich over control of the local PTA while the discordians plan on putting lsd in the punch.


I was under the Impression that the Illuminati were the American shoot off of the Knights Templar and the Musahardin from the old world. That saying the concept sounds really interesting so go for it.



@fantom and @P0RT3R hen I say Illuminati I don’t mean the historical Illuminati: I’m using it as a word as it’s used today in popular culture to describe the secret organisation that’s driving the direction of the world.

@stsword it would be fairly serious, but with some light moments. I mean, I picture the Kardashians as members alongside Elon Musk, so.

Most likely, this idea will remain just an idea for the near future - I almost definitely won’t work on it until I’m done with my current WIP.



Oh god, the Kardashians in the Illuminati. The horror.