Interest Check: Stardom in Seoul



I think we’re a Kpop singer or in a band though probably a singer and Solo or not is the only real question. We’re starting off in the business. We “invent ourselves” like how in the WWE or Slammed you create a kafaybe persona. And are expected to keep it and you raise up the ranks from novice to idol


Out of curiosity, is this still a thing? I would be rather interested if so. This topic was about to close so I thought I’d ask.


Probably not, seeing as @Sleepy has not been active for almost 3 months…


Yes, this sounds interesting!! I’ve been trying to get my friends to play CoG novels, and if you make this, it might just be the key to winning them over :star_struck::laughing: I’ll be sure to tell them about it if you do!


I’m not dead guys. I’m still working on this. It takes a lot of work to write a ChoiceScript game. Right now, I’m writing some of the romance scenes.


They didn’t believe me, but I knew. I k n e w.


Awesome! Can’t wait for my mc to become a kpop idol :heart_eyes:



@Sleepy Is there a possibility of a demo or are you planning on releasing the whole game at once? (No rush, I’m just curious on your game plan!)


It’s a little late, but on the topic of LGBT idols, I don’t think it’d be too out there to include those. It’s not all smooth sailing to be sure, but there have recently been some very prominent celebrities in that community, and a lot of support of it from non-LGBT idols as well. Holland, in fact, just started his career as South Korea’s first openly gay idol, but there have been others (comedians and the like) who have come out and are doing moderately well for themselves (these days anyway). One of them even cameo’d in the Netflix show Sense8 lol. There’s also a girl group with an openly trans member, though the group name escapes me right now.

Anyway, i’m not trying to be super pushy or start beef through my comments and i’m sorry if my previous comments came out that way. But since this WIP revolves so much around my culture, I just really want it to be done in a way that doesn’t degrade us as a people or a country and stays away from stereotypes that others may see as being “good” but in reality, aren’t.
I’m not saying you would do that, of course, but i’m just overtly cautious about these things by default because, in the past, people have absolutely. I like the idea of this. I really do, but i’m just nervous about it is all.


Super Damn excited about this! Pleaseeee do continue!


I’m glad to hear it’s still alive


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