Interactive novels about super soldiers

Hi everyone, I was hoping to know if anyone here knows a interactive game about super soldiers, because I find them fascinating. So far the closest one I’ve seen here is Through the Broken Lenses. Well I could have make a game a long time ago, but I’m afraid my knowledge isn’t sufficient enough, other factor, is my writing skills are really bad.

So I’m asking an interactive game with these features or at least few:


Super soldier (or least act like one)
Working for a corrupt government
The norms don’t apply
Extremely loyal, MC does the job without question (almost like a dog)
feelings and emotion doesn’t apply
Unknown relatives
most importantly killer machine


In a dystopian city
No equality (rich is rich, poor is poor)
Corrupt Government
Injustice Killing(s)

I think that’s enough, you do get the idea right? I’m looking for something similar like that, it doesn’t have to be exact.

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Does the character have to be a soldier? Like, I know the title says “super soldiers”, but is it really necessary? Can they have a different occupation, but be actual badasses? You know, jumping off buildings and demolishing everyone in single combat?
Edit: If so, Seven Bullets is my most favorite interactive game where you actually feel like the ultimate badass.

I know a game like that it’s The Operative

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[quote=“N1GHTMAR3, post:2, topic:28508”] I know the title says “super soldiers”, but is it really necessary?

Should I put a parenthesis? Well when people hear super soldier, things like bad ass who’s good a combat, and other things will come to people’s mind or is it just me? Anyways, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out.

@DUNGEON_MASTER thanks I’ll try that to :slight_smile:

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Seven Bullets is an excellent game. Writing’s excellent, combat is fun and sometimes brutal at the same time. Moral choices aren’t black and white. 80+ Endings, I think, but just search the game up and it has its own description. So, have fun checking it out.

Is it a game in COG? Or other interactive fiction?

Edit: link please

Pretty sure it’s in COG too, but this one will give you a better experience with custom achievements.
Edit: Let me know what you think of it.

This looks familiar, like I’ve seen the picture in the title somewhere. Anyways, I’ll try to give an opinion which I usually don’t, but for
you I will. Before, I forgot, there’s an error:

Error: macro <> does not exist

I’m not sure if that greatly affects the game (tho I can still play).

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Okay, never had that error though.

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I don’t want to be seen as tooting my own horn but Paradigm City might be along the lines of what you’re looking for.


I just finished the game, it was awesome and unique at the same time. I really love the part where the assassin hallucinated about hell and spread unicorn virus, I thought it was cute and smart-ass move.

Anyways, The game have a lot of endings can’t tell which one is the real one because all interactive fiction has one, right? Well, definitely not the endings I got. It was fun nothing complicated, narration wise.

Thanks for sharing it to me. The game is definitely not what I had in mind, but I thankful that you shared it to me. :slight_smile:

MC is definitely my favorite character, even if the other characters have more…introduced with depth.

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You got all the endings? I didn’t stop playing the game until I got all the endings and the achievements!

Not yet, that too much!