Interactive Fiction on Mythology?


Hi guys! I’m currently writing my college paper about Interactive Fiction. I’ve been planning to make an IF with subject of local mythologies for my final year project but all this time I’ve only known IF works from the perspective of the players and I know nothing about the process of making IF games.

Will you guys share anything about the process of making IF? How long does it usually take for the authors to write a complete Interactive Fiction? Do authors work with the coding after the story is decided or along the way?

And while we’re at it, what would you like to see in an Interactive Fiction about Mythology? (Ghost? Gods? Magical creatures? :wink:)

Any insight is appreciated! Even if you were only a player, I would like to know what can I do to make my project more interesting :blush:

I made a questionnaire to help me writing this paper.If you would like to help me fill it, it would be much appreciated!
here’s the link to the questionnaire :smiley_cat:


There is currently an ongoing contest with length requirements of “at least 100,000 words long, including both prose and code, with a playthrough length of at least 20,000 words.”

This contest started around mid November 2016 and ends January 31, 2018.
So, Choice of Games is giving (new) writers about a year to complete a work of interactive fiction.


That’s very variable depending on the length of the story, the individual author, how many WIP’s they’re juggling and how much time they have on their hands. Some people can get a story together in a month (Re the CS comp currently running) some of us have WIP’s that have been ongoing a year or more. For something in the 100,000 word + range, at least a couple of months is typical, longer is even more common due to people writing part time. If you know nothing about IF, unless you plan to make something short, I’d err on the high side of the estimate although choice script is pretty easy for most to pick up the basics.

Most people code as they go (see a few threads on that in existance already).

I love myths, legends and folk tales one of my WIP’s is based very loosely on an old folk tale at the moment. The more obscure and unusual often the better :slight_smile:

My advice is to just pick something that interests you and make a short demo. It’s hard to know whether you’ll like something off a description alone.


Ooh oh oh, interesting questions.

About the process on creating IF, there’re various “how to” and “tips 'n tricks” at the CoG blog somewhere. I believe you’ll find it easier to understand if you try to take a look at it.

And now, the length… well, we got few WIPs that take years to complete, others is just silently pop out from nowhere and got published, and I know a WIP that got quickly finished around 3-4 months. It really depends on what the writer wanted to deliver and the time they got to spend on writing it.

Naow, about Mythology. When it comes to local myths and folklore, I appreciate the different uniqueness of each myths. It makes me feel that the world is so big, that there’re endless possibilities when it comes in creating story about mythology.
Ghost? Gods? Mythical beings? I don’t mind either. Although, I prefer but myths about gods. Too heavy for my taste.


Me wants ghostly unicorn called Zeus, with a bright blue mane and the power to shoot thunders from its magnificent horn! xD


While I can’t speak on anything IF related, since I’ve yet to make one, in regards to the mythology, I’d like to see…well, pretty much anything. I’d be even happier if it draws from more obscure myths instead of the traditional Greco-Roman, Norse, Japanese, and the usual stuff. Like what SMT does in its games, drawing from a ton of mythologies. There’s not much exposure to Native American myths, Aboriginal, African, Celtic is starting to get some attention, I think you get what I mean. There’s tons of stuff to draw from, and I’d like to see more exposure to other myths and creatures aside from the traditional creatures from Europe and Yokai.


Don’t have anything to add to the first few questions that hasn’t already been said. But I’d love to see a decent gods and monsters game-- the stuff on CoG to that effect isn’t bad, but I’m personally not a fan of the style. Too… grandiose? For my liking, anyway. I’m sure others would disagree.

I’d also love ghost stuff though. I don’t think there’s much in that department. I guess it depends on what’s local to you? What myths are interesting to you?

And were you thinking of doing an origin type thing focused in the past, or a modern setting wherein your character gets entangled with the gods? Or some in-between?


@Carlos.R thank you for the suggestion! I’ll check out the competition site since I haven’t done that yet.

@Jacic Ahh is that so. My plan to make an IF still need more evaluation but I’m still interested in making something in my spare time :slight_smile:

@Szaal Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out ^^

Thank you for the suggestions about the subject! I would like to make something about Indonesian/south Asian mythologies. I think there’s nothing about that yet? Though it’s still seem so far away now :sweat_smile:
It would probably include more mythical beasts than gods, though I need to check if we have something like unicorn :wink:@Josetrayamar


That’d be very cool, they don’t get enough attention in IF :slight_smile:


Sounds neat. Always nice to see other Asian myths other than the Japanese ones (much as I love them) and the occaisional Hindu ones.


Wait. Wut. Why. Eaargh.

I do plan to use Indonesian mythologies on my dying WIP too, especially the Javanese one. :laughing:
Maybe we can talk about it sometime. I’m yet to reach the point where the story will encounter any of these myths.


It would be nice, like, Im going to give you a beating, the Asura way. You wont know where the rain of hits are coming from xD

I dont know how much work it would be, but maybe you can make a poll with the mythologies than might appear so people can vote, or the popular gods, in case they cant relate them. That should give you a nice idea about how much work you need to out just in the mythologies part.

I dont remember if this was her name, but Kali too maybe? That… girl is crazy xD


Hi again guys, I made a questionnaire about this for my paper here -->
there are about 15-ish questions so I hope it won’t take too long :smiley:
it would help a lot if you want to fill it!

@Szaal I’m still shook that I met another Indonesian! what a small world :laughing: