Interest Check: Kingdom Rule

This is a bit of a weird interest check. I’m just looking to see if anybody would be interested whatsoever, it would be a free to play game, and a pretty large and deep one. Grammar wise, I’m not interested in it since it’s of course a rough draft, but I’m really only interested in interest game play wise. I’m not shoving my other WiP’s aside . . . it’s just helpful to have something that helps with writer’s block and when I’m pretty tired of writing a certain book. Anyways . . .


Welcome friend, are you ready to embark on a grand adventure unlike any other? Being the ruler of your own kingdom is exciting yes? Well, even if it isn’t, you’re stuck with the task, so you should get familiar and comfortable with the idea. Dig a hole so deep for your kingdom or give it a place in history. Send everyone to the stocks or let them all eat cake. With multiple quests, your task will never be done and with so many options and twists and turns, it shall never be dull. So, let us see how you do.
• Play as royalty and create your own kingdom from scratch.
• Choose your kingdoms values, resources, allies and enemies.
• Name your own kingdom, choose its location, and maintain it.
• Choose your species and decide who will be welcomed in your home.
• Choose your attributes and what makes you, you.
• Take on loyal helpers, each to help you later down the line.
• Conquer the surrounding areas or befriend them all with gifts.
• Romance your loyal subjects or foreign advisors, seduce and engage in flings, or rule alone.
• Complete numerous of quests, amongst a list that is constantly being updated.


Mostly looking for feedback on general interest for a game. The narrator because though others have given me positive feedback, one person said that they were confused about the ‘perspective’ difference (you’ll see if you play). And then if there’s any questions, features, etc. that I should add or didn’t cover. I think that’s all . . . yea sure that’s all.

Thank you to all.


The opening is beyond obnoxious. Setting something like that up with absolutely no information on what you’re doing and then snickering at your answer completely turned me off from the game.


It’s not that this is a bad idea, but I just feel like there are way too many kingdom related games. :man_cook:


Very interesting game, i like it, but it needs to improve, crash very fast


The premise is good, the narrator is a jerkass, but I think I’m a little confused with the intro.

I’ve played up to the… uh, I’d assume the race selection. Yep, I’m confused :crazy_face:

It feels weird that you’re suddenly shoved into a serious situation without a 'lil bit of buildup despite it’s a dream sequence.


I’ve been looking for a choice based game like this. The narrator is like my spirit animal and I absolutely love that I can name my kingdom and choose species and environment character customization is my bae.:heart_eyes: I’m just sad it crashed when I was choosing my second resource.

startup line 586: Invalid expression at char 19, expected OPERATOR, was: COMMA [,]

Ahh that moment you try to fix something that wasn’t broken, and then break it. Fixed now.

Can you tell me where you got confused at and then about the serious situation?

I actually like this little demo, the story as well as the snarky narrator. And the narrator is romanceable, which is different. Though, when the narrator becomes the Royal Advisor, he seems to stop being the narrator. It needs to run consistently, Fable must always remain the narrator even if he becomes the Royal Advisor. A bit like those D&D Game Masters that want to build the world as well as play a character in the story; he is just greedy, even if he doesn’t realise it. And it would be interesting to see how Fable changes over time, as you romance him. I wonder if he will remain snarky.

As for anything else, I cannot really comment on it. The setup is fine, no complaints. I will have more once we are able to start the business of ruling.

With that said, I look forward to any updates. :slight_smile:


The overall flow of the intro is like trying to throw me off, to be honest. :laughing:
I understand that you’re trying to give an impression that the narrator is a snarky jerk, but it’s hard to know what are we doing in the character generation section.

For example, the name creation part feels abrupt by having the narrator throws up random comments and sarcasm, while we suddenly cut their bantering by creating our name. I feel that if we let the narrator end their tantrum first before we tell them our name, it’ll flow naturally.

The same can be mentioned for the race where the narrator refers to us as “what are you?” which really a weird question to ask so sudden. I think if the narrator comments, “So, there’re Alyrian, Rekilese, Ukanan, etc. but you don’t look like any of them. So what the heck are you?” flows much better.

As for the confusing part, it’s just the general mood of the prologue. No specific parts :sweat_smile:
Perhaps what I’m trying to say is, “tone down the sarcasm a 'lil bit.”
Not necessarily kill the jerkness of the narrator, but more like “less tantrum more explaining.”

BTW, is it correct that I refer this… entity as “Narrator”?


It would be cool to have a “History book” showing all the important events of the kingdom.


Interesting, I will continue to follow. I plan to kill the advisor if that ever becomes a possibility.

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I love the start it was to great.

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Ahhh I understand now, thank you for explaining it to me. And before, no I didn’t want him to be the Narrator since I was going to bring him in as an advisor. But after reading some of the comments here, I’m thinking about changing that - just don’t know how yet.

@Bolsonaro Great idea!!


The perspective wasn’t that vague but I think you should clear some things up about the narrator at start of the game that they’re our spirit guide or whatever.

Also it seems like the game just starts from mid-air and expects players to just go with the flow which seems kinda weird I mean MC doesn’t have a lineage so if you could add a bit backstory about that then it’d be helpful. Like did MC fall from the sky or was he chosen or did he hit his head and this was a dream sequence(I don’t think it was but just a suggestion :smile:) or something…


You’re welcome.
I get the feeling that you wrote this piece of demo while having a huge brain fart :laughing:


I like it it’s funny, and I like the snarky narrator.oh, the opening seems fine to me.

look forward to any updates :+1:


I like this it’s interesting when you said free when you publish it will it be free

Yes the game will free to play. The idea that I have for this will be a lot different than typical stories and it will probably never be officially published because of it. But I’m still thinking everything through at the moment.


Will we be able to name our cities?