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As stated in the title of this thread, I have two story ideas that I want to write but can only focus on one for the time being. I don’t know how frequent uploads will be when the decision is made as I’m still trying to figure and work out choice of script and I’m taking my college entrance exam but I hope to start soon!

What Lies Within: S and A grew up in an orphanage where the living conditions were rough without loving parents to care for them. They spent several years there until one day, out of nowhere, they were taken by people in cloaks to a lab where experiments were done to them for months. With new found powers that S found difficult to control he finally worked enough strength to escape with A who also suffered, but is life on the run real freedom?
The two siblings learn the hard way when they get split up, one by sea and the other by land, that they’re finally getting the adventure they always wanted but at what cost does it come at. Away from each other the siblings learn more about themselves than they ever could when they were together but fate has a cruel way of bringing them back to one another.

For this one I’m debating whether or not it will be possible to alternate between the two siblings so you can follow them both on their adventures all while there is a bigger picture to look at behind the veil, just that you can see it happening slowly before your eyes. I don’t know if people even want that much story line but if not, I’ll just focus on A’s half.

Touch of Death The closest thing N had to a family was the group of kids all training to be the best assassin in order to keep living under the King’s roof and even then anybody could see that it wasn’t a real family. Those children were just pawns for the king to use and dispose of when they didn’t get the results he wanted but most didn’t know any better so they worshipped the King while others despised him. N didn’t exactly hate the King but it wasn’t like they loved the guy either. The King gave N and their powers a place to belong to and that was more than what anybody else ever did for them so in a sense they felt indebted to the King. However, with the King’s deaths, the rise of a new royal puts N on edge more so than they’d ever like to admit.
This is the story of how N, a fearsome assassin and property of the Royal family, felt his whole world do a complete 180 when someone he least expected enters his life.

This one will be a bit more political but not dramatically so as I don’t really want that to be the focus of the story. N will typically be a closed off kind of person as being a trained assassin since young usually does to someone but you can change that with options to open up or stay withdrawn. Remember, don’t trust everyone too easily though.

For both stories I want to give you the chance to pick your own name but used the letters as place holders because these two were previously stories I thought about putting up on wattpad but wanted to do something different as Fantasy stories usually have a hard time picking up traction on that website, thus making me lose motivation. Both titles might end up changing when I start updating and working on them but for the time being they will be as they are.

Yes, you can choose to play as gay, straight, lesbian, male, and female for now until I become more accustomed to choice of script and them I will add more if that’s what people want. Both stories will have options for romance but What Lies Within will be more heavily focused on romance whereas Touch of Death doesn’t absolutely need romance but it will make the story more interesting. I know not everyone likes romance but I’m a sucker for it, sorry.

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